Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reclaiming Ecstasy

~ Aligning in Reverence~

In a sacred releasing session this past week, I spent an hour in the physical experience of what I know as ecstatic union with Light. There are many images, knowings, downloads, re-configurations and shifts that happen in such an experience. It began with the thrumming of Shakti in my body that allows me to release completely into the arms of the Mother. As the light intensifies, layers of consciousness part and Truth is revealed in whatever form one can accept in that moment.

The experience is of ‘home’. Home vibration, home resonance. Home. I last experienced this vibration with this intensity on Kauai, over the new year of 2010, in the physical presence of Dr. Baskaran Pillai (also known as Dattatriya Siva Baba). It brought tears of recognition, of welcome and of deep, deep remembrance. A yearning of the heart that releases as it keens its longing into forever.

This time, the vibration was Sourced from within Divine Flow Herself ~ as it is always, has always been, and yet ~ as deities and memories, past lives and metaphoric mystical symbols flowed through me, as I became the Light in many of Her forms ~ the re-membering took form. Many forms, actually, yet one in particular had a teaching long awaited.

The image of a black panther (black jaguar perhaps) blue-black in color, slightly larger than my physical body, appeared at the left of my inner sight. Ears laid back, relaxed, yet keenly alert to spring, She roared as lions roar, as the solar feminine roars her ferocity, in honor of the Divine. As I listened, receiving, another image formed to the ‘front, right’ of my inner vision. A snow-white cub, with riveting stellar blue eyes. White lion? “Snow leopard,” I heard in response. The blue-black of the panther’s etheric body mirrored in the eyes of this magnificent embodiment of innocence and authenticity. “Power in its infancy”. Innocent and pure.

I felt tears of reverence and awe making their silent passage down my cheeks and onto the pillow. Held within the Darshan. Transmission from the Divine to the Divine, and I, the witness only. As I watched, the cub took more and more physical form, soft fur on the ears becoming visible, spots changing to pure whiteness and to spots again... the mountains of Tibet forming behind it. I wanted to hold it to my heart, while having the feeling of doing so, of the mature Goddess-Panther holding the image of this little one within her heartspace with a level of cherishing barely recalled.

Much later, after this experience, knowing that whatever was taught or embodying would make itself known in Her own time, I took to the books. Panther – (according to Ted Andrews) “Reclaming”. “Reclaim... what has been lost or broken will be replaced by something more beneficial. A symbol of mastery over dimensions in which others cannot survive.” Black Panther – per Jamie Sams – “Embracing the Unknown”. Yes. The unknown. Ecstasy without its dualistic counterpart.

The dualistic form of ecstasy carries within it the underbelly of ‘agony’, or trauma and pain. When ‘ecstasy’ carries the seeds or memories of agony, it is not truly ecstatic consciousness. Nor is the new-age delirium popularly known as ‘blissed-out’. I have been watching this particular phenomenon for a lifetime. The addictive nature of altered states is obvious, and quite daunting. How is ‘altered’ by substance addiction, addition to the shakti, or the earth’s power places true ecstasy? Is it? What is ecstatic union with nature? With the divine? What is the truth of ecstatic embodiment, as some of us hold it in reverence, long-forgotten, yet somehow always remembered? What is truth? What is the heart’s answer?

I asked again, what the transcendent embodiment of non-dual ecstasy truly is, how that can be experienced in form. Can it? And can it be maintained? Can that space be truly embraced and walked with practical feet? I have seen it done, experienced this Presence, I walk around in it most of the time, and yet, well, I get called ‘woo-woo’ a lot. Or dysfunctional. Or whatever. This experience was part of the answer, part of the truth. Fierce authenticity, completely in alignment with authentic innocence. I remain a bit gobsmacked at the wonder of it. My mind does not understand these images in a way that feels complete, nor perhaps will it ever. I am quite content with that.

In the releasing of both the ‘pretended’ ecstasy, the ‘high’, and the deeply internalized agony of embodiment, as it was held in my heart, true ecstasy was remembered within me. Ferocity and innocence, solar and lunar light, ‘power’ as the force that it truly and simply ‘IS’. The reclamation of ecstasy; ecstatic union with the Divine, in this physical form. Grounded ‘walkable’ euphoria with no hint of the constriction we know as duality.

The images of our inner vision have so much to teach us! My tears remain – as does my gratitude.

I was first taught processes for transcending dualistic structures by Leslie Temple-Thurston of Corelight (@ The sacred releasing experience (of which the above is only a small fragment) was facilitated by Taj Ali, a practitioner of sacred release work, here in Santa Fe.

May Ecstasy reclaim you ~ Happy Full Moon!! (27 May )
With unending love and gratitude,
Nalini (Mary)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gaia’s Awakening

~ Alignment with what Matters~

What really matters? Gaia Herself is shifting alignment and so must we. As She births Herself into a new alignment, new energy configuration, new and higher vibratory reality, we too must allow ourselves to be passed through the creative alchemy of being newly designed, created anew.

