Thursday, December 16, 2010

~ Celebrating the Solstice Cycle ~

Celebrate the Wave of Light!

If you are 'up on astrology' or even if you are not, you are most likely feeling that the upcoming Solstice, a bi-annual celebration of our Sun's journey along its ecliptic, is sure to be an unparalleled event in consciousness!

The full moon for this month forms in the wee hours of the morning (in the northern hemisphere), completed by a total lunar eclipse ~ a full moon cycle within a few hours' time! Following this cosmically speeded-up cycle, is the December solstice, winter in the northern hemisphere, summer in the southern.

Within each 'season' held in the alignment of the solstice window, is burgeoning abundance ~ especially of the light! Many sacred sites around our globe were built in honor of this spiral of light. The exact alignment occurs for but a moment, the window, for about two weeks' time, so we are in the midst of the transformation today, right now.

In inner vision, this solstice alignment is like nothing I have observed in this, or other lifetimes. ;) The moment of its inception appears as a supernova, a spherical wave of brilliant white light like none I have witnessed. I observe it in breathless wonder, as 'it' reminds me to 'breathe' and allow. This moment, and the window surrounding it (approximately a 'week' before and after) are OF the light! As the wave births and expands itself through our galaxy in alignment with the galactic center, hunab ku, the great mystery of all of life, we are forever changed. In what way? What do you intend to make real? Will we intend beauty, creativity, prosperity, abundance for all and in all ways? What will that look like? We have an unprecedented opportunity to wait and see!

For those of us who have long-awaited this turning, this transformation point, this choice point for our dear planet, the time is ~ finally ~ NOW. Time to intend in alignment with our galaxy, with the cosmic forces literally lined up to facilitate the changes. Time to flow with the glow! Enjoy the radiance as it lifts, cleanses, and shifts us from within!

If you feel so moved, join us at Delphic Wave for our solstice gathering, as we form a circle of receptivity to honor the shifting of the light!

Happy Solstice!!!
May Every Blessing Find you!
~ unending love,
Mary (Nalini)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

~ Falling Into Ascension ~

Today the cycles and divestiture are in the offing.

Yesterday's transition in the Venus cycles, was the stage in the mythical/mystical journey of Inanna, where she adorns herself with full ceremonial regalia and begins her journey into the Underworld. When she reaches the first gate she is told she must enter the underworld like everyone else and is required to give up one of her vestments. This first gate on the deepening journey represents the 7th chakra where she is asked to give up her crown.

The first gate is also known as the Gate of Divine Authority and the release of her crown represents the release of any distortions she has with her direct connection to spirit and the divinity that she innately is. Succinctly put, she must relinquish any remaining spiritual ego, any misperceptions of the Divine essence that she currently embodies. She must release the 'crowning glory' she has worked so diligently to attain.

In Sobonfu Some’s book Falling Out of Grace she says:

"…If we are going to achieve our purpose in life, we must be willing to fall out of grace and accept its lessons. When we feel righteous about ourselves or deny our brokenness, we are fighting against the higher states of grace that await us.

Here is something…I have had to learn over and over again through experience: To fall out of grace is a gift, one of the greatest gifts that one receives in life.

When we are in grace, we begin to take things for granted and we actually stop working on ourselves. Falling out of grace shakes us up. It reconnects us to the larger universe in order for us to see ourselves anew. It forces us to rediscover where our true center begins. And, to learn what needs to be set aside."

Returning to the mythical Goddess archetype, Inanna’s journey requires her to relinquish her divine knowing – making a full initiation possible. She is willingly embracing an invitation into the unknown and/or shadow realms while also releasing the references that have defined her past knowing of who she is. She is 'giving up to Grace' all that she knows herself to be.

This new moon is an opportunity to surrender what you know so you can enter into the unknown and grow in ways that wouldn’t be possible if you were not willing to brave the deepest inner journey.

Embracing our shattered, brokenness is not the same as indulging or wallowing in it! We make a conscious choice to divest ourselves of any self-righteous self-aggrandizement and simply 'be' as we traverse the realms of the unknown. Allowing the unknown to embrace us fully is the opportunity of this alignment.

It is the deepest letting go of all.

May you let go with ease and grace and allow the Flow to carry you!

May Every Blessing Find you,
Mary (Nalini)