Thursday, December 16, 2010

~ Celebrating the Solstice Cycle ~

Celebrate the Wave of Light!

If you are 'up on astrology' or even if you are not, you are most likely feeling that the upcoming Solstice, a bi-annual celebration of our Sun's journey along its ecliptic, is sure to be an unparalleled event in consciousness!

The full moon for this month forms in the wee hours of the morning (in the northern hemisphere), completed by a total lunar eclipse ~ a full moon cycle within a few hours' time! Following this cosmically speeded-up cycle, is the December solstice, winter in the northern hemisphere, summer in the southern.

Within each 'season' held in the alignment of the solstice window, is burgeoning abundance ~ especially of the light! Many sacred sites around our globe were built in honor of this spiral of light. The exact alignment occurs for but a moment, the window, for about two weeks' time, so we are in the midst of the transformation today, right now.

In inner vision, this solstice alignment is like nothing I have observed in this, or other lifetimes. ;) The moment of its inception appears as a supernova, a spherical wave of brilliant white light like none I have witnessed. I observe it in breathless wonder, as 'it' reminds me to 'breathe' and allow. This moment, and the window surrounding it (approximately a 'week' before and after) are OF the light! As the wave births and expands itself through our galaxy in alignment with the galactic center, hunab ku, the great mystery of all of life, we are forever changed. In what way? What do you intend to make real? Will we intend beauty, creativity, prosperity, abundance for all and in all ways? What will that look like? We have an unprecedented opportunity to wait and see!

For those of us who have long-awaited this turning, this transformation point, this choice point for our dear planet, the time is ~ finally ~ NOW. Time to intend in alignment with our galaxy, with the cosmic forces literally lined up to facilitate the changes. Time to flow with the glow! Enjoy the radiance as it lifts, cleanses, and shifts us from within!

If you feel so moved, join us at Delphic Wave for our solstice gathering, as we form a circle of receptivity to honor the shifting of the light!

Happy Solstice!!!
May Every Blessing Find you!
~ unending love,
Mary (Nalini)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

~ Falling Into Ascension ~

Today the cycles and divestiture are in the offing.

Yesterday's transition in the Venus cycles, was the stage in the mythical/mystical journey of Inanna, where she adorns herself with full ceremonial regalia and begins her journey into the Underworld. When she reaches the first gate she is told she must enter the underworld like everyone else and is required to give up one of her vestments. This first gate on the deepening journey represents the 7th chakra where she is asked to give up her crown.

The first gate is also known as the Gate of Divine Authority and the release of her crown represents the release of any distortions she has with her direct connection to spirit and the divinity that she innately is. Succinctly put, she must relinquish any remaining spiritual ego, any misperceptions of the Divine essence that she currently embodies. She must release the 'crowning glory' she has worked so diligently to attain.

In Sobonfu Some’s book Falling Out of Grace she says:

"…If we are going to achieve our purpose in life, we must be willing to fall out of grace and accept its lessons. When we feel righteous about ourselves or deny our brokenness, we are fighting against the higher states of grace that await us.

Here is something…I have had to learn over and over again through experience: To fall out of grace is a gift, one of the greatest gifts that one receives in life.

When we are in grace, we begin to take things for granted and we actually stop working on ourselves. Falling out of grace shakes us up. It reconnects us to the larger universe in order for us to see ourselves anew. It forces us to rediscover where our true center begins. And, to learn what needs to be set aside."

Returning to the mythical Goddess archetype, Inanna’s journey requires her to relinquish her divine knowing – making a full initiation possible. She is willingly embracing an invitation into the unknown and/or shadow realms while also releasing the references that have defined her past knowing of who she is. She is 'giving up to Grace' all that she knows herself to be.

This new moon is an opportunity to surrender what you know so you can enter into the unknown and grow in ways that wouldn’t be possible if you were not willing to brave the deepest inner journey.

Embracing our shattered, brokenness is not the same as indulging or wallowing in it! We make a conscious choice to divest ourselves of any self-righteous self-aggrandizement and simply 'be' as we traverse the realms of the unknown. Allowing the unknown to embrace us fully is the opportunity of this alignment.

It is the deepest letting go of all.

May you let go with ease and grace and allow the Flow to carry you!

May Every Blessing Find you,
Mary (Nalini)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ Dreaming the BIG Dreams ~

~ Dreaming the Future Forward ~

Today is yet another auspicious astrological alignment. Both Venus (planet of nurturing intuitive energies) and Jupiter (planet of infinite expansion) station direct today. What dreams, in seed form or as yet unrealized, are ready to manifest in nurturing, intuitively creative and expansive ways?

It is a time for revisiting the dream boards, 'want' lists, for refining, for taking an honest look at how our dreams are manifesting consciously and, more importantly, unconsciously. When I look around at my so-called 'life' there is so much to be grateful for!

As we dream our preferences and parameters forward, I find it is infinitely important to pause for a 'daily dose' of gratitude. Thank you, Divine Mother (Spirit, Source... God/Goddess, AllThatIs) that I live in a beautiful, safe, spiritual sanctuary. Thank you for beautiful old growth trees... for fresh water, for companions, human and beastie alike. For health, love, abundance, and the ability to truly receive and enjoy these gifts of living. Thank you for play. Thank you that I am 'new' each day. Thank you.

In looking over the lists and boards this week, I looked at how all I ask for, all I dream forward, is actually manifesting in the present. How am I responding to these things? Am I pushing some away because my unconscious is manifesting them in a way the conscious dreamer does not desire? Am I refusing to receive or resisting gifts that fling themselves at me at lovespeed? THANK YOU - to the Divine and to all of you ~ for witnessing the greatitude (not a typo) of dreaming forward.

Enjoy this transition! More waves and larger are on their way! May we all surf well and safely!

May Every Blessing Find you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Yearning of the Goddess for Union with Herself

~ Portal of the Golden Dawn ~

Today is 11:!1 2010. Another large portal day, another window/wave of opportunity. Ho-hum. Another tiny insignificance of complacency making a futile attempt to surf the intensity. I woke, at 1:11 this morning, grinning from ear to ear. NOT the norm of late, and certainly a welcome relief. And yet, underneath the "oh another portal day" feeling is the panic, the anxiety of "yet another portal" - felt in the viscera, in the body, a reaction to great transformation felt as "Make it stop - just for a second, let me breathe - in the midst of DON'T STOP!!!! PUSH ME FORWARD!" And it is. We are. The momentum is ever-building, to what we cannot yet perceive and some of us can barely discern on the inner horizon.

The culling, sorting, purging dance that is upon us feels like a "last dance" between what truly 'feels good' in a way that honors forward movement (if there is such a thing) and what 'feels good' in a way that honors aspects of self currently in the death process. The dying aspects of self, those whose energies are committed to controlling, will grab onto anything, including old, outworn and long unused addictive patterns, to 'feel good'. Internal palliative care that is sad, tired, and 'works' for only moments before sliding away into the abyss that has opened for it. Choose to let it go. The abyss warmly receives the old into rest and a deep, deep knowingness that is the cusp of the Great Remembering. The controller curling up in the arms of rest, with the deep contented sigh of a child, whose long day of play is finally and now wearily at an end.

I choose the leaping, twirling, dance of my companion scottish terrier, of my inner and 'outer' dolphin friends, as delight spins through the body a reality birthing of joy. New joy, long-remembered joy. The co-creative joy that simply pours through us all, when we finally, finally stop trying to let go and get on with it. ;)

I feel, in every breath, this portal. Leap with us! Choose the joy! And leave behind all that is burdensome. All that is not this intensity of lightness, of truth and of... what the mind perceives as 'unknown'. How will it 'work'? The mind cannot comprehend, and thus, the old is revealed, in its last-ditch heroic efforts to 'make sense of' to codify and, sadly enough, to thus control.

What deepens is the feeling, the embodiment, of complete fluidity. The 'place' without fixed position. No boxes, no labels, of very few directions, and usually none at all. The place without a place, the visceral experience of unity in flow. So long remembered, yet yearned for through an eternity of 'other' experiences in creation.

The yearning inward, so strong, so claiming, owning, so very very present. Spread across worlds, and multiple various dimensions, the Goddess yearns within us - for union with Herself.

May this day of doorway, portal, and transformation, embrace and support us all!

Numerology note: 111 is a 'master number' indicating energy flow - amplification of the energy you are in with an increase in intensity.

11:11 is an observable phenomena that heralds the new cycle. It indicates a new phase of development, dimension or frequency of experience – a portal or doorway to pass through. ~

May Every Blessing Find you!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

~ Navaratri !!! ~

Happy Navaratri!

It is Navaratri, the celebration of the nine nights of the Goddess! There is a Vedic myth about these nine nights ~ whose energies hold the archetypal consciousness of the Trinity Goddesses and bring them fully through the Earth plane at this time.

