Monday, April 9, 2012

Exiting the Realm of Sacred Martyrdom

Love must be primary. And yet it is little known. Impersonal, transpersonal love permeates everything, sources the All, and yet...She is little know, seldom embraced, yet to be comprehended. Listen to the voice(s) that cry 'I know! I understand!' and allow compassion to flow. She is little known. Little understood... and that bandwidth of limitation is shifting.

The surrender into and through the paradigm of sacrificing the 'little' or 'lower' self seems to have been the way... it is neither the Truth nor the Light. Yet is seems to have been a necessary practicum of acquiring discipline in this, the long 'instant' of humanity's ascension. Love is neither sacrifice nor atonement nor self-abusiveness, nor does it require 'sacrifice' in any form. Love does not perceive along these pathways. She perceives only the Oneness, only from wholeness, only As That. It is a perspective that terrifies the singularity, the egoically positioned 'personal' form. And for this transcendence of 'personal terror' the disciplines were formed. A way, a path(s), a light shining at the end of long travail that all too often previews the 'oncoming train wreck'. This has been held in nobility, as goal, as a 'highest' form of service. Only in a delusional paradigm of greed and suffering. Only in separation. Only from a 'place' that does not truly exist. And yet, humanity has 'acted as if'. The doorways loom large before it, and yet... 'we must suffer more nobly, we must sacrifice more purely'... only that which is the prime creator of suffering itself. Only that must be sacrificed. Only that false structure of controlled limitation must go.

For LOVE hold even this, this delusional, parasitic existence where one feeds off another with no recognition of inner Source, even this, She holds in compassionate embrace. Not hosting this feeding, frenzied, fear-driven prison of limitation, yet holding its essence in higher vibratory alignment ~ just enough. Just enough. Just enough to allow the infinite ocean of all possibility to shine through, in whatever way or form or for however slight a moment She will be allowed and received within.

This Love awaits you. This Love IS your very essential vibration of 'home'.

Let go the 'knowing' and the 'known', the imagined, the dreamed, the attempts to comprehend. The 'way' has shifted. The Truth and the Light remain the same.

Blessings, endless blessings, from the forever fields of undying love,