Thursday, December 24, 2009


May the Peace that IS, fill your complete BEING

Peace is found in the heart. It is that place of inner stillness from which and through which all blessings flow, and in which the movement is so subtle, so profoundly harmonious that it only feels 'still' and without change. Changeless and ever-changing, peace is within us all.

May your holydays, (whatever they may be and to whatever form of light you dedicate your celebrations), be blessed and may Peace find you always!

And while you're at it, go outside and marvel at the miracle of life enfolding you!

Standing in snow, watching a raven flying, awed at the Blessing that IS this world, I woke to the whispering of angels.
~unending love

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Photo: Gentle Heart by Christina Rosenthal

Breathing in Gentleness:
Part of my chi gong practice is breathing in gentleness - for a few minutes every day. What happens when you do this consciously is that the vibration of gentleness begins to put pressure on any held anger, resentment, bitterness or the like. These buried, repressed or 'stuffed' emotional states will come to the surface to be vented. At first it can feel very odd to be practicing gentleness and be faced with old, unexpressed emotions that are uncomfortable at best. We typically do not WANT to feel these states of mind and emotion when we breathe in the fluid light of gentleness.

If we allow these old feelings to vent out (not the same as acting them out) however, they release quite safely and quickly, allowing the vibration of gentleness to resonate in the body, mind and heart.

Gentleness gets a bad rap. It is often confused with vulnerability, or being a push-over or doormat. Gentleness is nothing like this. There is a story in the indigenous traditions of this country that fawn (a baby deer) goes on a journey to talk to Great Spirit and meets the demon who guards the door to Great Spirit's mountain. Fawn is so innocent and gentle that her sincerity alone charms the demon and melts its heart, so that she walks into the Presence, unhindered.

Allow gentleness to enter your heart, to melt the demon(s) of fear that guard it for you, and walk into the Presence within you. Give yourself this gift, whatever holyday you may celebrate. Allow the Presence within. Let gentleness be your ally.

May Every Blessing Find You,