The energies of the Triple Goddess are palpably present here on the earth plane at this sacred time - 10:10:10!!! The number 9 is the number of overcoming ignorance, of completion and of wholeness. The number 10 is a number of shifting consciousness... and today is 10:10:2010. An opportunity to transcend any ignorance still present in heart, body, mind, or spirit and to invoke the Blessings of the Goddess' infinite resources.

I have been experiencing resurgences of old, presumably dealt-with patterns in the ego and in the heart - levels of heartbreak that seemed long healed and moved into wholeness. There is a deep, deep clearing of the body and the physical life at the moment - so patterns that have truly been worked through are 'up' again.

The mistake is to assume we know this pattern - "oh I know that one..." and not to look at what is underneath it. The Divine Mother is holding our deepest core issues and wounds 'up' for us to allow them to be offered into wholeness - but our minds look for 'historical' patterns so that we will busily try to clear a false overlay on what truly needs to 'die' within us (our spiritual egos) in order for us to move through the portals that are now upon us and into the new reality we have the opportunity to create together.

Let the root, the core of what you are feeling in. Let it come. Let the heart seem to 'break' open yet again... yet again. We have not done this level of deep clearing in the lives of the past cycle. In this life, we must ~ or we must physically begin again. If we do not begin again in consciousness, the body will not withstand the onslaught of the transformations and changes we have asked for at this time.

Let yourself Love. Let it come. The power of the Goddess is infinite. She is helping us. She will take us through this if we allow and receive Her every Blessing.

Notes on Navaratri by Dr. Baskaran Pillai:

"Power and energy are not masculine, but feminine. This is the greatest finding of the Yogis of India…

Woman epitomizes power - the power of love as well as destruction. She can make or mar. That is the secret behind the feminine energy. So, the Yogis wanted to use this feminine energy in order to destroy the evil and also to rebuild the world.

Female energy is the most powerful energy. It is only available during certain configurations of celestial timing. Yogis eagerly watch for this time to be in harmony with the power of the Mother Goddess”, says Dr. Pillai

May Every Blessing Find you!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Honoring Our Angels

One really should not sit down to write a blog without having something to say, I have always felt. Yesterday the blog wanted writing and I found myself having a day of deep quiet... and asking, as usual, how Spirit wanted to speak through me.

To my surprise it was ArchAngel energy that rose up. On second thought, 'of course' - today is Michelmas, the 29th of September. Here in Santa Fe, it is said that Archangel Michael's celestial city over-lights the Four Corners area, and so Santa Fe falls under the protective dominion of that celestial realm. I observe that I have never felt 'his' energy so intensely in the physical world as I have being here (with the possible exception of Mont St-Michel in France). So there must be truth to this. I was called here by Spirit to allow a series of completions to find me. As is often the case with perception, the clarity on these completions will undoubtedly come as hindsight. Patience seems to be the way of things as Divine Timing unfolds itself for all of us.

We are all affected by the archetypal energies of various kinds, whether we are conscious of this or not. I experience the Archangels as a kind of overlighting, Divine 'family' whose energies are so large the human mind cannot comprehend them ~ they can only be understood through the heart. Today is their 'honoring' day. A day to receive these energies deeply into the heart.

When we deny our angels, we deny love, we deny Spirit, we deny magic and the miraculous heaven that is here ~ right here ~ if only we choose to experience it. The price tag is giving up all of our old limitations and letting light run the show...

How many times have I acted out the fear of receiving, the fear of avoiding receptivity and the desire to avoid the inevitable pain... born of the old paradigm 'ways and means', whose rules obligated me (or so the mind thought) to take and transmute the pain, the illusions, in order to receive 'heaven' - 'someday, somewhere'. It is not truth. Not any of it. Heaven is right here, in this dimensional construct, if only we allow ourselves to receive its faster, lighter, loving vibration.

It is time to 'jump tracks' and receive a higher truth. Ask the angels! ;)

~unending love

Thursday, September 16, 2010

~ Inner Worlds Rising ~

~ Cultivating Courage ~

I will make of the Self, my own earth. Leaping down the rabbit hole, creating the reality that lights me up and makes me shine, along the way, as the small self is pretending to fall.

I have made it all fit into a backpack (pack, duffle, hatchback) for so long that I have become an expert at it ~ stowing the wisdom, the remembering, making it all fit, as I move from lifetime to lifetime, place to place, world to world. I have done this for so long that, when I am offered sanctuary, a ‘place for my stuff’, that thing we call ‘home’ on this world, I find I have none, save the treasured burden, carried for so long.

What would a world of soul-cherishing support feel like? A world where even the treasures packed away become irrelevant? We are creating these worlds for ourselves, for the future, even as the old cycle wanes and falls away.

Our inner worlds are rising, unfolding from within our packed-away envelopments. Psychology has called this phenomenon ‘making your outsides match your insides’. Funny thing is, they always do. The outer landscape always reflects the inner, in a funhouse mirror, twisted, nonsensical, illogical way.

I was reminded (from a retreat hosted by Charles Eisenstein), that the inner voice of vision (the voices from the backpack) loves to flow into language in written form. He calls this exercise ‘The beautiful world that I envision’ – or something like that. I probably don’t have the quote correctly. I 'remembered' it thirdhand. At this time of approaching Equinox, when the already-transparent veils thin ever further, I thought to share my vision.

In the world I envision, we allow ourselves to know what we know. It is ‘normal’ to be Self-referential. We no longer build from outside ourselves. We are building the new earth AS our Selves. What Self are you building?

The Self I am building lives the truth of who I AM, not who others need me to be. I hold the experience of living Beingness as do others, each in their own way. We live in ecstatic communion with nature in oneness with the Divine. Sacred reverence for all of life, including the understanding of the divine science that was called ‘miracles’ is the new ‘normal’. The elements, elementals, green world, and creature beings as well as those of what we used to call the ‘invisible worlds’ are recognized as our brother and sister beings. We know the essence of equality as the Divine cherishes us all.

Nature, in all her splendor, is revered as the life and breath of Gaia, our physical Mother. We would no more destroy the environment of our creature kindred, than we would that of our own beloveds. Communication with nature and other realities is always available. All habitats are honored and preserved. The true purpose of ALL lives, of all of life, is recognized and cherished as the evolution of consciousness itself. The Great Mother is once again known and honored in all Her forms, as the Source of All That Is.

We are open, intimate, and free. There is no concept of separation, only individuated essence held in healthy spiritual boundaries, from which we all learn and grow and perceive. These they called the ‘mystical’ realms. The worlds of ‘magic’ and ‘miracles’. In the world I envision, in the world in which I am now beginning to live, ‘practical miracles’ ARE the ‘new normal’.

What do you truly yearn for? Watch it manifesting as you dream it. Remember, what you yearn for, yearns for you. Celebrate this deep and powerful alchemy, as the portals move us through their hearts and centres into love.

The world will be as we ARE.

May Every Vision Find You!
~unending love
Mary ( Nalini)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Embodying Fluidity

The art of fluid embodiment has taken up most of my personal and transpersonal bandwidth for some time now. In late Fall 2008, I was given a download, a transmission of instruction for embodying fluid states of awareness. I was told "This is for 2009 - and for navigating the Shift". At the time, the physical shift was only beginning on the planet, and mine was to completely re-write the course offerings on the Delphic Wave website. My support team was less than thrilled. ;)

The course modules serve to seed the establishment of a triple alchemical set of containers within which anyone can be held in the Heartspace, while all around us shifts and changes. It is. It has. The changes are upon us ~ within us ~ we are in the midst of constant morphing! Is it not amazing??

Hmmph. 'Not the word I would use' is what some listeners say. I have to grin even through the tears that grace my own cheeks these days.

It is not that some days are not challenging, in every possible sense of the word! but what Grace! What abundance! What a Gift these days!

I remember a river rafting trip during my early university years. I have always loved being on the water. It is a kind of 'home' that makes me smile with that cheek-splitting kind of grin that cannot be contained. On the day, the river was no exception. The rafting guides explained, at the start of the journey, that 'if you fall out of the raft, (and it happens all the time to practically everyone), pick up your feet, put them in front of you, let the life-vest hold your head above water and simply bounce off of anything that comes at you'. I remember him saying this with a huge smile, as though this would be the greatest thing in the world. I took it in stride, as those were my athlete days.

The only photograph taken of that ride was moments after I had bounced out of the boat for the second time that day, and had somehow bounced back 'in' - so there I am, at the rear of the raft, paddle in the air, water streaming from my bum, looking totally ridiculous, out of control and completely inept. The rest of the raft 'crew' paddling mightily. I love that picture. Life is really like that, isn't it?

