Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tuning up for the Next Cycle

~ “Finally” fine tuning ~

“Some of us have shed our skins so many times we aren’t sure there is anything left! The fruition of these endeavors is now at hand” ~ Jennifer Posada

I picked up the harp the other day, realizing that she was ‘out of tune’ due most likely to shifts in the temperature and weather of late. As I plugged in my tuning device and prepared to adjust her strings, I could feel the same process happening within me. The whole experience of the past weeks, post-solstice, has been a process of refinement, of deep inner listening and reverence for the more subtle flows of Source above, below, within and without. I found, in attempting to ‘tune’ the harp I was holding, that she was asking for a deeper resonance from me. This time we did not use the external calibrated device, but tuned ourselves to one another. It was joyous indeed. I have tuned the guitar this way for a lifetime, but had not yet felt enough competence to do this with my dear harping companion.

I am finding the same in nature. A place of lushness, of full embracing of the essence of the LIFE that surrounds and enfolds me, as we share the experience in oneness. This morning’s pre-dawn walk yielded the usual cottontails, a pair of coyotes and the noises that the local deer make within the brush on the embankment. My furry companion was enthralled. She is learning (she is young yet) to ‘walk with me’ in and between the worlds where we meet All Our Relations with respect and reverence and, in turn, are greeted much the same. She admittedly has ‘chasing’ issues with the cottontails and squirrels. Far too tempting... although she tries valiantly to be still with me and watch and listen.

The period of energetic turbulence we now find ourselves in can best be navigated from that place ~ or still, deep watching and listening, from the heartspace ~ from our centres.

I found this paragraph in one of the many emails I receive ...
“Fine tuning means letting go of all or any energies or purposes within us that we embodied in the past, and that we will no longer need in a new reality. It is a sort of purification process, as we are now becoming our true and authentic selves at yet another level, and this involves getting to that pure gold nugget of who we really are as individuals. We are not really purifying now, but more fine-tuning…extracting our higher level purpose that is no longer related to raising the consciousness of the planet. That time is over. “ ~ Karen Bishop,

This rang true for me in a way much now rings true for only moments in the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of embodying fluidity. (Things are changing faster than many of us want to observe) ;)

Allowing us to be refined, to move into the subtleties of our beings, is the gift in this time, this Turning, this Shift into Wisdom.
The Divine Mother, in all her splendor, awaits you. You will find Her in your heartspace ~ the sacrosanct container deep within your soul.
Navigate gently, these waters of change! Be easy, and still, deep within your authenticity. And, as always ~

May Her Every Blessing Find You,
(unending love)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remembering Conscious Dreaming

Today is a time for setting new intentions, (it is a new moon, a ‘supermoon’ at that, aligned with both Venus and Neptune in ways that call for deep listening and remembering) for opening to your hearts’ desires, in the form of the deep yearning, calling voice within.

This new moon brings the opportunity for celebrating SELF... not the little, limited, programmed, conditioned voice of ‘I’, but the voice of the heart, that speaks from a place of purity, of connectedness, of wisdom and of knowing.

There are many tools, methods and ways for setting intentions. Sometimes we need a formal ‘form’ for doing so. Other times, it is the out-pouring, upwelling from the heart that stirs us.

One ‘form’ of setting new moon intentions that has always been fun for me, is to send ‘mySELF’ an email, during the window (within a few hours after the exact time of the new moon) of the seeding time. As I am writing to Source, the note can take any shape, contain images or not, be long, short, succinct or detailed. I hold the feeling states, the vision, in my heart, body and soul, then hit ‘send’... releasing the energies of intention into the Universal ALL.

Of course, the mail comes into my ‘inbox’ as I have sent it to SELF.
The joy and surprise is in opening that particular piece of mail, scanning it as Source speaking to Source... and being joyously surprised and pleased (like waiting for santa claus) at what signs begin to show at the first quarter and the full moon timings.

Set your intentions (like your sails) - send our your ship (your message) ~ and watch the skies for the signs to arrive! It also helps, sometimes, to file the email away somewhere to peruse again at the full moon time, so that you can celebrate the signs arriving for you at the first time of flowering in the lunar cycle. It is a time to celebrate... to add ease and grace and joy and FUN to your conscious dreaming.

