Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Art of Fluid Embodiment

We are moving from a paradigm of transmutation into one of transformation. In transmutation, change occurs by processing toxic energies through our bodies and consciousness. Transformation is entirely different. When we step into a new paradigm of transformation, we learn to hold energetic space that is in resonance with our soul’s intentions, allowing other, more dissonant, energies to transform around us. In other words, we allow our lives to morph around us to fit and to support our chosen alignments.

Fluid embodiment is relaxing into the essence of who we are, letting go of anything and everything that does not support that. To hold a fluid alignment is to find the balance within, “finding your inner weeble” that may wobble but does not, as their ad used to say, “fall down”. The work of embodying fluidity is learning how to hold energetic space in the heart while simultaneously holding space for change in our bodies and in the energies around us.

When we make a commitment to embody fluidity, we are activating choice points that begin to dissolve the self-identifications that fix us in a particular spin. You know what I’m talking about. We self-identify in the spins of worry, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, the victim position, and our woundedness. These are all versions of defended positions. They all shape the ‘spin’ that runs our bodies and our lives...until we choose differently and change things. It is a law of physics that to change a spin, we need only change one element. One. What do you need to change to alter your spin?

A belief system is only a thought pattern that you have, consciously or unconsciously, chosen to defend (often with your survival instincts, and certainly in your survival programming). When we buy into our belief systems they become “I AM” statements, not only a defended position, but an identified one.
How often do we bypass the obvious? “I am” my astrological sign, my country of origin, a family member, a ‘this’, a ‘that’. “I think” this way or that way? Descartes said, “I think therefore I AM”. The vibrational principle is correct. The minute you defend a position you fix your spin.

Our lives are most often lived as a series of defended positions in attitude and consciousness... until we choose differently. Embodying fluidity is the antithesis of identifying with a fixed position. It is a choice to embody flexibility and to BE a frequency holder for truth, for light and for love in the most authentic way possible.

When we commit to residing in flow, we often really mean “Well, I want to be fluid, to be supported in and by the Divine Flow, but I want to keep the following identities and defensive postures because... (Fill in the blank with all of your very good reasons, and the ones your unconscious mind has, when yours run out!). That is not moving into flow. It is aligning with resistance and fear.

When you are ready to release your fears, to relax into the fluid, flexible, sphere of the truest vibration that resonates within, you are ready to embody fluidity.

The Embodying Fluidity program from Delphic Wave is an energetic learning experience, aligned with the choice to hold an open heart, and to allow what no longer resonates to transform without taking on, without dragging toxicity through your body or your mind. It is learning to hold an alignment in infinite flexibility rather than learning new ways to surf or transmute the spin.

Embodying fluidity is a practice of holding a safe, energetic space in the heart and using a cocoon of Divine support to allow transformation, where dissonant energies are invited into a safe space where Source can ‘do the work’.

The only thing we can surrender into is the vibration of our authentic uniqueness. Choice activates change. Be the choice and you have become the change.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Embracing the Sacred Feminine ~ What is ‘Yin’ meditation?

Embracing the Sacred Feminine ~ What is ‘Yin’ meditation?

Yin energy is receptive energy. Unlike traditional forms of sitting or walking meditation where you direct your energy upward, yin meditation is done in a completely relaxed state. One can sit or lie down (my favorite) and relax into the arms of the divine... letting oneself be held. Letting oneself be supported in the heart-space, a safe nurturing environment that is the embodiment of Self-Care.

The true forms of what one could call feminine meditation (knowing full well that Source is neither masculine nor feminine and always contains ‘both’) are: Relaxing into Presence, and Entering the Creative Flow. When you are doing something creative, you have entered the ‘zone’ of the sacred feminine. You have entered the flow.

One traditional way of entering this creative space is by navigating the labyrinth. As many of you know, walking a labyrinth is a journey into OneSelf. Traditional labyrinthine structures like the famous one at Chartres Cathedral in France have 11 circuits inward and 11 outward. “Abbreviated” structures typically have 7 circuits inward and outward, one for each level of chakra vibration. This architecture is based on numerology and uses the sequential accelerating vibrations of master numbers to ‘peel away the layers’ of the workaday mind to uncover the truth in the stillness within.

Another opportunity in consciousness that the labyrinth provides is in circumambulating sacred space or ‘holy ground’. When we turn our attention inward in sacred space (our own bodies) and on holy ground (the labyrinth or a place of power - the best ones are both) we instantly and inherently invoke a power greater than ourselves. It is a self-created rite of passage.

Within the centre of the labyrinth rests an architectural representation of the heartspace, within which you can retreat at any time and be yourself, speak to the One Self and receive divine guidance. Here, you have access to your own ‘heartline’ to the Source within. Here you have direct access into Divine Presence. By literally moving (remember ‘e-motion’, energy in motion) into this space, you move your body and your consciousness into alignment with your soul.

For more information on the Labyrinth, please visit my friends at
http://www.veriditas.org or use the locator: http://labyrinthlocator.com/

“Salvitor Ambulando”