Thursday, December 22, 2011

~ Happy Solstice! ~

~ Holding the Field(s) ~

What does it mean to 'hold a field'? We have thought we knew, perhaps. We have learned 'how to hold space'... this is not that. This is not that. Consider the solstice alignment. We acknowledge the effects on our bodies, our lives, our fields, of the celestial alignments. Today's solstice (exact at 9:36 pm pacific time on the 21st, 'yesterday') is conjunct the Galactic Center and squared to Uranus, the embodiment of radical change. We acknowledge these embodiments, yet we hold ourselves as 'other', as 'different'. We attempt to be 'empty', to be a 'space' and to hold space for a concept, a cause, for 'others'. The time for this misperception is over.

When we 'hold space' we are an empty cup, the 'hollow reed' through which Spirit is invited to pour. Of course. Why then, is the concept of being Spirit-FILLED 100% of the time, so foreign? The cycle is shifting and we with it. If we 'hold space' it will be filled... most likely with what is attempting to escape the dying paradigms of the old cycle, and/or be transmuted through that lovely clear space. Ouch! Our physical and emotional bodies were not designed to transmute the shifting of a cycle. Karmas from one cycle (the old one) perhaps, but not this. Not this. Spirit must be and is the doer here.

To hold a field, is to collaborate as a full-filled Divine embodiment, as and how Spirit's agenda leads us. We become a facet of Her crystalline embodiment, a gem in the larger design of Her new choosing, a stone in the new temple(s) being built of Her love. If any one facet or gem or 'stone' is 'empty' it will be crushed by the incoming intensity. Filled with the debris of what releases... And yet there is resistance. I do not pretend to understand. Why resist being FILLED with the light, love and power of the Divine as She creates a new configuration for this universe? Why not be a co-creative particle in that wave? Why not, in plain language, 'go with her flow'?

To participate in holding the new field(s) is not an identity, not a 'job description' it is a privilege, an honour and quite a bit of fun! First, we feel the resonance with certain vibratory patterns. This may show up as groups, projects, downloads, or any form or formlessness at all. We begin to gravitate to and through that resonance. New patterns magnetize us and we them. We are drawn toward that which uplifts, nourishes and sustains our beingness as we draw towards us that which does the same.

And, as we co-create simply by resonance vibration, the patterns shift and change again... and again... and again... until we come to the 'place of no patterning' ~ where our vibratory signature frequency simply IS and is drawn toward that which it resonates with and with which it aligns naturally ~ on a moment to moment basis. NO attachment, no aversion, simply resonance in the moment, as the new cycle is configured in accordance with Divine Will. Now THAT is fun!

What is the 'price' of this liquid alignment? Your identity. Your personal boxes, labels, and fears. The cartilage or carapace with which you maintain the structures of mind and alignment and behaviour. The mind will not willingly surrender these ~ unless and until the resonance has become so powerful that the FUN, the JOY, the upliftment, can no longer be denied.

This is such an alignment. Our daystar (a being that burns with divine light) is present in our galactic field, squared to the planetary being of change. Identity 'squared' - not to make it stronger! Not to exponentiate the cage! To free all vestiges of limited alignment and allow fluidity to finally be received, not by a 'hollow reed' but AS our embodiment.

All we need intend is 'yes' and let go. She who is the foundation of ALL has already foreseen your JOY, your ONENESS... for you ARE THAT ~ a resonant part of Her grand design.

Happy Solstice!
~with infinite JOY and aligned embodiment!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Poised in the Pause ~ 12/12 ~

Many of us have travelled the 'cracks between the worlds'. This is such a time. Rarely have we had such guidance. The full moon/eclipse energies, as the bookend for a window of opportunity, are gently closing a vast cosmic door on the 'past'. Can you feel the heaviness of the opened aperture sliding slowly into place, sealed. Closed behind us. The only openings the gateways (and there are many, varied and amazing) that move us ever onward into evolution. Where have your choices led you? What new openings now present themselves as gifts of Gaian transition? What openings have your choices now unveiled before you? It is an unending stream of stellar ignition. To THIS have your prayers and affirmations and commandments brought you. What/which will the turbo-blast now ignite or inflame?