And, if you perhaps encounter resistance to your receiving, remember... in the world of duality ONLY, does there exist a split between sending(giving) and receiving, between offering and acceptance, between ‘anything’ and ‘anything else’. Transcending duality is inherent in wholeness... perhaps seed to plant at this, quite powerful, new moon.

May Every Blessing Always Find You,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Releasing and Receiving

~ Finding the flow in reflected alignment ~

Today, or perhaps ‘tomorrow’ or ‘tonight’, (or whatever time the last quarter moon arrives for you) is a time for releasing and letting go, for opening the hands to let fall what we have held to so tightly, and to ~ with those open hands, receive ~ what Source offers us ~ a hitherto perhaps unknown or unrecognized, lately uncelebrated aspect of SELF.

Moon cycles offer reflection, an opportunity to see our authentic selves in what is literally and figuratively a ‘new light’. They draw our inner and emotional energies into the deep cycle of SELF; in that we reflect ourselves to ourselves in a wholly new way... unique to each of us, important to the all. Moonlight reflects inner light - and as this alignment of the ‘last quarter’ arrives for us, we see our inner reflection in the ‘waning moon’, the ebb of our emotional tides, the drawing inward of our awareness, to what is hopefully an as yet undiscovered country within. (or maybe, just maybe, a landscape now remembered... it is time)

Our relationship with Source is reflected directly in our daily lives. “As they perceive their Gods, so their lives will proceed” ~ badly misquoted I am sure, from Marion Zimmer Bradley.

This is an ancient knowing. As we allow larger, higher, more all-inclusive truths to replace our limited understanding of subjective truths, our perception of source, of life, is cleansed and deepened.

William Blake wrote “...when the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see life as it is... infinite...”.

The Divine Mother’s feedback on this particular ‘moonthly’ alignment is to relax and allow... rest between the phases of your life, as you reste within this reflection of all that is. Relax and let go. Release your ‘history’ and drink from the inner well of abundance and plenty, fully released into the NOW.

What does the NOW have in store for you? Will you offer yourself to your SELF in the certain knowledge that you ARE a divine manifestation? That your life is the signature of your soul’s journey?
That the moon of releasing and receiving is both without and within?

As children we are taught to ‘find the face’ (the rabbit, the image) in the moon. Which of your many faces (facets) is this moon revealing?

What is there, hidden in your hands, (or your pockets) whose time has come to be let go? Are you open to receive, as your hands fall open? As your hands... so your heart. May you open as a flower, and reflect your full bloom.

May Every Blessing Always Find You,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shaking the Inner Tree of Life

~ Finding the balance point within any split in awareness ~

For so many, last evening, (or whatever time the eclipse and ensuing full moon arrived for you) was interestingly uneventful yet presaged upheavals in a very deep way. Eclipse energies are very inner and very intense. They draw a part of us into dormancy; so that the light can shine on aspects of self we still need to see (bring to light, or work through... it is different for each of us). In this year (2009) of choice points, where the energies are at boiling point, it is often challenging to deal with patterns that we have seemingly overcome, or that seem to not want to budge ~ no matter how much work we have done on them!

The Divine Mother’s feedback on this particular alignment continues to be “Ssssshhhh. Listen. And let go. Do not make the ghosts of your past into a reality. Drink from the inner well of wisdom and allow these last bits of non-reality to be absorbed into the All”.

Last week I was privileged to give a webinar on Reconciling Consciousness and Money, for Whispering Energy ~ During this download on inner and outer abundance, the Divine Mother asked a question for those listening to ponder.