I recall the first bounce out of the boat when we hit a large boulder, sideways. It was a hot, late summer day and the water felt chilly and wonderfully refreshing. I lifted my feet, let the life-vest support me, and floated with the current, using my trainer-shod feet to push off of any obstacle that presented itself (large, rocky and literally in my face). It was totally and wonderfully fun. The guide was right! Held safely by the vest and my trainers, I was carried through the rapids and into the still bend in the river where lunch was being prepared. Great ride!

It was hot on that rock-face, eating lunch in the blazing sun, waiting for the ride to re-commence, for the river to take me 'home' again.

So here we are, in the current with no paddle and nothing but our mystical heart containers to keep our heads above water as the current carries us wherever She will.

It is a very different kind of ride - and yet, as the stillpoint calls us home, we may miss the turbulent currents that bring us the adventures, now and yet to come.

Enjoy the ride ~ as the obstacles disappear in front of us!

May Every Blessing Find you!

Happy Birthday Ganesha!!! May all coconuts in all the worlds burst in rejoicing!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surrendering into Love

~ The Moon is Full ~

She came into fullness early this morning (well, yesterday by the time this gets posted), middle of the night for a friend of mine in Australia. I was facilitating a POD alignment at the time, so we all got to partake of the moment of fullness on the other side of the world.

The full moon illuminates, shines a spotlight on the issues and alignments at hand. For all of us, everything is 'up' where we have not surrendered into love. This full moon, in particular, is spotlighting relationships and authority. In tandem with the Mercury retrograde, we are asked to inwardly communicate with our highest vibrations, our deepest inner truths, particularly those we have locked away and perhaps thrown away the key. A truth about relationships and authority is that, in a true soul-bond there is no such thing as 'authority' except for that deep inner authority within each party, aligned with Truth.

How am I certain of this? Practice. Eons of it. In a soul-bond we hold our inner authority, and encourage the 'other' to do the same. Each, a corner of a triangle pointed 'upward', walking our paths with heart, honoring the Source within first, within the ALL absolutely. In the age to come, no other honoring will be needed, no other authority perceived. It is what we have worked for, prayed for and endeavored for, for lifetimes.

The key is the heart, always. Whatever we 'lose' we have given back to love. For love is the only and always, the source of us all.

I recently made a conscious project of this. I opened the locked places, dug up the long-buried feelings and offered something I have greatly loved back to the Great Mother. At last, a part of me had found what it sought, or so it thought. Or so it thought. I had traveled from inner agony to the ecstatic realms in the arms of love, and yet - the unity had fallen short - been just out of reach, so very very present and yet... and yet... Releasing all commitments, all vows, other than this deep and conscious offering, with my heart opened fully, I offered this great longing back into the arms of the Mother of All. Releasing love into love. It kicked my ass. ;)

And yet - the Mother's love filled me and brought my tears from fullness, to simply LOVE. It is Her gift to us, if we choose to align with Her.

This does not mean aligning 'against' some other form of truth. That is not true alignment, that is 'taking sides'. Truth wears many guises. In wholeness, there are no 'sides'. This, I remembered, in the silent knowing that, as I have long remembered, so now it is time for letting go.

There is no more time. Time has broken. And the moon is full!

She asks us to open and receive, to be willing to open enough and to allow and to know not what we 'do'.

May Every Blessing Find you!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Truth about (Un)Becoming

We, all of us, have trained our minds to believe in what is 'real'. What is real? The truth is that what is real is what we choose to 'make real'. That sounds like spiritual double-speak, doesn't it? And the truth is... nothing is more certain than this.

We sign up for the incarnational 'ride' to experience a virtual version of 'real' that we design. We have help, of course, from the Master Architects, until our souls remember enough and we have honed those skills.

What is real is what we choose. And when we tire of choosing, what then?

This excerpt from Adyashanti is very clear about the 'realities' of the path 'home', the path of un-becoming, of un-weaving and dismantling all that we have made real.

More soon! But give this a read! There is truth here, of the un-distorted kind.

(and see the film 'Inception' produced by Legendary)

Thank you Adya, for your honesty!
Full Awakening

"Through the process, there was a deeper, more extraordinary dissolution of the egoic self than I had previously experienced. It wasn't a dissolving like when you sit in meditation and your sense of self dissolves into a wonderful state of presence. It was more like someone was ripping layers off me, one by one. It was very unceremonious. It wan't nice, it wasn't kind, and it wasn't easy. It was existence shoving a mirror in front of my face and literally holding me there so I could not look away for even a second... I saw that what happens in the body and mind ultimately can't be avoided. Everything has to be dealt with - everything. Everything has to be seen through... I tell this story because everybody has a story.

We all have our own ways in which life is attempting to hold up a mirror, to squeeze the conditioned self out of us, to squeeze out of us the holding and grasping, to squeeze out all of our beliefs and ideas and concepts and self-images. If we are willing to look, we will see that life is always in the process of waking us up. If we are not in harmony with life, if we are working in opposition to it, then it is a rough ride indeed... When we are not willing to see what life is trying to show us, it will keep ramping up the intensity until we are willing to see what we need to see. In this way, life itself is our greatest ally. To think that enlightenment only comes through wonderful experiences is to delude yourself. For most of us, the path to enlightenment is not rosy. We need to acknowledge this, because otherwise we're only going to let ourselves travel toward that which feels good, that which supports our image of what the path of awakening should be. For most people, the path of awakening does have wonderful, profound moments and realizations. But it is also a gritty thing. It's not what most people sign up for when they say they want to be enlightened.

The truth of the matter is that most people who say they want awakening don't actually want to awaken. They want their version of awakening. What they actually want is to be really happy in their dream state. And that's okay, if that's as far as they've evolved. But the real, sincere impulse toward enlightenment is something that goes far beyond the desire to make our dream state better. It is an impulse that is willing to subject itself to whatever is needed in order to wake up. The authentic impulse toward enlightenment is that internal prayer asking for whatever it is that will bring us to a full awakening, regardless of whether it turns out to be wonderful or terrible. it is an impulse that puts no conditions on what we have to go through. This authentic impulse can be a bit frightening, because when you feel it, you know it is real.

When you have let go of all conditions - when you have let go of how you want your own awakening to be and what you want the journey to be like - you have let go of your illusion of control. In fact, we have to be willing to lose our whole world. That may sound romantic when you first hear it - "Oh yes, let me sign up! I'm willing to lose my whole world." But when your whole world starts to crumble, and you start to emerge from unimaginably deep states of denial, it is something altogether different. It is something altogether more real and gritty. It's something that some people sign up for and some people don't. This isn't a journey about becoming something. This is aboutunbecoming who we are not, about undeceiving ourselves. In the end, it's ironic. We don't end up anywhere other than where we have always been, except that we perceive where we have always been completely differently. We realize that the heaven everyone is seeking is where we have always been. Once again, what is required is a certain sense of honesty."
~ Adyashanti ~

May Every Blessing Find you as your dreams crest and unwind,

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Luminary and the Visionary ~
the Dance of Being and Doing

In this transit time of “much ado about everything” new awakenings are rampant, frequent, almost everyday occurrences. [For a discussion of the difference between awakenings and ‘enlightenment’ please see my previous post by Leslie Temple-Thurston. ]

What is non-hierarchical enlightenment? At first glance, this sounds quite attractive. And it is. Hierarchy is a concept form the old cycle and is part of the addiction to boxes and labels and classifications of form.

One might be attracted to this concept because “if it is non-hierarchical at least I won’t be on the bottom”, and/or “maybe I have a chance to be ‘make it to the top’ if there is no pyramid to climb and no rules to obey and no ‘class system’, etc. etc. ”... that is NOT it.

Non-hierarchical enlightenment in its first manifestations is begun in the dance between Illumination and Vision. Illumination, in its true formlessness, will attract the necessary efforts / actions for the space it holds, regardless of what ‘form’ (person, place, thing or situation) takes the actions or makes the efforts... luminaries tend to attract visionaries and visionaries are attracted to luminaries, because without the luminary the configuration of the visionary lacks purpose. In duality then, without the visionary, the luminary can feel ‘without purpose’ because s/he holds space for ‘nothing’. The visionary can feel ‘without purpose’ without the illumination that guides the vision. When these two configurations are not merged, are split, or held in duality, all kinds of misunderstandings and misalignments can occur.

Cosmic laughter here!!! In unity, the luminary IS the enlightened state and the visionary configuration allows that to flow into the current reality where consciousness is focused (remember they are ALL virtual) in a divinely guided way. Put another way, the awakened or illumined heart simply shines, guided by the singularity of the divine nature, and the visionary is the configuration that guides the taking of action or making of what appears to be effort in our reality of friction and movement and form. The illumined heart breathes ‘inspiritus’ into vision, which then creates form from formlessness, or formlessly guided form. (If your mind is still struggling with this, relax and let your heart take over ~ it will understand immediately and begin to let go.) Illumination holds the light, the space, and Vision holds the guided movement into form from formlessness. It is the inner marriage of the cosmic dance.

