Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Moon, New Alignments

Fluidity in Creative Fire

This week, there was an 'extra' transmission in the "Friday" Divine Feminine Transmissions series: a 'fifth' download for the moon cycle that ends right now as I write 12:42P mdt, the new moon alignment happening right about now.

I thought to send it along here as well, as the opportunity that awaits us at this time of transition and awakening is the alignment inward, deeply inward, with our creative fire elementals - our personal 'salamander' guides - and with the outer reflection of the inner light. Like my friends here above, flinging ourselves into the light in timing with the wave of Grace we now find ourselves held and emcompassed within.

~ Creative Fire ~
This week, being the 5th week in the lunar cycle we call 'July', there would not normally be a transmission. The Great Mother feels otherwise. Here it is. Gratitude to all who receive Her. ~Nalini

"My creative fire burns brightly. It illuminates even the deepest, darkest ocean depths within this world and within your essence. Where you persist in holding yourself separate from my transition, you will experience its transformative flames, purifying, transforming, mystifying you with its intensity. You are BEING mystified! It is my best humour at play. Your inner, mystical nature is what carries you ~ holds you ~ feeds and nurtures the core essence of all that you are.

The urge to move inward need not be a withholding of self from other(s). Drawing inward draws you closer to Me, into My Heart, into the heartspace where we co-exist as One. The essence MUST now draw itself in and upward. As your Earth Mother reforms herself in this way, a conscious choicepoint lies within and before you. Flow with the currents of Gaian evolution or perish in the attempt to remain separate 'ahead' or 'behind'. A world is evolving, ascending, and few have chosen themselves to accompany Her transcendent flight. All you need choose is 'yes' and Divinity will provide the answers. One moment in time, at a time. There will be no linear path forward in this choosing, but a oneness within the dance. Dance well, dance mightily, dance as though the turning worlds ARE watching! For, in Truth, the cosmos breathes with this journey, this moment, as a reflection of ALL That Is."< br />

~ as given thru 'Nalini' from the Great Mother 07/29/2011 ~ Happy New Moon!

Dust off your intentions and jump!!!

May Every Blessing Find you!
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Friday, July 15, 2011

~ Full Moon Blessings ~

~ What is being illuminated? ~

Within each moon cycle, awaits the opportunity for receiving and releasing illuminations. The new moon / solar eclipse of 1 July, 2011, both ended and ushered in a cycle of illuminations ~ that which we call time. Funny thing, time. It is truly only a system of demarcation. A way to share calendars. In Divine Timing, there is only the All. At each new moon we broadcast our intentions into the omniverse, giving thanks for the receiving of signs, of all that we intend... hopefully including divine timing in the feedback loop! The larger the initiatory cycle, the more we can receive as illuminated, in completion, in newness and in form.

There is a reversal happening here and in the NOW. "I receive, I release". Inbreath... outbreath. The learned, conditioned behaviour of emptying out in order to be filled is changing. As we allow the illumined spaces of this full moon window to be received within us, they evaporate and release more that no longer serves.

May Every Blessing of this first Full Moon of the newly awakening Gaia not only find you, but enlighten your every motion.
~unending love on this 'full moon' day!
Nalini (Mary)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

~ New Moon, New Cycle!! ~

~ The Councils Have Spoken ~

For yesterday's New Moon, the initiation into the upcoming Pluto-Uranus squares, which will re-shape our reality, a transmission came through. I am beyond honored to be able to share it with you!

"We, the Shoshanna, the order of the Blue Rose, the Pleiadian Council of the Heart, the Sirian Council of Light, in collaboration for the well-being of Gaia, speak to you now. We have held collaboration from the heart, from galactic experience, as those who have gone before and further. We are Here. We are with you. We are you.

The gag order is lifted! The quarantine, being dissolved. And so we greet you now. We are here. We are you. We wait to be received." ~ The Councils of Light/Love

In receiving this, I was a puddle of tearful gratitude. The 'new beginning' so long awaited, for what is certainly a nanosecond in cosmic 'time', has occurred. It is we who must water and care for the newly flowering reality here, incarnates on our beloved Gaia - as She becomes the new world She envisions. May we serve her in love and gratitude!

How blessed are we to be incarnates at this juncture of multiversal transition!

May its Every Blessing Find you,
Nalini (Mary)