Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sivaratri and the Year of the Tiger

~ Breaking the Cult of Normalcy ~

When we are addictive, we are in an unhealthy trance state. We all know this about material, physical addictions. What about psychic, spiritual addictive states? The largest addiction that humanity has succumbed to is the 'cult of normalcy'. What is normal? How to fit in? How to survive amongst everyone else? How do I make money through the status quo when I see through the illusion? For lightworkers, this translates to being addicted to the particular form of helping. 'How I help' has become 'fixed' or has become an identity.

When we look deeper, when we commit to the deepest strata of self-inquiry and not only honor but live ONLY by our authentic divine expression and the guidance it provides, then we begin to embody that which will dream the new cycle forward ~ dreaming from the heart, as the Divine Vibration of Creation.

Welcome to the energy shifts of 2010!

We have, within this week, opportunities to release the addiction to normalcy through the celestial alignments available. Receive the gifts! Celebrate the light in all Her forms!

February 11th (12th in India) Maha Shivaratri ~ the Night of Siva!

Lord Shiva is the representation of primordial energy from which everything was born and into which everything in the universe will dissolve. In other words, Lord Shiva is also the Great Mother. This week we celebrate Shivaratri. This is the night where Lord Shiva is said to have revealed the dance of primeval conception, preservation and destruction.

Maha Shivaratri occurs once a year, and this year it falls on February 12th in India (and February 11th in North America). Prayers offered during Shivaratri are said to be amplified 10 million times. This is Shiva's mercy, the descent of Divine Grace. If there is a more auspicious time than any other when you can elevate your thoughts and empower your goals, it is this special night!

Practices that empower these energies:
~ Clean your living space and clear your mind
~ Enlighten your thoughts by remembering the Divine
~ Allow the prosperity of enjoyment and bliss! Have fun!
~ Light a ghee lamp or some incense or burn sage to purify negative energies
~ Celebrate everything that is good in your life right now!

Traditionally, one chants 'Om Namah Shivaya' at this alignment.

Dattatriya Siva Baba has initiated a new version of this mantra, as
Divine Mercy for the transitional times we are in: VaYaNaMaSi !
"Do this one million times and your life will be a miracle" ~ Baba

For more information on Sivaratri, you are invited to visit
http://www.astroved.com .

New Moon ~ The Initiatory Time of this lunar cycle ~

Saturday, Feb 13. The Aquarius New Moon is at 6:51 pm Pacific Time.
This new Moon is a time for energizing the mysteries of innovative kindness toward self and others. Kindness has the power to facilitate radical life changing experiences at a deep cellular level. The Aquarius New Moon inspires us to envision and seed the freest possible expression of our true heart’s desires in livelihood, self-realization and in relationship.
Adding kindness to our visioning and seeding practices for any new moon raises our vibration, accelerates and accentuates the power of Gratitude, along with increasing our skill as conscious co-creators.

This new moon is illuminating the forefront of innovative, cutting edge, shamanic healing energies and technologies. This furthers creating paradigm shifts in consciousness designed to create a shamanic healing process that reconnects us with our inner knowing.

Remember to, just after the new moon timing, or within the next 10-12 hours, write down your hearts' desires and put them under your pillow for the night, or - better still - send them to yourself in an email, letting the Universe know that these are your intentions. Await signs of their fulfillment at the next full moon at the end of the month! The Goddess always grants what is asked of Her. It is up to us to allow and receive, first the signs, then the manifestations thereof.

For help with this process, join us at Delphic Wave on Friday the 14th at 12 Noon Pacific time, for a new moon tele-gathering. For more information or to register use this link.

Sunday Feb 14, Chinese New Year ~ Year of the White Tiger

The New Year begins in China on February 14 with the New Moon. Due to the time difference, the New Moon for the United States is in the 13th. The Tiger is a symbol of power, authority, luck and great courage. Tiger years hold Spirit and Strength for those who align with these energies.
This is a time to courageously express the wisdom and strength of your personal power through your own inner divine authority, for the purpose of creating your own special luck and magic during this Chinese year of the White Tiger.
Ride the tiger! Be as the Goddess Durga and embody the invincible force within. This is done by mastering ease and grace, and allowing the Shakti to flow through you, using your hands as Her own.

May Every Blessing Find You at this auspicious time,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcoming the energies of Creation

artwork by Lisa Iris ~ http://www.lisairis.com

~ Embodying the Fire Within~

February begins the new cycle of the Great Mother Goddess, as her energies begins to stir within the earth, bringing healing and renewal to the physical world. Even under the snows you can begin to feel it ~ the pulsing of life as its deeply seeded forms dream themselves forward into blossoming awakeness.

Years ago, when I lived in the Boston area, I loved to run around Walden Pond (there is a walking 'path' even in the snow). In February, feeling the life beginning to sir with the Mother in the energies of 'new', I would run the perimeter of the pond in ice and snow. I would end up grinning from ear to ear as I felt the awakening earth beneath me. The I Ching speaks of this, as do all mystical traditions. The resurgence of lifeforce in the coming of Spring.

It sometimes seems odd to speak of this in light of the winter Solstice so recently upon us. But, as the cross-quarter between the Solstice and the coming Vernal Equinox (or autumnal, if you are in the southern hemisphere) Imbolc, or the celebration of Brighid, the Great Mother Goddess of the Celts, is the re-turning of the Great Wheel as it cycles through our world and our lives.

Take some time this week, (on the 4th if you are able) to connect to the Divine through Her presence in nature. Allow yourself to feel your deep connectedness to the whole of life. Renewal is upon us all at this time. Remember Brighid's fire and embrace the turning of the light!

Welcome to the energy shifts of 2010! Celebrate the light - even in the midst of turmoil and shadow. Remember that duality is ending, and unity includes not only the rainbow but ALL shades of grey! ;)

May Every Blessing Find You,