Thursday, July 23, 2009

Becoming the eye of the storm

Greetings from the stillpoint, the eye of the storm. ;)

Some of you may know that for many years I studied, and then taught martial arts. There is one lesson, from a book about training, that stands out in my memory as so very pertinent to this time we are now experiencing. I do not remember the title nor the author of this little book, but its’ message ~ to be as the eye of the storm.

The energy of any situation was described as that of a hurricane; cyclical in form and in the nature of its travel, the ‘damage’ is caused at the periphery, where things are most turbulent and therefore most dangerous and cataclysmically messy. We are now in such a time, energetically. All that we have built for ourselves, to identify ourselves, is being swept away. A shamanic death on steroids. An opportunity to get out of our own way.

The teaching in this little book was to become like the calm at the center of a storm... not engaging, not identifying with nor becoming any part of the spin. I remember reading this the very first time, lying on a lawn chair with my sleeping bag tucked up around me, waiting to go on yet another mystical journey with my spiritual teacher. It made such sense, this story. When one engages the ‘enemy’, be it inner or outer in circumstance, one becomes part of the ‘storm’. The archetype of ‘warrior’ predestines the ‘war’. The more identified with or caught up in the turmoil you become, the more the likelihood of you being tossed to the outer rim of the action, where the physical nature of all that you most want to protect is thrashed and beaten and altered by the storm’s random fury.

Where will you make your stand? Will you, in your transformative, re-birthing state, try to butt heads with the winds of change? Or will you perhaps bend, like the sapling, the willow, allowing yourself to toss and twist into a new way of being? Are you exhausted from the buffeting? If so, or even if not, there is another option. Be still. Go within.

In the Vedic traditions, much is written about the “stillpoint between the turning worlds”. This is the place of peace where the experience of stillness (sometimes stuckness or limbo) is what manifests due to the lack of friction within. When there is so little friction that we cannot detect movement, we can surrender to the peace of the experience, or rage against what feels like the dying of the light... fighting on, in the midst of the spin, as the ‘enemy’ takes us with it, high up in the cyclone, held within the cycle of turbulence, spinning down the drain. What is dying is the reactivity, the response patterns we are conditioned to hold, when what we have been conditioned to value is altered or swept away. Let them go. You do not need them.

What is truly authentic to you will remain, washed clean by the winds and waters, energized by the lightning, fed by the peace that finally, finally finds you.

May Every Blessing also Find You,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giving and Receiving ~ mastering reciprocity

Many of us have running within our emotional and physical bodies, dysfunctional programs around what it is to give, and/or receive. More often than not, the worst fear around these states of mind is a double bind or deadly embrace between taking and ‘being taken’. In other words, we fear becoming a ‘taker’ AND we fear being ‘taken’; the people, places, things, opportunities that we love the most being tripped away from us, through loss of some kind.

The ‘way out’ of the trap of dysfunctional giving / dysfunctional receiving is to ask Spirit what the ‘AND’ condition is. If I could vibrate with truly healthy and balanced giving AND receiving, what would it feel like? What would my consciousness be like? The answer is typically something like “balanced flow of always more resources in than out, generosity in appropriate measure, and being unconditionally supported in ways as yet unimagined and most likely un-experienced”.

When you find your ‘AND’ condition, listen for the immediate sounds of the ‘but-but’ bird... “But that’s impossible. But that can never happen. But life is not like that”. This is the voice of the conditioned mind. It is trying to keep you safe in the ways it has been trained to do so. Our minds have been trained to protect us by referencing what has gone before: what we have learned, our conditioning, family values, genetic inheritance.... the mind is not trained to ‘let go’ and listen to the heart. Your mind will always answer you with what there is to fear ~ until it has been re-trained to flow with your intuitive guidance.

Allowing oneself to receive unconditionally is equally as important as learning to give unconditionally. What does that mean? The answer to that query is another. What does it mean to you? What does it mean to your conscious self, and what does it mean to your programmed states of mind? When you can truly answer from the heart, you will know.

The heartspace is sacrosanct, a safe haven where you and Spirit journey together, inseparable and unconditionally One. The heartspace IS the middle way.

So often the ‘middle way’ is talked of as a place of practiced neutrality, a place where all opposites are reconciled and all attachment ceases. I find this not to be. The open heart greets paradox with love and understanding. One or both of the tenets are ‘untrue’. ;)

The heart greets fear with love, misunderstanding with compassion and ignorance with patience. When you experience doubt or fear, especially in the areas of giving or receiving, ask your heart. Let not the mind interfere. Your heart will tell you. It holds your true, unbridled passion, for radiance, for truth, for peace, for the love that passes all else in its comprehension.

Remember your heart, and be absorbed therein. Receive her blessings, as you give from the grace that flows from them. Be the embodiment you came to Be. The heart is the middle way. Have you consulted yours today?

May Every Blessing Find You,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Inter-dependence Day!

Independence or Inter-dependance.... the choice is up to you.

In the ‘states’, today is Independence Day. Interesting concept. For some, independence and dependency are two sides of a tricky sword, or constantly flipping coin. What is the higher vibratory state that transcends both, allowing individuation within the Divine Whole?

What if your soul alignment is meant to be wholly individuated AND wholly contained within the sacred space of Divinity ~ AND in collaboration with others of like vibration? Do you have a reference point for this? Most do not. The heartspace is where this is possible. Your heart, in alignment with the heart of the Divine, in whatever form She most graces you, AND in collaboration with the optimally held heartspaces of those who have similarly chosen Source Alignment as authenticity.

What comes up for many is the fear of the ‘group grope’, fear of ‘going along’ and an equal and opposite fear of ‘going it alone’ and therefore, ‘being made wrong’ or projected upon. What is there left within you that resonates with the polarizing effects of these beliefs? The beliefs that you will ‘lose your independence’ or ‘go along at the expense of your own alignment or truth’? Or are you in fear of walking your worst fears around this subject, whatever they might be?

All this is mind. It has nothing to do with the heart. It has been said that ‘the truth will set you free’. Whose truth? Are there degrees and variations of truth? There seem to be. For each and every positioned reality, there are ‘truths’ ~ all subjective. What then, is the freedom found in objective truth? Perhaps the knowing, the inner certainty found in flow, in the constant of ever-changing, expanding consciousness.

What if Embodying Fluidity as you, and only you, can so BE, IS the ultimate and final answer to the question”Is it true? ~ or ~ What is truth?”

Remember, a question and its answer occupy the same space in awareness... there is no ‘time’ between. Ask, and see how the answers set you free.

Happy Inter-dependence day!

May Every Blessing Find You,