A year or so ago, I was hiking with some friends. We were approaching sacred ground – a configuration that has been ‘sacred’ to the indigenous for as long as there have been indigenous, and probably long before. I stopped, as I know to do, in reverence for our Mother Earth, and Her secret, sacred spaces. I sat, in full view of this ‘sweet spot’ and opened myself to Her wisdom. When did we, as a species, become too full of ourselves to receive darshan from a ‘rock’? From the green world? From the inner dimensions of this sphere we audaciously call our planet? Grins and much head shaking on my part. ;)

As I sat in reverence, I was shown, faster than the mind can follow, events of such seismic magnitude I could only sit in wonder. The up-thrusting of magma and stone, the deep nurturing dark of the stillness that followed, the outpouring of nurturing of all life in this valley, the very creation of that valley, and ~ later, much, much later ~ the scurrying flurry of ant-like creatures carving and scraping and scooping and building. Roads, structures, carving and blasting and moving and shaking. Moving and shaking? From within the living stone came a deep silent rumble... laughter. Gentle and benign, and THOROUGHLY amused.

I was shown the Paleolithic, the upsurgence of all that we call life in the green worlds, the creature beings, the harmony. Ever the harmony, until the carving and shaping and blasting began. Redirecting the flows of water, of ice, of energy and of grace. As I sat and opened, it was similar to viewing a film in fast forward... VERY fast. What we call the past, merging into the present, and on into a future where there are only the stars... our brother and sister beings in cosmic alignment, this galaxy, home to ‘our’ solar system...Mother Gaia, home to our bodies, in vibratory resonance with the Divine currents of creation. The ‘home tone’, the resonance of life, of creation Herself.

As I re-focused in that moment, sitting cross-legged on this out-cropping, the gravel making dents in my bum, I was held within the intimate embrace, the vast vibrational awareness of ‘sacred space’. I felt the crystalline growth beneath me, the flow of sand and stone, of wind and water, of the mind stilling itself in reverence for the sacredness of the ALL. Within the ALL ~ the harmony. The ‘home tones’ of creation.

And Gaia is awakening. This is Her enlightenment, this Shift in consciousness. And the awakening that flows with it is the vibration of reverence.

As Gaia’s awareness moves through Her ascension portals, may we remember the ‘home tones’, the vibrations that birth every atom of being. May we reverence the Divine that is our true home.

With unending love and gratitude,
May Every Blessing Find You ~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy MayDay!

~ Alignment with the Shift ~

“Mayday, mayday!” we hear over the radio frequencies when a ship (air or sea) is in jeopardy. In the States, in an emergency we dial ‘911’. Interesting number that. A radical shift in perception. This is the Shift. It is here. We are here. A radical shift in perception. How will you make your shift? Your ‘assault on the cliffs of forever’? (quote, Rama’s).

Well, certainly not an assault at this time. This is a passage of the heart. How will you survive this? Who is the ‘you’ and what does surviving mean, when the world, as our minds have learned to navigate it, is shifting beneath our feet, over our heads, and in our bodies?

If you are sensitive, and if you are reading this it is highly likely, you are feeling the resonance within of the earth changes, the energetic changes, the effects of gamma rays, not on ‘man in the moon marigolds’ but within your bodies!

It is time to listen deeply. It is time to be completely true to ourselves, not the little self, the false self, the masks and archetypal dances we do for God and others, but to the ‘still small voice’ within that is not so still anymore! (yay!) It is time to truly look at our deepest patterns (they are NOT the darkest ones, btw) and allow them to be lifted from us, allow the shifting sands of dark and light to integrate and to allow Spirit to, once and forever, do Her work through us. How we approach the divine (God/Goddess/Ali/Allah/AllThatIS) is so much less important than that we do so at this time! It is in the hands of the Divine, this Shifting... and yet, and yet... are we not also Divine?

What will your response be to the call this time? We must allow. It is time, it is here, it is NOW.

Some advice from other voices... other Oracles... please enjoy!

“This is when we dance around the fire within. This is when we come to know what is left within us when everything that is not true burns away. And once we know, we can begin to be true to ourselves as never before. This, more than anything else, is what this time is about. We must discover what does not endure the burning fire of our own being, and let those things go. Let them burn away with the new heat that is rising now.”~ Jennifer Posada

“May 01 is celebrated as May Day or Beltane ...and it is also the 1684 May First Ascension Day of Saint Germain who brought us the alchemical gift of the Violet Flame. This is a great time to remember the power of invoking the Violet Flame for transmuting all energies that no longer serve our divine destiny. The Violet Flame is a gift to humanity to assist us during these transformative times. Saint Germain has said, "The use of the violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet." (The Voice of the I AM January 1941 p.20)” from Cayelin Castell

“Feeling so ready to shift, wanting to experience the shift in one quantum leap instead of one hundred baby steps. "Just jump" your Soul commands, you freeze like a novice skydiver, "just jump into the shift, into the change, into the divine plan that is waiting like a soft cushion".” Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

With unending love,
~from the cushion between the worlds~
May Every Blessing Find You ~