Monday, July 19, 2010

Dancing the Downloads

The Truth is we are ONE

I was told the other day that it seemed as though Delphic Wave had, since the solstice in June, 'vanished in the mist' like Avalon. It has, a bit, it feels to me. All that is this offering is being re-configured into Light. No differentiation between container and contained. A time to again liquefy completely into the designs of the Great Mother; to be reborn from her flowing waters into yet another formless form. More formless than the last, perhaps more formed than the next. It is not for us to ‘know’ these things, only to rest within Her, at this great turning of so very many cycles.

And so, Uluru (Ayers Rock) has appeared in my field twice in the past week. Once, mentioned by my friend Leslie Temple-Thurston , and again by my friend Heike, only yesterday. These occurrences are never random and prompted a note to mention that when information comes, however seemingly random or ‘out of context’, pay attention! These moments contain downloads that are unprecedented in our experience! The 'third time' always holds the information, the first appearances, the clues. I am anxiously awaiting the 'third' appearance of our fire dragon, Earth Mother root chakra, in all her 'stone person' glory!

As in the photo above, Uluru opens her arms to the light from the heavens, the Divine Mother opens Her arms to hold us in Her infinite supply. The old rules and the energy feeding them have gone. Did you notice? Are you observing how what we see as our outer world behaves as though they are still in place? What are you noticing? It is ‘up’ for attention, for its gifts of Grace.

As the tides churn you and again and again sweep you off your feet, ride along with them to the new shores awaiting us all. Allow the venting of all old sorrows, pains, griefs and grievances. We have no time for them. Forgive them all. Remember that these seeming waves of ‘past’ energies are not reality. They are the old cycle leaving us, any way it can.

Allow your deeper self to feel the excitement of new life forming. It IS a new cycle, a new way of BEING and the birthing waters have arrived.

Everything is changing! Take this opportunity to observe what you are holding onto that ‘must’ remain the same. Good luck with that! ROFL

Remember, ‘what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly’ ~ Illusions, Richard Bach

May Every Blessing Find you!
And may you RECEIVE each one with reverence and sacred joy!
Mary / Nalini