Thursday, November 10, 2011

~Let's Talk Towers ~

The Tower card and the Moon card are images (here from the Rider-Waite) from the Tarot that teach the meaning of portals, of moving through challenges, of letting go into flow. They also have reference to many ancient / esoteric traditions... the moon pillars to Boaz and Joaquim, the pillars of duality (loosely translated, to be sure). The pillars of duality must be transcended at EVERY level for true unity to occur. This is generally a multi-lifetime process.

In our current lifetime, we have the opportunity to move thru an infinite series of such portals from within a flow of grace. This is, quite honestly, why most 'conscious' souls incarnated into this particular lifestream at this time.

An image of the 'tower' that persists in shadow form is beautifully illustrated by story in the Ramayana, of Rama/Sita/Ravanna. In the story, Rama and Sita are incarnations of Vishnu and Lakshmi, archetypes of sustainable divine manifestation and abundance, respectively. Ravanna is the 'demon' archetype who steals Sita (the archetype of abundant flow) and imprisons her in 'his' tower.

This is story of dharmic alignment... of the old cycle truth of following one's dharmic path through a particular incarnation with integrity. In the vedic traditions, as in many others, dharma is like one's role in a play or position on a team. For the play to go well or for the team to win, each person must "stay in character" or "play his position." If each thing in the universe does its dharma, the universe functions smoothly. When people or things violate their dharma, things fall apart.

With the current cyclic shift, all roles, all positions are also shifting. This brings up shadow aspects of our previous dharmic roles, rules, and responsibilities that would never have come to light (literally) without this shift.

So, the tower image, for example. The fear, in collective consciousness, can be that, although the tower in which Sita is imprisoned by Ravanna is a structure or vibration of lower energy, she holds her integrity, and waits for Rama, (the archetype of the Divine Warrior of Integrity) to follow that attraction path and rescue her.

There is a place in our modern psyche that regards this tower, in whatever form, as a protection. So, the dualistic archetypes of Rama/Ravanna are two sides of the same Lila, or cosmic dance. Sita holds her alignment in the certain knowledge that it will attract the solution (Rama's rescue of her) and this is dharmic indeed. HOWEVER, there is a shadow in the modern collective where the tower also becomes a place to 'hide'.

The Tower, when subjugated into this equation, becomes the duslistically held structure of both a prison and a protection and NOT the symbol of strength, courage, and dharmic integrity that it was originally intended to be.

The voice of this shadow could be said to say "I am letting the Ravanna archetype imprison and thereby control my energies, so that the Rama archetype (the other side of the coin) can 'rescue' or 'save' me... BUT... there is terror, heartbreak and resistance to being 'outed' as it were, because that would require full diligence in dharmic aligment." In other words, "i" (little 'i' used consciously) would have to be a mature, spiritually integrous tower in and of mySelf. Ever faced this? We tend to have this program very covertly stashed away, in a place we refuse to venture into.

This MUST be cleared from our programmed unconscious for all of the archetypes to move into new dharmic alignment, playing the new roles they came in to play for this Shift, full-filling Divine Play, Divine Agenda, in this unprecedented lifetime.

In other words, we have to allow the archetypes of Ravanna/Rama to release their shadow aspects (that have occurred over our souls' histories and were not originally intended) within us so that we can resume the Divine Play in a more evolved and truly authentic dharmic alignment... so that these archetypes can do the same within us.

So, how is the 'tower' playing out for you? Where have you unconsciously chosen to 'hide' or 'be safe' even while you are courageously standing for truth? These are the archetypal shadows playing out in today's world. As we release them from within ourselves, they cease to play in our lives, in the vibrations we radiate, and in the world as well.

Play well!
And May Every Blessing Find you!
~unending love
Mary (Nalini)