Monday, August 29, 2011

New Moon and Co-Creating

~Finances, Fear & Failure?~

With this past weekend and the astrological squeeze into the Virgo new moon last night (8:04P PDT) the collective was squeezed into (and not through yet) its 'worst fear' scenarios around fiscal support. Yes, we are talking about money. Where will it come from? There is never enough... how can I afford???

There is a core trauma leftover in the collective at the cellular level, leftover from the post-WWII generation(s). It is no one's fault. Those who went to war or whose siblings did, were imprinted with lack, poverty consciousness and fear of failure. "Honor" and dignity went with being 'solvent' even if solvency came at the price of 'losing everything'. Sounds like a contradiction? It is! A paradox of the heart: It is noble to sacrifice my material well-being for spirit, for others... and... if I do that I will be perceived as worthless and a failure, insolvent... in one way or another. This paradox, or double bind, this financial/spiritual deadly embrace is being pushed to its limits - the polarity stretched to the breaking point - by the current astrology and Gaia's ascension process. In other words, it is 'up' for everyone... even those who feel they have processed 'money' and have no more issues.

What needs to be released fully and freely into the arms of the divine is all limitation, all duality in love/money where fear can find a way to control the flow.

If your mind is boggling a bit, good! It is the mind and its domination of the body that are running this show. We must allow our cellular genetics to release the enmeshment of spirituality, honor and integrity with poverty, lack and/or failure and pretention of any kind.

Divine Mother does not judge based on status, merit, nor even on our quality of heart. She IS infinite heart quality. And so, as we let ourselves be held in Her embrace, embodying AllThatIs, we become the unity field within which all things are aspects of love... including money... down to our cellular 'fingertips'.

Allow the cellular trauma to begin to understand that it is not truth. It is the child of fear, and the Great Mother can only LOVE... even the fear.

We are held. We are ONE. We are not alone and broken. We are held within the support (FINANCIAL AS WELL) of divinity.

I choose to trust this. I choose love... AS financial support, not in dualistic polarity with it... why not be an embodiment of financial abundance? What a wonderful way to be of service?
(giving as a 'given')

~unending love
Nalini (Mary)
FB: Be Heartspace

May Every Blessing Find You! Especially That of Unity!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flowing with the River

I spent yesterday morning on the river. A rafting trip, 'guided' by a friend and spiritual sister. Four women, flowing with life. I asked one of my friends what her favorite part of the experience was and she replied " I liked the parameters, the finite components of it. There is a 'put in' location, a 'take out' location, and a guide who knows the river, knows where all the rocks are, and does most of the work ~ and I got to be totally in the moment, responding to the water - the flow". It struck me so deeply the metaphor for life - for incarnation.

In each incarnation, each lifetime, there is a 'put in' location, a 'take out' location, Spirit knows the currents, the rocks, the challenges, when to tell us to 'paddle!', to 'dig deep', and when to just go with the flow. We need only respond in the moment.

When we pushed the raft into the river, it took about 20 seconds for one of the other women to grin at me and say "happy". I concur. I step onto / into the water and everything I AM says "happy". There is only the flow. There is only immersion in nature's oneness. And that, my friends, is how I choose to dream my reality. This is how I choose to live. This is life. Immersion in flow ~ immersion in oneness. Spirit is always guiding; She knows the currents, She knows where the rocks are, and She cherishes our journey, every one. We are Her embodiments, if we allow ourselves to BE.

Water is a blessing. As are the currents of our lives.

May you find your current(s) and allow it(them) to carry you!
We are all, so very blessed.
Mary (Nalini)
~with unending love

Monday, August 8, 2011

8:8 Lion's Gate!

Transiting the Lion's Gate

Today is 8:8. Yesterday was the exact cross-quarter for Lughnasad, the 6th spoke on the wheel of the 'year'. This is the spoke of disseminating light ~ of being full-filled with Grace and allowing it to flow from us. The Lion's Gate is, traditionally, the alignment of Sirius and our Sun (Ra). The temples along the Nile still align with Sirius, even though centuries of precession have passed since they were built and originally aligned. The star Sirius (which is a dual system, A & B) is said to be the embodiment of Isis, an embodiment of the mysteries, of magic, of the miraculous, and of the Great Mother of us all.

Our earth, beloved Gaia holds this embodiment as well... quarantined and monitored though she has been, she is now moving through her ascension into that of 'stardom'... it is Her time to Shine!

Aligning in and with the Lion's Gate is aligning oneself with the stellar downloads currently, hmmm, a litte intense?? ;o)

A way to hold these flows of Grace with integrity, ease, and a bit more comfort, is to let them pass through you. Release any fears of abandonment, of being 'left behind' or of 'not getting it'. Gaia absorbs all. Align with our Earth Mother, embrace her with the totality of all that you are... remember and reverence her divinity. And flow with the currents!

May every download find you!
THIS is the ride of lifetimes! May you be held in the depths of the embrace!

~unending love

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stellar Light Ignited!

Welcome to your download(s) from Home!

As of yesterday, the stellar downloads are amping in a trajectory that makes Space Mountain look like kid stuff... wait a minute... space mountain IS 'kid stuff' LOL! The lightstreams are ignited and flowing in torrential downpour. They began yesterday, 8/1 and will continue with ever-increasing speed and intensity through 7 August, the actual cross quarter of Lughnasadh, the celebration of the great solar deity... AND the stellar light of your home vibration.

A transmission came through on 1 June of this year, that the 'gag order is lifted' and the quarantine is breaking down. The starstreams are flooding in once more, ready to inform, to be integrated, and to illuminate our every atom.

This Friday, 5 August, Delphic Wave will host a stellar downpour window as an initiation portal into this amazing time! Join us if you feel called... if you know yourself as starseed and stand ready to receive your stellar codings! They cannot be avoided ~ we are being upgraded at lovespeed... and when we join together in circle, we integrate instantaneously.

These next months will be intense, and with the help of our home world emissions, we will navigate them with ease and grace, from the HeartSpace, with our spirits finally able to soar!

May Every Blessing of this Time, Find You!
~unending love
Nalini (Mary)

~~ And if you cannot or do not feel called to join us, DANCE this Lughnasadh! It is time to know home!!!