If we merge and reconcile the luminary and the visionary, still respecting the distinct energy configurations of each, what happens is that the luminary holds space for ‘space’ as ‘space’ (light, love, divine influx) and the visionary guides the flow of that into creation by whatever means s/he is guided to by merging with the inner luminary (which can out-picture in a person, place, thing, tradition, or any form that is helpful to that creative process). Creation itself initiates, supports, nurtures and drives this process.

From the Divine Feminine perspective, the solar feminine is the Source of the lunar... remembering that the lunar light is a reflection of the Source within, as in this reality, our ‘moon’ shines with the reflected light of the sun. Nature in collaboration with the Divine architecture of creation.

So, the merging of luminary and visionary energies is another way of talking about merging formlessness and form both into and from the ocean of divine resources. Some of us embody more of the formless, some more of the form. Each, in its own unique way, is a Divine Manifestation, containing the All within.

What does this have to do with Non-Hierarchical Enlightenment? As we release into the new cycle, we will be shown!

What will your embodiment be? Ride the waves and see!

May Every Blessing Find you,
Mary – (Nalini)

{Please note, that FB and Twitter are currently suspended, as formlessness refreshes and re-shapes itself within the wave, once again}

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Difference between Awakening and Enlightenment

This article was written by my friend and mentor, Leslie Temple-Thurston of It is the best description of a confusion I encounter daily in my work, that I have ever read. I hope it serves you well!
Mary (Nalini)

"Many of my students are moving into advanced spiritual studies and making good, sound progress towards advanced states that bring the resolution to this long journey we have been making together. Because of this I feel the need to address something that I have wanted to talk about for quite sometime. It has to do with the way in which we all seem to interchange the words “awakening” and “enlightenment.” There is a difference between the states that these two words represent—a rather large difference in fact, and I would like to discuss this with you now so that we can all get clear on it and find a deeper understanding at this crucial time in our evolution.

Awakening is a term that is used a lot now, much more than the term enlightenment. I can only hazard a guess as to why this is—maybe it’s because “awakenings” are happening every day to lots of people and enlightenment is not! And maybe it is just a more up-to-date term for the kind of movement that many people are making these days, who knows! It seems there are many different kinds of movements towards awakening nowadays! However, there does seem to be some confusion happening here and it is time to clarify this. Essentially, it appears we are talking about two different states of consciousness—in the same ballpark, but in outcome and reach, actually different. Defining the difference between them is what I would like to do now.

I, like most people have used the term “awakening” as well, and I know that in my mind I have a precise sense of what I mean by that, just as using the term enlightenment is also clearly defined in my mind. But I don’t think that the differences the language conveys are necessarily observed by others or even understood. The two terms are being used inter-changeably, which is something that I would not do. So I would like to get a bit clearer about this with all of you, so that we can all be on the same page with what we each mean about where we are going.

Let’s start with the way I see and define the word “awakening” and then move on to the other one. Awakening seems to denote moments of sudden “ah ha’s” in our lives where we suddenly and unexpectedly have big breakthroughs in our understanding of reality, and cognize the resulting shifts in consciousness that are taking place in us. This all leads us towards a broader perspective on the ultimate Truth of life and who we are. These shifts come non–stop when one is an enthusiastic student seeking liberation from the old, structured 3D ego states. But these are openings of various sorts on the journey, not the attainment of the final destination—that of knowing the ultimate Truth of who you truly are. The road to enlightenment is marked by many of these awakenings of the kind that are taking you in a certain direction—to Oneness and the knowledge of who you truly are!

I suppose to someone on a slower path, an awakening of the sort I am speaking of would seem like “The Awakening”—and that someone could choose to see themselves as “The Awakened One”. However, I am sure you can see that this would be a mistake on their part, and I am not sure that too many people are that naive any more.

What really happens on the journey to enlightenment is that someone must experience repeated changes and breakthroughs of a certain particular kind, in order to move specifically towards enlightenment—even if they do it at breakneck speed (which is certainly increasingly possible in today’s climate for change.)

There are other options of course that cultivate breakthroughs that are not taking someone towards enlightenment. One could be consciously seeking a level of shamanic insight and have many breakthroughs along the way. The goal is simply not the same however as the path to enlightenment. There are many examples I could offer here, but let’s take just one here. One can have shamanic experiences that are also helpful along the way to enlightenment! But without seeking the specific goal of “enlightenment” one will not be able to move into that state—and no matter how many awakenings one has, something else will happen. It is possible to accumulate knowledge about many different spheres of reality—all very interesting, even useful in one’s life, but not necessarily being the state of enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the moment of ultimate Truth when all the cumulative shifts come together to produce a state of realization like no other—a realization that opens awareness way beyond the personal, small self and into knowing clearly what the nature of Divine Reality is, as well as One’s Own True Nature. It is pure consciousness realizing the Ultimate Truth about non-duality, about yourself really being the Oneness. No longer being able to see the state of separation of the human as true or real. This shift is a quantum leap into a completely different mode of perception. Gone is the perception of duality, the world, how one perceives life, or the dualistic perception of god from the ego’s point of view, and everything else one can think of, as being real.

The birth of non-dual consciousness in someone who has lived in duality all their lives results in a vast sea-change in everything about the one who experiences this. One’s perception of life changes (for the better), and an entirely new phase of one’s journey begins within the context of the knowledge of non-duality. One is no longer awakened or awakening, one is simply something else, Oneness.

Enlightenment is a completely new state that comes in after one has had many, many small and big awakenings of a specific ego-dissolving nature, over the course of linear time! So, enlightenment is the cumulative effect of someone’s consciousness changing in a certain specific direction, mostly by returning to its non-egoic state sufficiently often, to where the cumulative effect of all the changes create one major change in the perception of Truth and who one is within that Truth, before one can see it as the completion of one’s work. This may sound intimidating, but it must have been your experience thus far, so don’t worry. Many of you are entering the most interesting phase now!

Enlightenment only comes after a structured journey of many, many awakenings. And it has a fairly defined appearance, one that is common to most people who have reached it. This new state is so different in its manifestation that it has the effect of ending one’s old life-perception in all ways except the physical. In other words the journey from dualistic reality to non-dual reality is so different, one cannot conceive of it with the dualistic mind. One gets to keep the body with enlightenment, but all the rest, the ego stories and states of consciousness of the old way of perceiving and living, have gone away. One is in a state of unity consciousness, seeing Oneness everywhere, and no longer relating in the same way to the duality of the relative world, and all that this implies.

I believe that the word “awakening” is a way of describing the journey to another reality and there are other realities besides the enlightened state, such as the shamanic one I described earlier. These other options can also have stages of working through the dualities and finding some unity in some places yet also still dealing with places in oneself that are still battling with old ego habits that keep us in separations still and holding some dualities still to be dealt with—all very similar to what the path to enlightenment feels to many of you right now. But I think the question is where do you choose to stop? Are you willing to put in the time and go all the way home?

Enlightenment is a huge doorway out of ego and into full realization of who one truly is –in its totality—a new paradigm in being something entirely different than one’s ego capacity seemed to be, and a graduation into another world. A world of total balance, total seeing, total insight into the what’s, why’s, and wherefore’s about human ego, life, death and who we REALLY ARE once we escape the disguise of the limited ego self. So enlightenment is knowing the truth of existence, that it means being beyond ego, no limited person there—only voidness, vast yet totally intelligent, coherent voidness—the birth of the luminous, golden void after you have made the laborious journey through the illusion of the dark void of the shadow ego and come home into the luminous, golden void.

One has become “the One without a second”. Yet You/It still can appear to play in the fields of the illusion as “Oneness in service to humanity”, but Your Awareness is clear that there is no such thing as ego, no person doing anything, no “real” world, not really, just the Truth of Divine Intelligence as Light, playing by creating virtual realities for its own joy.

If you have come so far as to be reading this, be aware that this lifetime is truly a defining lifetime for you. Make no mistake about the fact that you are doing a study of enlightenment rather than making a more tentative movement towards higher consciousness. It means that your soul has seen that it is ready to make the big leap forward. No matter if you don’t make it into full and complete enlightenment in the next two and a half years, you will be able to reach a much clearer connection to your own Oneness, such that this time will constitute a huge surge forward in your evolution.

It is certainly worth a massive effort to get as far along as you can, with the energy currents right now supplying “the wind beneath your wings”! This opportunity will make all the difference in the end. It’s a not-to-be-missed experience. Simply to give it all you’ve got now!

I will see you there."

©2010 Leslie Temple-Thurston, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

All rights reserved.

You may use or reproduce as long as the text is unaltered and appropriately credited.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dancing the Downloads

The Truth is we are ONE

I was told the other day that it seemed as though Delphic Wave had, since the solstice in June, 'vanished in the mist' like Avalon. It has, a bit, it feels to me. All that is this offering is being re-configured into Light. No differentiation between container and contained. A time to again liquefy completely into the designs of the Great Mother; to be reborn from her flowing waters into yet another formless form. More formless than the last, perhaps more formed than the next. It is not for us to ‘know’ these things, only to rest within Her, at this great turning of so very many cycles.