‘Resting in the assurance that abundance, money and love are all the same vibration, where in your body, life and/or finances are you split between have and have not? ‘

It took a couple of days closer to the vortex of the eclipse for me to get my download. The split for me was still held in little slivers of the warrior and the healer archetypes. What does it mean to reconcile those archetypes and hold the sacred space of/for both? What does ‘both’ look like? Many people feel that one cannot be a warrior and a healer, both. The archetypal energies contradict one another. That has not been my experience in this, or other lives. It is time for this world to realign the archetype of the warrior into one of fierce compassion, one that lives not by the sword, but through the heart. That appears to be part of my alignment. I will not pretend to have been unaware of this, nor that I was not a bit surprised to find ‘more’ of a programmed pattern I have been working toward reconciling for oh, decades, in this lifetime. ;)

I was reminded of a series of books I love, about a woman whose soul alignment is that of healer/warrior. The character is a wolf walker, one with nature through her bonded wolf and with the pack through the pack song. She is an energy healer of a kind not known for ages, trained as a warrior as well. The warrior training honed her strength and courage, to help the pack, the ‘helpless ones’ in nature, that would need her voice, her hands, her healing. It was a means, not an end in itself.

The Divine Mother has spoken through many in this time, saying, “This world will not change, until we redefine what it is to be a warrior”. The consummate warrior is at one with her/his skills, with strength, with courage and with forbearance. How much the same, the alignment of healing? Each a divine conduit for grace, in much the same form, although in duality it appears not.

The one Xena episode that I ever watched was a unification of these archetypes, as is the character in the wolfwalker books. In this episode, Xena is pregnant and cannot fight. The village she is visiting, to learn the deeper ways of Spirit, falls under attack. In silken robes, rather than battle gear, she stands before the village, projecting her intense love for the village, its people and companion animals, as an energetic shield ~ as she has been taught by the sages with whom she studies. The approaching army is decimated... by the energy of love.

What do the warrior and the healer have in common? Love for those they heal and protect.

What is the reconciliation of any split in consciousness? Find the love and you find the answer.

May Every Blessing also Find You,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lammas ~ Lughnasadh, & Laughter

Does a butterfly laugh as she dries her wings?
Does she know what makes her newly-formed heart sing?
(I daresay yes to the first and possibly 'hmmm' to the second)

A bit of the astrological for today:
courtesy of Cayelin Castell of Shamanic Astrology

Aug 01, Saturday. Traditional Lammas. The waxing out-of-bounds Moon is passing through the late degrees of Sagittarius and is visible in the constellation of Scorpio. Venus (1 Cancer) opposite Pluto (1 Capricorn)

Lughnasadh is the gaelic (celtic) holyday associated with the beginning of August, celebrating the harvest time. The harvest is also associated with the disseminating moon (what we 'see' as three quarters full) that waxes at this time. Lammas is the later established, 'Anglo-fied' version of this celebration.

Lugh was the Irish Sun God and was also known as 'Samildanach' which means 'many-skilled'. Thus the celebration in his honour involved the demonstration of prowess in the skills attributed to him both as a warrior and as a craftsman. The festival of Lugnassadh honoured the Sun King's triumphal harvest, celebrating the riches and abundance given by the heat and light of summer.

Lugh represents a newer phase of development in the mythology of Ireland. He was apparently introduced to the Celtic pantheon around the time of Christ. His coming marks the rising ascendancy all across Britain, Europe and the Mediterranean of the male gods of the Sun over the Sun Goddess known to the people of the ancient world.

Originally, this Lugh's feast would have been a festival of ripened grain, celebrating the Mother's bounty. The motif of Lughnasadh is the triumph of the light of summer over the darkness of winter. The Summer King, having taken the throne from the Winter King now celebrates the power of the deeds that led to his victory. In the Sacred Feminine traditions, the solar feminine is honored at this time... and Her infinite resources of light. Not familiar with the solar Goddesses? Look for Sekhmet, Ameratsu (japan), and others. These powerful divine feminine manifestations are the original foremothers of Xena and Elektra!

Gatherings for Lughnasadh are for celebrating the gift of life. The Mother gives to us through the body of the Earth and the strength of our spirits. Lughnasadh is a time to rejoice in the victory of life itself.

Be the laughing butterfly, joyously drying her wings! Soar with your joys and passions and dreams. May these, and Every Blessing, immediately find you!!

Soar brilliantly!