Thursday, March 31, 2011

~ Walking the April Fool! ~

~ Welcoming the On-rushing Wave ~

Happy April! The image that leapt to mind this morning was the Fool card, my personal favorite being that of the Radiant Tarot (Rider-Waite).

If anyone has walked this card of late, it would be me!

A few years ago I had an Anam Cara reading (soul friend, for the non-gaelic-speaking) that showed I would have a sort of 'death' experience and a new life would begin. (As if this was the first time! yikes!) Having just had my dear soul buddy Kirin take his leave, I was not... thrilled? HOWEVER, as I was being initiated into unconditional truth and trust and utter positivity (thank you Baba for that expression) I took to heart what was said. Much of the reading involved this card, which speaks to me again today, this day of the April Fool!

The Fool has cast off all appearances of material / worldly support and strides freely toward 'his' destiny, his dharmic awakenings, with only a small pack and 'his' loyal canine companion. (Thank you Roshini!) Traditionally, there are mountains behind the figure in the card, but the resemblance to very large waves cannot be missed, especially in light of our planet's goings-on.

The 'waves' behind the Fool reminded me this morning of a scene from the Hollywood rendition of our times, the film 2012. This is NOT a film recommendation! I feel that film played on the adrenalin factor more than it played out truth. That said, there is one scene, where a Tibetan Lama (head abbot if I remember correctly) is awaiting the coming waves, and is shown striking a large gong high up in the Himalayas, as he calmly watches huge waves of water coming OVER the 20 thousand foot peaks surrounding him. It was one of those perfect moments. Wow. Look what Nature can do!

Today is known as April Fool's day in the western world, characterized by practical jokes and poking fun. This time the joke is clearly on us! What a gift to have a moment to laugh at oneself, to take a look at the quintessential silliness of all endeavors.

We plan, we worry, we.... well you know. And yet ~ there are such deeper goings-on that are RIGHT IN OUR FACES if we will only open our eyes in wonder and participate in all that is shifting and changing!

In Sumerian times, this moon cycle was associated with the 3rd chakra. Inanna (in her passage into the underworld as Venus) is required to give up her ring of power. Ring of power.... hmmm. Isn't there another story...??? A little chap called Frodo?

In Sumerian mythology, Inanna is required, through this act, to give up her PERSONAL power, surrendering the ways she no longer holds her power in balance and harmony, either because she is giving her power away to others, or she is afraid she will use her power inappropriately, or she is already using her power to control and manipulate others. Again with hmmmm....

"When the third chakra is out of balance many feel disconnected from a sense of belonging, have a skewed self-image of either being overly important, or not important at all, as well as fearing rejection and being overly sensitive to criticism. When this happens, discernment and a sense of life purpose as well as decision making and the ability to take healthy action are more difficult due to the inability to focus. Whatever the imbalance, Venus is now required to surrender all the ways she has misused or misunderstood her personal power becoming vulnerable and open to the ways of the underworld initiation." ~ from Cayelin Castell's shamanic astrology for March 2011

The 'trusting' Fool, however, is looking to the heavens as he prepares, perhaps unknowingly, perhaps with complete trust, to step off of a cliff... taking a literal leap of faith.

For the past three years or so, this has been my livingness. Each day, each opportunity, each moment of living, taking that step onto... sometimes 'nothing' as the Divine breadcrumbs, lily pads, (forget branches!) appear only as my weight descends onto whatever has been next on the many converging and coalescing paths of this lifetime.

For this, I can only be transcendently, overflowingly, grateful. For each step, challenging though it may have been, has brought new blessings, new beginnings, and a 'new life' that remains 'yet to be'.

In this New Moon space, this 'day of the Fool' I smile at the Tarot card, joyfully joining this seemingly benighted adventurer, as we move as we are moved, live as we are shown, and ride this newest wave of infinity.

Happy April Fools Day!

From one 'Fool' to all beloved 'others',

May Every Blessing Find you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

~ Equinox Blessings ~

~ Bringing in a New Balance ~

Today the Equinox alignment happens, late this afternoon where I currently reside. Yesterday's full moon brought new openings and took much away. We are all feeling it. The new question: What is Possible??

So many are saying "I don't know who I am". Right. Times of shifting require both inner and outer morphing. We seem to lose a cherished piece of self, only to become more of our authentic Self. Such are the energies of this equinox.

It is time to soul shift. We are now receiving, in the mirror of life, very precise (although they sometimes come in fun house mirror distortions) reflections of our inner vibration(s). When I observe my reality construct, my current experience of reality on this world, I see a newly-shiny birthing world of integration and merging. Merging of intuition with Divine Guidance from what appears to be 'outside', as this has always been One. Matter and Spirit are merging within us, finally, finally, to a sense of Home... we are in this process. All of us.

What will work now, in this shiny newness, is nothing that has worked before. Duality is transcending into unity, and from this oneness, this knowingness, this mandatory level of Trust, we will morph into beings we have yet to meet. Beings who are not split, beings who hold integrated oneness at our Core. What works is to allow the awareness of being held, of being always Divinely Connected.

When the fear rushes up to try to keep us safe, we need to let it move through the heart. Have compassion for our own ignorance, our lack of knowing that we are cared for, always have been and always will be. It is our soul selves that push the purging energies through us at this time ~ making space for all that we truly are. Celebrate all that shows itself, even as the purging moves through.

At this alignment of New Beginnings and Balancing, may we feel the Presence that we are, and live it fully!

Namaste! Happy Equinox!
Nalini (Mary)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ Welcome to the Ninth Wave! ~

I googled the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar last evening, just to see what is out there. Wow! Just about everything one could imagine and then some!

When I do this, do a search for general information, it is an exercise in seeing. What resonates with the unique embodiment of Divinity that I AM, what does not. More and more, in these transition times, we need to come into the quiet of our inner silence, our inner resonance, that is often so still, it seems to have no motion.

Is this the 'last wave'? Well, for that particular cycle-tracking device, it seems to be. For creation? How could it be? How could a tracking device, though made by those who chose alignment with the grand design eons ago, be anything but a marker? A marker of a new cycle of becoming, of creative flow, that we have the ability to choose to align with, to co-create in alignment with, or to resist. I wouldn't choose the latter, personally… personally. What a strange concept these days.

As the furry princess and I went for our morning 'exploring', we felt the changes. She, sniffing them out in her own inimitable way, me walking between the worlds enjoying the shifting energies. "It's different today" she informs me. "Yes, I know" I grin along with her, as she naifs and tracks and follows the shifting lines.

A recent publication out of New Zealand actually shows that the earthquakes/rifts/ flooding/what have you were made by a waveform. It is mapped, geo-magnetically and electro-magnetically so that the waveform is completely observable. How very timely and, how cool! Coolness abounds these days/times.

I find a grin, a little serene smile without and within, as we ride these currents, allowing them to move us as the Divine wills it so. May we remember to breathe, to surrender into the stillness, to listen, and to enjoy the ride!

So mote it Be. Forevermore.

May the radiant, unfathomable Blessings of this time, Find us All!
~ unending love ~
Nalini (Mary)