And so, Uluru (Ayers Rock) has appeared in my field twice in the past week. Once, mentioned by my friend Leslie Temple-Thurston , and again by my friend Heike, only yesterday. These occurrences are never random and prompted a note to mention that when information comes, however seemingly random or ‘out of context’, pay attention! These moments contain downloads that are unprecedented in our experience! The 'third time' always holds the information, the first appearances, the clues. I am anxiously awaiting the 'third' appearance of our fire dragon, Earth Mother root chakra, in all her 'stone person' glory!

As in the photo above, Uluru opens her arms to the light from the heavens, the Divine Mother opens Her arms to hold us in Her infinite supply. The old rules and the energy feeding them have gone. Did you notice? Are you observing how what we see as our outer world behaves as though they are still in place? What are you noticing? It is ‘up’ for attention, for its gifts of Grace.

As the tides churn you and again and again sweep you off your feet, ride along with them to the new shores awaiting us all. Allow the venting of all old sorrows, pains, griefs and grievances. We have no time for them. Forgive them all. Remember that these seeming waves of ‘past’ energies are not reality. They are the old cycle leaving us, any way it can.

Allow your deeper self to feel the excitement of new life forming. It IS a new cycle, a new way of BEING and the birthing waters have arrived.

Everything is changing! Take this opportunity to observe what you are holding onto that ‘must’ remain the same. Good luck with that! ROFL

Remember, ‘what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly’ ~ Illusions, Richard Bach

May Every Blessing Find you!
And may you RECEIVE each one with reverence and sacred joy!
Mary / Nalini

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~ Infinite Grace ~

Happy Portal Surfing!

We are now fully in the Solstice - Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse(s) - Grand Cross(es) and 6th Night portal sequence. Gaia is re-birthing Herself in the NOW. From the Temples into the arms of the Mother, in reverence we are moved, all anyhow, ready or not. And for some, we have felt so very ready, for so very long... and yet...

This past cycle has been quite the ride, has it not? In its death-rebirth sequence, we are feeling the birth of the new as the old energies thrash through their death throes. We are, all of us, releasing and rebirthing. And, as any birthing Mother will tell you, (once she is able) she has no clue how any of it is happening nor what the end result will be. She is only aware of the blessing and the miracle that is transpiring through her. So it is for Gaia. So it is for us all.

This past weekend, in a sacred releasing breathwork session I had a vision of the temple at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, of the sangha of monks in bright orange, all looking like dolls, all incarnations - each and very one - of spiritual values, spiritual past lives, vows of continuance, of perseverance and of obedience. All memories of 'spirituality' in the cycle that is dancing its death song. Lives of accruing merit, of holding the remembering, of vows coming to completion. As these images worked their way out of my body with the breath, I wondered. Visions come first, understanding later (if at all).

This was followed by more visions, all in meditation, of many forms, many lives. It brought back the wondering of how my sisters have come together here, now, in this place, for a completion of some kind. Prior to coming to this place, I had a dream. I was in this area, connecting heart-to-heart, remembering to remembering, essence to essence with other mystics. Since I have been here, this has happened, much to my wonderment and gratitude.

Sunday I received a hug from Ammachi. Around my left wrist was wrapped my 'original' mala - the first mala from my first mystery school teacher, purchased with that week's food money, at the Bodhi Tree bookstore in L.A. It has been with me for every desert trip and darshan with Rama, every spiritual or mystical training, every shamanic journey, every spiritual or mystical adventure for 27 years (a '9' of course!). A small storehouse of mystical power and light.

As I was released from the hug, the mala broke. And, as I sat in Presence, I felt the beads that slid free, breaking and releasing through my physical body as well. Completion. Release. Finally. And the Mother's words breaking through my heart. "It is time". It is still too fresh and new and unfathomable for words. Finally. Not of any 'doing' but of Grace.

To Datta, for the sacred sounds that have graced my way and in whose presence over this New Year (2010) I received the complete remembering of the essence of my vibration; from whose alignment I received the name Nalini. (

To Rama, without whose boot camp I may not have remembered nor would I have persevered. (

To Leslie Temple-Thurston, who taught me how to transform dualistic structures through processing, and whose patience with my 'doing' has been unfaltering. (

To Pamela, whose Presence of Innocence in the tradition of Ramana, has helped me to complete a cycle. ( )

To Malathy, whose great love broke the 'heart' mala and allowed me to begin to physically truly heal.

and, most recently, to Amritananda Mayi, ( ) whose Grace and Presence allowed the Divine to show me in no uncertain terms that in the Divine Mother's Presence there is only 'free'.

May we all be flowed and guided through this time, this immense portal of Grace, with ease and safety and exactly what we need. May we remember with reverence that it is always so.

~ in infinite gratitude,
Nalini (Mary)
Blessed Be

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reclaiming Ecstasy

~ Aligning in Reverence~

In a sacred releasing session this past week, I spent an hour in the physical experience of what I know as ecstatic union with Light. There are many images, knowings, downloads, re-configurations and shifts that happen in such an experience. It began with the thrumming of Shakti in my body that allows me to release completely into the arms of the Mother. As the light intensifies, layers of consciousness part and Truth is revealed in whatever form one can accept in that moment.

The experience is of ‘home’. Home vibration, home resonance. Home. I last experienced this vibration with this intensity on Kauai, over the new year of 2010, in the physical presence of Dr. Baskaran Pillai (also known as Dattatriya Siva Baba). It brought tears of recognition, of welcome and of deep, deep remembrance. A yearning of the heart that releases as it keens its longing into forever.

This time, the vibration was Sourced from within Divine Flow Herself ~ as it is always, has always been, and yet ~ as deities and memories, past lives and metaphoric mystical symbols flowed through me, as I became the Light in many of Her forms ~ the re-membering took form. Many forms, actually, yet one in particular had a teaching long awaited.

The image of a black panther (black jaguar perhaps) blue-black in color, slightly larger than my physical body, appeared at the left of my inner sight. Ears laid back, relaxed, yet keenly alert to spring, She roared as lions roar, as the solar feminine roars her ferocity, in honor of the Divine. As I listened, receiving, another image formed to the ‘front, right’ of my inner vision. A snow-white cub, with riveting stellar blue eyes. White lion? “Snow leopard,” I heard in response. The blue-black of the panther’s etheric body mirrored in the eyes of this magnificent embodiment of innocence and authenticity. “Power in its infancy”. Innocent and pure.

I felt tears of reverence and awe making their silent passage down my cheeks and onto the pillow. Held within the Darshan. Transmission from the Divine to the Divine, and I, the witness only. As I watched, the cub took more and more physical form, soft fur on the ears becoming visible, spots changing to pure whiteness and to spots again... the mountains of Tibet forming behind it. I wanted to hold it to my heart, while having the feeling of doing so, of the mature Goddess-Panther holding the image of this little one within her heartspace with a level of cherishing barely recalled.

Much later, after this experience, knowing that whatever was taught or embodying would make itself known in Her own time, I took to the books. Panther – (according to Ted Andrews) “Reclaming”. “Reclaim... what has been lost or broken will be replaced by something more beneficial. A symbol of mastery over dimensions in which others cannot survive.” Black Panther – per Jamie Sams – “Embracing the Unknown”. Yes. The unknown. Ecstasy without its dualistic counterpart.

The dualistic form of ecstasy carries within it the underbelly of ‘agony’, or trauma and pain. When ‘ecstasy’ carries the seeds or memories of agony, it is not truly ecstatic consciousness. Nor is the new-age delirium popularly known as ‘blissed-out’. I have been watching this particular phenomenon for a lifetime. The addictive nature of altered states is obvious, and quite daunting. How is ‘altered’ by substance addiction, addition to the shakti, or the earth’s power places true ecstasy? Is it? What is ecstatic union with nature? With the divine? What is the truth of ecstatic embodiment, as some of us hold it in reverence, long-forgotten, yet somehow always remembered? What is truth? What is the heart’s answer?

I asked again, what the transcendent embodiment of non-dual ecstasy truly is, how that can be experienced in form. Can it? And can it be maintained? Can that space be truly embraced and walked with practical feet? I have seen it done, experienced this Presence, I walk around in it most of the time, and yet, well, I get called ‘woo-woo’ a lot. Or dysfunctional. Or whatever. This experience was part of the answer, part of the truth. Fierce authenticity, completely in alignment with authentic innocence. I remain a bit gobsmacked at the wonder of it. My mind does not understand these images in a way that feels complete, nor perhaps will it ever. I am quite content with that.