The old world burns within us ~ sometimes as a joyous new burst of lightness and flow, sometimes as what feels like the unending quicksand of old habituations. Do not judge what you appear to experience - not yet. Not yet. The solstice gateway looms before us - inviting us into its perhaps devouring, perhaps luscious maw of grace. Whatever is left of the old world, let it burn. Enter the core of inner silence and let the birthing fire consume all that does not align with cosmic movement.

Today marks a stillpoint. A breathing point. Not a vantage point, to survey what was, and what may come, but a pause in the Great Transition, within which we can breathe and be grateful for all that may yet be.

Thank you that this transition is guided entirely by Grace.
Thank you for this moment of perfect breath, perfect silence, as the waves loom behind and before.
Thank you that the waves enfold and caress us as they pound even now upon some far, new shore.
Thank you for all that may yet be.
I choose gratitude. I choose grace. I choose the finest, most minute filaments to be lit as beacons within me, that Divine Alignment may never be ignored in any form.
Thank You, for the choicepoint windows of alignment that are ever in Presence, are ever present, in this moment and in every moment as new worlds dream to be.

with unending divine direction ~

Thursday, November 10, 2011

~Let's Talk Towers ~

The Tower card and the Moon card are images (here from the Rider-Waite) from the Tarot that teach the meaning of portals, of moving through challenges, of letting go into flow. They also have reference to many ancient / esoteric traditions... the moon pillars to Boaz and Joaquim, the pillars of duality (loosely translated, to be sure). The pillars of duality must be transcended at EVERY level for true unity to occur. This is generally a multi-lifetime process.

In our current lifetime, we have the opportunity to move thru an infinite series of such portals from within a flow of grace. This is, quite honestly, why most 'conscious' souls incarnated into this particular lifestream at this time.

An image of the 'tower' that persists in shadow form is beautifully illustrated by story in the Ramayana, of Rama/Sita/Ravanna. In the story, Rama and Sita are incarnations of Vishnu and Lakshmi, archetypes of sustainable divine manifestation and abundance, respectively. Ravanna is the 'demon' archetype who steals Sita (the archetype of abundant flow) and imprisons her in 'his' tower.

This is story of dharmic alignment... of the old cycle truth of following one's dharmic path through a particular incarnation with integrity. In the vedic traditions, as in many others, dharma is like one's role in a play or position on a team. For the play to go well or for the team to win, each person must "stay in character" or "play his position." If each thing in the universe does its dharma, the universe functions smoothly. When people or things violate their dharma, things fall apart.

With the current cyclic shift, all roles, all positions are also shifting. This brings up shadow aspects of our previous dharmic roles, rules, and responsibilities that would never have come to light (literally) without this shift.

So, the tower image, for example. The fear, in collective consciousness, can be that, although the tower in which Sita is imprisoned by Ravanna is a structure or vibration of lower energy, she holds her integrity, and waits for Rama, (the archetype of the Divine Warrior of Integrity) to follow that attraction path and rescue her.

There is a place in our modern psyche that regards this tower, in whatever form, as a protection. So, the dualistic archetypes of Rama/Ravanna are two sides of the same Lila, or cosmic dance. Sita holds her alignment in the certain knowledge that it will attract the solution (Rama's rescue of her) and this is dharmic indeed. HOWEVER, there is a shadow in the modern collective where the tower also becomes a place to 'hide'.

The Tower, when subjugated into this equation, becomes the duslistically held structure of both a prison and a protection and NOT the symbol of strength, courage, and dharmic integrity that it was originally intended to be.

