Thursday, December 22, 2011

~ Happy Solstice! ~

~ Holding the Field(s) ~

What does it mean to 'hold a field'? We have thought we knew, perhaps. We have learned 'how to hold space'... this is not that. This is not that. Consider the solstice alignment. We acknowledge the effects on our bodies, our lives, our fields, of the celestial alignments. Today's solstice (exact at 9:36 pm pacific time on the 21st, 'yesterday') is conjunct the Galactic Center and squared to Uranus, the embodiment of radical change. We acknowledge these embodiments, yet we hold ourselves as 'other', as 'different'. We attempt to be 'empty', to be a 'space' and to hold space for a concept, a cause, for 'others'. The time for this misperception is over.

When we 'hold space' we are an empty cup, the 'hollow reed' through which Spirit is invited to pour. Of course. Why then, is the concept of being Spirit-FILLED 100% of the time, so foreign? The cycle is shifting and we with it. If we 'hold space' it will be filled... most likely with what is attempting to escape the dying paradigms of the old cycle, and/or be transmuted through that lovely clear space. Ouch! Our physical and emotional bodies were not designed to transmute the shifting of a cycle. Karmas from one cycle (the old one) perhaps, but not this. Not this. Spirit must be and is the doer here.

To hold a field, is to collaborate as a full-filled Divine embodiment, as and how Spirit's agenda leads us. We become a facet of Her crystalline embodiment, a gem in the larger design of Her new choosing, a stone in the new temple(s) being built of Her love. If any one facet or gem or 'stone' is 'empty' it will be crushed by the incoming intensity. Filled with the debris of what releases... And yet there is resistance. I do not pretend to understand. Why resist being FILLED with the light, love and power of the Divine as She creates a new configuration for this universe? Why not be a co-creative particle in that wave? Why not, in plain language, 'go with her flow'?

To participate in holding the new field(s) is not an identity, not a 'job description' it is a privilege, an honour and quite a bit of fun! First, we feel the resonance with certain vibratory patterns. This may show up as groups, projects, downloads, or any form or formlessness at all. We begin to gravitate to and through that resonance. New patterns magnetize us and we them. We are drawn toward that which uplifts, nourishes and sustains our beingness as we draw towards us that which does the same.

And, as we co-create simply by resonance vibration, the patterns shift and change again... and again... and again... until we come to the 'place of no patterning' ~ where our vibratory signature frequency simply IS and is drawn toward that which it resonates with and with which it aligns naturally ~ on a moment to moment basis. NO attachment, no aversion, simply resonance in the moment, as the new cycle is configured in accordance with Divine Will. Now THAT is fun!

What is the 'price' of this liquid alignment? Your identity. Your personal boxes, labels, and fears. The cartilage or carapace with which you maintain the structures of mind and alignment and behaviour. The mind will not willingly surrender these ~ unless and until the resonance has become so powerful that the FUN, the JOY, the upliftment, can no longer be denied.

This is such an alignment. Our daystar (a being that burns with divine light) is present in our galactic field, squared to the planetary being of change. Identity 'squared' - not to make it stronger! Not to exponentiate the cage! To free all vestiges of limited alignment and allow fluidity to finally be received, not by a 'hollow reed' but AS our embodiment.

All we need intend is 'yes' and let go. She who is the foundation of ALL has already foreseen your JOY, your ONENESS... for you ARE THAT ~ a resonant part of Her grand design.

Happy Solstice!
~with infinite JOY and aligned embodiment!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Poised in the Pause ~ 12/12 ~

Many of us have travelled the 'cracks between the worlds'. This is such a time. Rarely have we had such guidance. The full moon/eclipse energies, as the bookend for a window of opportunity, are gently closing a vast cosmic door on the 'past'. Can you feel the heaviness of the opened aperture sliding slowly into place, sealed. Closed behind us. The only openings the gateways (and there are many, varied and amazing) that move us ever onward into evolution. Where have your choices led you? What new openings now present themselves as gifts of Gaian transition? What openings have your choices now unveiled before you? It is an unending stream of stellar ignition. To THIS have your prayers and affirmations and commandments brought you. What/which will the turbo-blast now ignite or inflame?

The old world burns within us ~ sometimes as a joyous new burst of lightness and flow, sometimes as what feels like the unending quicksand of old habituations. Do not judge what you appear to experience - not yet. Not yet. The solstice gateway looms before us - inviting us into its perhaps devouring, perhaps luscious maw of grace. Whatever is left of the old world, let it burn. Enter the core of inner silence and let the birthing fire consume all that does not align with cosmic movement.

Today marks a stillpoint. A breathing point. Not a vantage point, to survey what was, and what may come, but a pause in the Great Transition, within which we can breathe and be grateful for all that may yet be.

Thank you that this transition is guided entirely by Grace.
Thank you for this moment of perfect breath, perfect silence, as the waves loom behind and before.
Thank you that the waves enfold and caress us as they pound even now upon some far, new shore.
Thank you for all that may yet be.
I choose gratitude. I choose grace. I choose the finest, most minute filaments to be lit as beacons within me, that Divine Alignment may never be ignored in any form.
Thank You, for the choicepoint windows of alignment that are ever in Presence, are ever present, in this moment and in every moment as new worlds dream to be.

with unending divine direction ~