In the releasing of both the ‘pretended’ ecstasy, the ‘high’, and the deeply internalized agony of embodiment, as it was held in my heart, true ecstasy was remembered within me. Ferocity and innocence, solar and lunar light, ‘power’ as the force that it truly and simply ‘IS’. The reclamation of ecstasy; ecstatic union with the Divine, in this physical form. Grounded ‘walkable’ euphoria with no hint of the constriction we know as duality.

The images of our inner vision have so much to teach us! My tears remain – as does my gratitude.

I was first taught processes for transcending dualistic structures by Leslie Temple-Thurston of Corelight (@ The sacred releasing experience (of which the above is only a small fragment) was facilitated by Taj Ali, a practitioner of sacred release work, here in Santa Fe.

May Ecstasy reclaim you ~ Happy Full Moon!! (27 May )
With unending love and gratitude,
Nalini (Mary)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gaia’s Awakening

~ Alignment with what Matters~

What really matters? Gaia Herself is shifting alignment and so must we. As She births Herself into a new alignment, new energy configuration, new and higher vibratory reality, we too must allow ourselves to be passed through the creative alchemy of being newly designed, created anew.

A year or so ago, I was hiking with some friends. We were approaching sacred ground – a configuration that has been ‘sacred’ to the indigenous for as long as there have been indigenous, and probably long before. I stopped, as I know to do, in reverence for our Mother Earth, and Her secret, sacred spaces. I sat, in full view of this ‘sweet spot’ and opened myself to Her wisdom. When did we, as a species, become too full of ourselves to receive darshan from a ‘rock’? From the green world? From the inner dimensions of this sphere we audaciously call our planet? Grins and much head shaking on my part. ;)

As I sat in reverence, I was shown, faster than the mind can follow, events of such seismic magnitude I could only sit in wonder. The up-thrusting of magma and stone, the deep nurturing dark of the stillness that followed, the outpouring of nurturing of all life in this valley, the very creation of that valley, and ~ later, much, much later ~ the scurrying flurry of ant-like creatures carving and scraping and scooping and building. Roads, structures, carving and blasting and moving and shaking. Moving and shaking? From within the living stone came a deep silent rumble... laughter. Gentle and benign, and THOROUGHLY amused.

I was shown the Paleolithic, the upsurgence of all that we call life in the green worlds, the creature beings, the harmony. Ever the harmony, until the carving and shaping and blasting began. Redirecting the flows of water, of ice, of energy and of grace. As I sat and opened, it was similar to viewing a film in fast forward... VERY fast. What we call the past, merging into the present, and on into a future where there are only the stars... our brother and sister beings in cosmic alignment, this galaxy, home to ‘our’ solar system...Mother Gaia, home to our bodies, in vibratory resonance with the Divine currents of creation. The ‘home tone’, the resonance of life, of creation Herself.

As I re-focused in that moment, sitting cross-legged on this out-cropping, the gravel making dents in my bum, I was held within the intimate embrace, the vast vibrational awareness of ‘sacred space’. I felt the crystalline growth beneath me, the flow of sand and stone, of wind and water, of the mind stilling itself in reverence for the sacredness of the ALL. Within the ALL ~ the harmony. The ‘home tones’ of creation.

And Gaia is awakening. This is Her enlightenment, this Shift in consciousness. And the awakening that flows with it is the vibration of reverence.

As Gaia’s awareness moves through Her ascension portals, may we remember the ‘home tones’, the vibrations that birth every atom of being. May we reverence the Divine that is our true home.

With unending love and gratitude,
May Every Blessing Find You ~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy MayDay!

~ Alignment with the Shift ~

“Mayday, mayday!” we hear over the radio frequencies when a ship (air or sea) is in jeopardy. In the States, in an emergency we dial ‘911’. Interesting number that. A radical shift in perception. This is the Shift. It is here. We are here. A radical shift in perception. How will you make your shift? Your ‘assault on the cliffs of forever’? (quote, Rama’s).

Well, certainly not an assault at this time. This is a passage of the heart. How will you survive this? Who is the ‘you’ and what does surviving mean, when the world, as our minds have learned to navigate it, is shifting beneath our feet, over our heads, and in our bodies?

If you are sensitive, and if you are reading this it is highly likely, you are feeling the resonance within of the earth changes, the energetic changes, the effects of gamma rays, not on ‘man in the moon marigolds’ but within your bodies!

It is time to listen deeply. It is time to be completely true to ourselves, not the little self, the false self, the masks and archetypal dances we do for God and others, but to the ‘still small voice’ within that is not so still anymore! (yay!) It is time to truly look at our deepest patterns (they are NOT the darkest ones, btw) and allow them to be lifted from us, allow the shifting sands of dark and light to integrate and to allow Spirit to, once and forever, do Her work through us. How we approach the divine (God/Goddess/Ali/Allah/AllThatIS) is so much less important than that we do so at this time! It is in the hands of the Divine, this Shifting... and yet, and yet... are we not also Divine?

What will your response be to the call this time? We must allow. It is time, it is here, it is NOW.

Some advice from other voices... other Oracles... please enjoy!

“This is when we dance around the fire within. This is when we come to know what is left within us when everything that is not true burns away. And once we know, we can begin to be true to ourselves as never before. This, more than anything else, is what this time is about. We must discover what does not endure the burning fire of our own being, and let those things go. Let them burn away with the new heat that is rising now.”~ Jennifer Posada

“May 01 is celebrated as May Day or Beltane ...and it is also the 1684 May First Ascension Day of Saint Germain who brought us the alchemical gift of the Violet Flame. This is a great time to remember the power of invoking the Violet Flame for transmuting all energies that no longer serve our divine destiny. The Violet Flame is a gift to humanity to assist us during these transformative times. Saint Germain has said, "The use of the violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet." (The Voice of the I AM January 1941 p.20)” from Cayelin Castell

“Feeling so ready to shift, wanting to experience the shift in one quantum leap instead of one hundred baby steps. "Just jump" your Soul commands, you freeze like a novice skydiver, "just jump into the shift, into the change, into the divine plan that is waiting like a soft cushion".” Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

With unending love,
~from the cushion between the worlds~
May Every Blessing Find You ~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Resting in Stillness

~ Surfing the Cosmic Tsunamis ~

So here we go! As Gaia dances her re-formative tango, we are now dancing to HER tune! Cause for great celebration!

My observation is an interesting juxtaposition of the celebratory and the Stillness. I keep seeing the mental image of Padma Sambhava (the Tibetan Bodhisattva) floating in an orb of light, bouncing off the tsunamis and the changes, grinning from ear to ear. Or perhaps that is just my cosmically skewed sense of humor at play.

The lessons keep showing up in blatantly informative ways, don't they? As a western collective, how are we obsessed with comfort - however grossly or more subtly we may define this, and polarized in any aversion to pain? What is pain? What is comfort? How do our subtle identities play with these concepts? And how do we let them go along with the old world that is leaving us?

I had an experience early this week of wanting to attend satsang with a blessedly awake friend, Pamela Wilson~, I woke up that morning with monster headaches, body discomfort and dizziness. Not having had this kind of day for a few months, I was curious and also a little miffed. Had to be today, yes? These are 'human' emotions pushed up through the 'human' body. Nothing to be upset by, but to be present to learn from. As usual, I began to look for resistance, for any sloughing off of older energies or states of mind, and felt, from the Stillness, "rest". "Just rest, Beloved". I gave the body herbs, essential oils and a good soak, to see if that would ease things. The symptoms increased. Ok, resting.

I propped up on pillows, much as I had after my brain 'upgrade' in June, feeling a return, a releasing of the deep tenderness that had permeated my neck, shoulders, and the back of my head at that time. I rested and went deeply inward.

I was shown the pain and the wish for comfort. "Where is the physical (body / life) still in aversion to pain and obsessing with comfort? Where do these definitions need adjusting?" I have done quite a bit of inquiry on this in the past, so just let things show up this time, rather than letting my mind supply 'files' or feedback. I did not need to wait. The adjustments were happening as I watched, and that was all that was needed. I watched, observed, and kept affirming my heart's wish to be in Stillness and yes, to be with my spiritual sisters and to attend this gathering. Much was moving, and after some time, I felt "Get up now, and go". I was still dizzy and my head throbbing. I got up and into the car.

I could hear mental and a bit of physical feedback saying, "This is NOT a good idea!" And yet, the inner urging, "Go". I drove carefully, as usual, and felt more shifting. By the time I had visited with my friends, and attended the satsang, the physical ravages had disappeared completely.

I had had the experience of 'full circle'. Giggles abound. As I sat in that Space, I had the experience of juxtaposed realities. Sitting in satsang with Pamela. Sitting in 'class' with Marguerite at the age of less-than-two. Circle to circle. Family to family. Old 'family' identity falling away. A homecoming, granted by Stillness. Completion. Beginning. Falling through the Space that is the true gift of Grace. Noticing love ~ in whatever form She presents Herself ~ as the underlying essence and the flow of Space.