The voice of this shadow could be said to say "I am letting the Ravanna archetype imprison and thereby control my energies, so that the Rama archetype (the other side of the coin) can 'rescue' or 'save' me... BUT... there is terror, heartbreak and resistance to being 'outed' as it were, because that would require full diligence in dharmic aligment." In other words, "i" (little 'i' used consciously) would have to be a mature, spiritually integrous tower in and of mySelf. Ever faced this? We tend to have this program very covertly stashed away, in a place we refuse to venture into.

This MUST be cleared from our programmed unconscious for all of the archetypes to move into new dharmic alignment, playing the new roles they came in to play for this Shift, full-filling Divine Play, Divine Agenda, in this unprecedented lifetime.

In other words, we have to allow the archetypes of Ravanna/Rama to release their shadow aspects (that have occurred over our souls' histories and were not originally intended) within us so that we can resume the Divine Play in a more evolved and truly authentic dharmic alignment... so that these archetypes can do the same within us.

So, how is the 'tower' playing out for you? Where have you unconsciously chosen to 'hide' or 'be safe' even while you are courageously standing for truth? These are the archetypal shadows playing out in today's world. As we release them from within ourselves, they cease to play in our lives, in the vibrations we radiate, and in the world as well.

Play well!
And May Every Blessing Find you!
~unending love
Mary (Nalini)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

~ Ferocity of the Heart ~

Sometimes, like Mrs. Brisby in the Secret of Nimh, courage of the heart is tested mightily. In the film, Mrs. "B" is told "Courage of the heart is very rare"...and so it has seemed to be in this cycle that is now completing. What does that mean? What is Fierce Compassion? How does it reconcile with harmlessness, with healing, with the sincere desire of the heart to 'heal', to love and/or bring about the healed reality? One of the 'secrets' hidden in duality is just this. There is no 'either-or'.

In unity, exists all things, all vibrations, all responses. What is appropriate to the moment is what MUST be expressed, be accomplished, be revealed and embodied.

For years I studied the warrior arts, acquired accomplishment in wielding weapons of 'self-defense', rather than offense, of protection and service, rather than invasion, annihilation and cruelty. Then, I studied the Heart. The "Way of the Warrior" IS a path of coming home to the heart. Not the only one, by any means, but certainly 'one' "way". One road 'home'.

The secret lies within the heart herself. There is no 'either/or'. There is no duality. Only the inner core essence, the Spirit within can guide the dance of unity. What is a 'weapon' in the hands of one being, is a healing tool for another. Only the heart can truly discern.

To cast away warrior skills 'in service to the heart' is a false casting. It is half of an open-ended equation whose learning curve is currently steep on a good day. A fully opened heart is NOT a vibration of unconditional access without boundaries, nor can it be so within the transition, the shift, the 'beginning that is nigh'. The skills needed for the transition encompass the all, inclusive of what have been called 'psychic warrior' training.

What is the reconciliation of the sword, the shield, and the place where these do not exist? It is Ferocity of Heart. Sometimes known as 'fierce compassion' this invincible flow of love is neither aggressive nor has it cruelty within its vibrational component. It is not a force 'against' nor is it 'for' ~ both of which are fixed positions implying a split in duality. It is the inner knowing that holds sanctity of spirit in its appropriate space of reverential light. It is the honoring of, perhaps forming of ~ for the first time ~ healthy energetic boundaries on which can be hung appropriate shields.

It is said that "when the light of ten thousand suns enters the body, the inner radiance becomes its own protection... those able to revere and honor this light will see and understand; those unable will be blinded by its radiance..." ~ sufi, anon

And, as a part of this learning, this process, this embodiment, walls come down, and boundaries replace them. This is the reality of Mastery, the embodiment of light, of truth, of wisdom, in the face of whatever comes. Held in love, in and from the heart, with no vibration of conflict, competition or judgement. Fearless and 'armed' with an appropriate 'no' should dissonant energies arise.

This, we are learning to hold, the synergy of solar and lunar lightstreams, the merging within of healed and protected, the embodiment of divine sovereignty.