The message, for this time, was to rest in the Stillness and allow the changes to occur, as they happen. Let them be. Let your body and life BE. And in the observing, love. What else has there ever been to do or to see?

With unending love,
~from the newly-cozy raft between the worlds~
May Every Blessing Find You ~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Equinox! Enjoy the New Beginnings!

~ Breathlessly New Beginning ~

It is time to paint with the brushes of limitlessness.

"As your Soul soars to luxuriate in higher fifth dimensional atmospheres of unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm your earth vessel has to jettison what would hold you back. Take care of it." ~ Rev. Angela Peregoff

As is often the case, I have to agree with Reverend Angie... it is time, as we step through the Equinox portal, whether it be the Vernal portal (in the northern hemisphere) of new beginning or the Autumnal portal (in the southern) of balancing, it is time to let go ~ yes, really, once and for all!

I hear from so many, including aspects of myself, "I've DONE that, no more, I've let go of everything I can think of! (or LOST everything) ". So it's time to abandon the mind's agenda and surrender unconditionally. The mind will never let go of its own volition ~ well, not without a little coercion.

What does that mean? The mind cannot understand. Our minds are not prepared to. They were simply not trained to not 'be' who we have programmed them to be. No blame, no finger pointing, no more beating ourselves up. Just do it already! We are all being called to a new beginning, a fresh start, and a foundational level of beginners' mind. Our minds, all of us, need re-training. Like a young child, learning the new world, from a place of freshly un-jaded enthusiasm. You can do it! Find your inner Peter Pan and fly! ;)

That said, let's talk about new beginnings and sacred space. I am currently residing in an incredibly sacred space. Lucky me? Yes! I am truly blessed! And this too was one of the 'waking dreams' that I had to let go of everything that had been, to encounter. I could not have created t his ~ it had to be a gift from my Source and my Sisters... what a blessed event! How amazing and miraculous and... SELF-created.

For years I dreamed unconsciously, although my teachers tried to convince me otherwise... ;)

When we 'daydream', or 'love the scenery in that film' or read a book describing the idyllic and heave that heavy sigh of yearning, we are dreaming forward, creating with thought, feeling and mind. We are un-consciously creating, dreaming forward idly and with no focus. It is time to choose consciously. New beginning. Fresh start. Conscious dreaming.

What sacred spaces have you self-denied in order to serve... your family? The greater good? All noble aspirations, but NOT Self-love. Selfishness, arrogance and ego are also not Self-loving, yet we hang onto those 'doing' aspects of the little self the hardest, while beating them up in the process. Sound familiar? Familial?

Yes, this blog is largely tongue-in-cheek, as befits such a powerful alignment as this Equinox. It is high, it is holy, it is sublime, and it is knocking the socks off the old paradigm.
Can you gimme halleluiah????? (sorry, an 'old-earth' expression from somewhere deep in the mind)

Allow your sacredness to find you. In this high and holy portal, allow yourself to BE.

May Every Blessing Find You ~ Happy Equinox!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moonrise over Mojave

~ The Mystical Journey of Life ~

With the hybrid loaded to the gills, we (the Roshini-Dakini and I) headed out ~ away from our mountain hideaway, still buried in towers of snow, leaving behind pristine clarity and the stillness that only the Tao of New Snow can engender. In my head, Vangelis' Antarctica was playing... clean clear notes that summon the frosty chill of zero vibe and crystalline experience.

With the heart tugging a bit for the mystical valley of our sequestered time, we set out ~ Eastward this time, and South, across the varying expanses of desert - the sanctuary of snow soon a memory as the temperatures rose with our passing.

As we traversed the Eastern Sierra, on our way to... where exactly? Perhaps the moon? The energies became ever more dense... and soon, as we crossed the first of several deserts, the chimeras of the inner worlds became visible to the physical eyes. Not the sun dogs one might hope for, nor whirling rainbows nor the Spirit Kachinas dancing on the arroyos. These striations of light were, while beautiful, an intricate dance of inter-dimensional flux. "The whole area is morphing" I said to Roshini. "mmph" she agreed from the back seat. The continual morphing felt horrible, nauseating to say the least. We fueled up and were on our way as quickly as possible, Roshini refusing to eat even her favorite treats.

As we entered the Mojave, things shifted again, not so radically but as though the desert itself was rolling like the sea. The closer we came to
Arizona, the late afternoon sun became our ally, lighting up the sagebrush and red rocks to advantage. Just as we found the 'only' rest stop not closed, the moon began to rise. Rising in front of us like a lazy beacon, it brought with it the wind. Standing in the wind in the desert. Familiar and blessed.
I began to weep with gratitude. The energies are shifting... and it is good. It is good. In the middle of 'nowhere' ~ having forgotten that there are literally no 'stops' from 'here' to 'there'... we found our first piece of the home that has eluded my physical experience for osme years now. Wind, Lightness, the feeling of being carried in mystical journeying. Mmmmmm.

As we traveled further and further across the Mojave, the waxing moon rose before us, it's frothy 'growing' edge gleaming ever more clearly, brighter as the sun began it's descent in the sky. Peace. Stillness. Power.

As something less like luck would have it, I miscalculated the drive time and we ended up driving an hour or so in the dark into the mountains again. More snow, tall, old growth Ponderosa pines, and a familiar chill in the air once more.

On the road again in the morning, we debated. Grand Canyon or Sedona? "NEITHER!" said my body, and at that moment, a large raven flew directly across the hood of the car, quite close to the windshield, headed 'on down the road'. Okay! Off we go. For many years now, ravens and crows have been my physical guides when traveling. Even in local areas, if I am unsure as to direction, they provide the intuitive guidance needed for me to find my way. This was no exception.

As we headed out of the pines and into a higher, more pristine desert, I began to see signs for 'Winslow'. What is it about that?... Starman! The crater is somewhere nearby! Within a minute and a half, a sign appeared "meteor crater - right turn ahead". ;) It was early enough that we were the only vehicle on the 6-mile winding road that leads out into the desert and into a vibration so pure, so crystalline and otherwordly, it made me want to set up camp. We spent an hour or so, just basking in the energies, wandering around doing woofy sniffing things, me going inside and sitting in the sun on the observation deck, just 'wondering' in awestruck familiarity.
Again - the crystalline purity of 'home'. Mystical journey. A thought occurred... notable for the lack of mental traffic for the past hour or so. When did my physical life CEASE being a mystical journey? The when being less important than the acknowledgement of what had been missing.

Grinning from ear to ear, we got back in the car, wistful again at 'leaving' yet absorbed in the flow once more.

Grounding happens within us, within our heartspaces, our souls. We are and always will be, galactic travelers. To forget that is to lose one's sense of 'home'.

May Every Blessing Find You as you journey onward,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sivaratri and the Year of the Tiger

~ Breaking the Cult of Normalcy ~

When we are addictive, we are in an unhealthy trance state. We all know this about material, physical addictions. What about psychic, spiritual addictive states? The largest addiction that humanity has succumbed to is the 'cult of normalcy'. What is normal? How to fit in? How to survive amongst everyone else? How do I make money through the status quo when I see through the illusion? For lightworkers, this translates to being addicted to the particular form of helping. 'How I help' has become 'fixed' or has become an identity.

When we look deeper, when we commit to the deepest strata of self-inquiry and not only honor but live ONLY by our authentic divine expression and the guidance it provides, then we begin to embody that which will dream the new cycle forward ~ dreaming from the heart, as the Divine Vibration of Creation.

Welcome to the energy shifts of 2010!

We have, within this week, opportunities to release the addiction to normalcy through the celestial alignments available. Receive the gifts! Celebrate the light in all Her forms!

February 11th (12th in India) Maha Shivaratri ~ the Night of Siva!

Lord Shiva is the representation of primordial energy from which everything was born and into which everything in the universe will dissolve. In other words, Lord Shiva is also the Great Mother. This week we celebrate Shivaratri. This is the night where Lord Shiva is said to have revealed the dance of primeval conception, preservation and destruction.

Maha Shivaratri occurs once a year, and this year it falls on February 12th in India (and February 11th in North America). Prayers offered during Shivaratri are said to be amplified 10 million times. This is Shiva's mercy, the descent of Divine Grace. If there is a more auspicious time than any other when you can elevate your thoughts and empower your goals, it is this special night!

Practices that empower these energies:
~ Clean your living space and clear your mind
~ Enlighten your thoughts by remembering the Divine
~ Allow the prosperity of enjoyment and bliss! Have fun!
~ Light a ghee lamp or some incense or burn sage to purify negative energies
~ Celebrate everything that is good in your life right now!

Traditionally, one chants 'Om Namah Shivaya' at this alignment.

Dattatriya Siva Baba has initiated a new version of this mantra, as
Divine Mercy for the transitional times we are in: VaYaNaMaSi !
"Do this one million times and your life will be a miracle" ~ Baba

For more information on Sivaratri, you are invited to visit .

New Moon ~ The Initiatory Time of this lunar cycle ~

Saturday, Feb 13. The Aquarius New Moon is at 6:51 pm Pacific Time.
This new Moon is a time for energizing the mysteries of innovative kindness toward self and others. Kindness has the power to facilitate radical life changing experiences at a deep cellular level. The Aquarius New Moon inspires us to envision and seed the freest possible expression of our true heart’s desires in livelihood, self-realization and in relationship.
Adding kindness to our visioning and seeding practices for any new moon raises our vibration, accelerates and accentuates the power of Gratitude, along with increasing our skill as conscious co-creators.

This new moon is illuminating the forefront of innovative, cutting edge, shamanic healing energies and technologies. This furthers creating paradigm shifts in consciousness designed to create a shamanic healing process that reconnects us with our inner knowing.

Remember to, just after the new moon timing, or within the next 10-12 hours, write down your hearts' desires and put them under your pillow for the night, or - better still - send them to yourself in an email, letting the Universe know that these are your intentions. Await signs of their fulfillment at the next full moon at the end of the month! The Goddess always grants what is asked of Her. It is up to us to allow and receive, first the signs, then the manifestations thereof.

For help with this process, join us at Delphic Wave on Friday the 14th at 12 Noon Pacific time, for a new moon tele-gathering. For more information or to register use this link.

Sunday Feb 14, Chinese New Year ~ Year of the White Tiger

The New Year begins in China on February 14 with the New Moon. Due to the time difference, the New Moon for the United States is in the 13th. The Tiger is a symbol of power, authority, luck and great courage. Tiger years hold Spirit and Strength for those who align with these energies.
This is a time to courageously express the wisdom and strength of your personal power through your own inner divine authority, for the purpose of creating your own special luck and magic during this Chinese year of the White Tiger.
Ride the tiger! Be as the Goddess Durga and embody the invincible force within. This is done by mastering ease and grace, and allowing the Shakti to flow through you, using your hands as Her own.

May Every Blessing Find You at this auspicious time,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcoming the energies of Creation

artwork by Lisa Iris ~

~ Embodying the Fire Within~

February begins the new cycle of the Great Mother Goddess, as her energies begins to stir within the earth, bringing healing and renewal to the physical world. Even under the snows you can begin to feel it ~ the pulsing of life as its deeply seeded forms dream themselves forward into blossoming awakeness.

Years ago, when I lived in the Boston area, I loved to run around Walden Pond (there is a walking 'path' even in the snow). In February, feeling the life beginning to sir with the Mother in the energies of 'new', I would run the perimeter of the pond in ice and snow. I would end up grinning from ear to ear as I felt the awakening earth beneath me. The I Ching speaks of this, as do all mystical traditions. The resurgence of lifeforce in the coming of Spring.

It sometimes seems odd to speak of this in light of the winter Solstice so recently upon us. But, as the cross-quarter between the Solstice and the coming Vernal Equinox (or autumnal, if you are in the southern hemisphere) Imbolc, or the celebration of Brighid, the Great Mother Goddess of the Celts, is the re-turning of the Great Wheel as it cycles through our world and our lives.

Take some time this week, (on the 4th if you are able) to connect to the Divine through Her presence in nature. Allow yourself to feel your deep connectedness to the whole of life. Renewal is upon us all at this time. Remember Brighid's fire and embrace the turning of the light!

Welcome to the energy shifts of 2010! Celebrate the light - even in the midst of turmoil and shadow. Remember that duality is ending, and unity includes not only the rainbow but ALL shades of grey! ;)

May Every Blessing Find You,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aligning with the Celestial Celebration

~ The very cosmos aligns itself to serve the evolution of Spirit ~

Welcome to the energy shifts of 2010! Last year, the energies resembled a furiously boiling pot of water - the kind where the bubbles leap upward and sting a bit, if we are not paying attention, and are definitely and unconditionally, 'in our faces'. This year, 2010, is a year of forward motion, in a rather LARGE and cyclic way. The energies resemble a series of huge waves - tsunami-like in structure. Waves can be fun, if we only remember how to surf the big ones. ;)

To surf the big waves of energy, it helps to align with them (or duck under, like a sea lion) and let them carry us into the newness that is birthing itself all around and through us in each of these miraculous moments of what we call 'time'.

Since January 13th, we have a new moon, a solar eclipse, Mercury went direct and Saturn retrograde. The full moon at the end of the month will bring in the signs of all that we have thought & chosen during these ''new' and 'seeding' times. This combination is going to be interesting!

If you want to know how you are really vibrating, look for the signs manifesting around you! Is the 'help' coming in, especially from places you least expected or would not have imagined? Are things coming in 'at a twist' when your visions were essentially 'straight forward'? Welcome to the birthing of the new! What used to work will work differently, or be replaced with what works NOW... dreaming forward from the heart, visioning from your heart and third eye, allowing Source to gift you with more than you have yet begun to perceive.

As we approach the full moon at end of month, watch for the sprouting, budding, blossoming energies (even if you live in the colder part of the world) to see what is birthing itself for you even in the now.

This month's new moon was Vedic New Year - also known as Pongal. For all who celebrate the turning of year and yuga, rejoice! The new is upon us, once again, returning us into our cosmic Mother, for re-birthing from Her light.

Celebrate the light - even in the midst of turmoil and shadow. Remember that duality is ending, and unity includes ALL shades of grey! ;)

May Every Blessing Find You,

Monday, January 11, 2010

Flowing Forward into Knowing

"The rainbows are always there. Humans just need water to see them."

~ the voice of nature ~

Many, including myself, have talked about not needing to know, about being comfortable with embracing the unknown. What is being talked about is the day-to-day mind. This is the mind that controls (or seeks to), plans, seeks direction, justification, and supports 'doing'. This mind is now being re-trained by Spirit, as She moves through our world in breath-taking waveform every moment. We are all being moved into a foundational level of re-education and learning. Sananda talked about this as '... becoming as little children...'. In the Buddhist traditions 'Beginners' Mind' is the conceptual understanding.

We can also speak of this process as that of surrender. A tricky concept, at best. What is true surrender? Into what? To whom? Where the mind takes this concept is the issue, not the action itself. Our world is in a vast and deep process of surrender, in this present moment, this cosmic nano-second of re-birthing that is truly awe-ing and gob-smacking for those who choose to let it in. Just do it! Let it all the way in! All you have to lose is your current identity! And are you not ready??

I was reminded of a favorite Einstein quote this morning. "Most people see what is, and never see what can be." Too true! Then, there is the flip side of that concept in duality, (which, btw, is the system we are transcending out of at literal light speed! Thank goodness!) The flip side is the many who "have eyes to see and ears to hear" - you know who you are, my psychic, telepathic, 'clair-everything' friends. These individuals, myself included, tend to "see what can be" and are often, frequently, and sometimes continually disillusioned when the 'what is' rises up to challenge and confound our internal clarity. We sometimes do what the psychologists call "falling in love with the potential" of a person, place, thing, organisation, or life situation. We are AWARE of the 'what is' but the outward 'facts' matter so much less to us than the potential we see within the (person, place, thing or what-have-you) because we truly see and appreciate the authenticity held therein. We find the light within awe-inspiring and breath-taking and do not even need to 'fall' in love with it, because our inner knowing says, "This is Real. This is home."

This phenomenon is often called 'unrealistic idealism'. Have you ever been told that? Have you ever been counseled that you are envisioning something too idealistic from your ivory tower existence? Or are you among those who have experienced something so far removed from 'ivory tower' that that, too, is a foreign concept? Again, the issue is with the 'flip sides'. What 'side' are you still, consciously or unconsciously, defending... your wounding? Your 'history'? What story can now be let go into the flow to 'let in the rainbows' of reality? Debbie Ford wrote a book about this, called The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. Not a critique! Really! For the uninitiated, an eye-opening read. We all have everything within us. To deny or avoid or have aversion to any 'side' is to remain in duality, even when one believes one has transcended into unity consciousness. In other words, the constant perception of the 'rainbow reality' takes constant vigilance (more on that next time) and OPENING.

What side of the rainbow are you choosing today? Is there a side? The sub-title about rainbows was given to me by a grove of trees... who see the rainbows 'all the time' along with the seasons, the shifts, the changes... and who are unfailingly grounded and PATIENT. They know that life knows what She is doing. They trust Life. Life is Spirit. Life is Source. Life is a miracle... and rainbows? You decide. ;) Your perception is a choice - open or limited? The entire concept of any particular 'point of view' is, in itself, limitation.

Someday we'll find it - the rainbow connection - the lovers, the dreamers and me ~ Kermit the Frog

I would add this: In these unprecedented times, we will not only find, but also 'BE it'.... the lovers, the dreamers, and WE.

May Every Blessing Find You,