Within the transit, as the veils thin toward samhain, and the mayan calendar breathes its last within an ending/beginning cycle, our discernment and boundary skills are not only needed but non-negotiable. Allow the resurrection of the "peaceful way" that transcends the need to fight, fly or freeze and simply flows ~ holding within it the appropriate application of whatever tool may be necessary for Love to be Sovereign, inclusive of boundaries, shields and 'swords'. In the samurai tradition, 'sword' is synonymous with 'spirit'. Would we cast it then away? Or perhaps allow Spirit to be wielded through us, in whatever way is deemed appropriate in the moment, by the Divine within.

May we re-member ferocity of heart & all of her skills and boundaries ~

Nalini (Mary)
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~ Happy Navaratri ~

Welcome to the 'nine nights' of the Goddess! In the vedic traditions, today's new moon also heralds Navaratri, the festival of the Creatrix, honoring the Goddess energies in 3 of her traditional forms ~ these three forms are Durga, the Invincible Force, slayer of negativity, Lakshmi, wielder of all that is abundance, beauty and good fortune, and Sarasvati, holder of wisdom, music, creativity... each aspect of the Goddess energies receiving honor for 3 nights. Today begins the cycle with Durga, the Invincible Force of love ~ that nothing can withstand. This sweeping wave of Truth clears all else from its path, and thus, if it is invoked, from ours.

How many of us, faced with the above roadsign, would do whatever it took to shift lanes, take that exit, put ourselves on the path of Truth, no matter where it might lead? I will always take that road. I have made that choice so many times, in so many forms, and for so many lifetimes now that it no longer feels like a choice, but the 'only option'. Truth is a funny thing. It is subjective until it is not. And that, as they say, is a very long journey ~ or a short one, I suppose, depending on one's point of view.

So on this new moon morning, a new moon in Libra, the first day of the Goddess' celebrations, focused on our inner relating, I asked again. If this roadsign loomed before me, as truly it does in every moment, are there any aspects of self that would swerve in the other direction? Put on the brakes? Blow a tire? Allow the engine to break down? The metaphor is usually felt in the body. Our physical 'vehicle' for navigating life. Are there patterns left in the physical or emotional body, still, that might choose a delay at the very least, because "truth hurts" or "truth will make you mad" or "truth....(fill in the blank)"...Are there patterns that would choose a breakdown at the mere appearance of this choice? And if so, may I find the compassion within my being to provide an alternate flow of information so that Truth may find its place?

Happily, this morning, there were none of these voices in evidence in the body, as it is happily recalibrating in a very new energy. Celebrating with the Goddess archetypes a new way of being ~ in health, in safety, in unabashed, unhidden, relationship AS ONE. "Human" in appearance only, pretending no more. Moments such as this are precious to me. I am grateful. Grateful for the trees we walked through at sunrise, for the creature beings we saw and felt along the way, for Surya, the sunrise itself, for the surface world, such a miracle in this universe, and for Divinity in the body, at what seems like long last.

May we all consider deeply and well the choice for Truth, what it may hold at any moment, and the gifts along the way!

Happy Navaratri! (and new moon!)
~unending love
Nalini (Mary)
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Monday, September 5, 2011

~September 'Sussing'~

Sometimes We All Need Sorting

Sometimes we all need 'sorting'. This month, September 2011, is about withdrawing inward and BEING that. I was reminded, this morning, of the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. In the books (and films) the hat 'sorts' each new student into a community or 'house' by the qualities it reads in the 11-year-old energy field. I have recently been observing how my inner 11-year-old might still be influencing the 'sorting of myself', a Self which no longer identifies with anything fixed, especially the 'tween self whose body imprinted life in a way that furthered its (the body's) survival.

I now have a 'new' processing technique that seems to help. Our bodies may be ready and able to let these deeply imprinted programs release, but they hold on, unwilling to let go, for survival and safety reasons. This pattern (usually energy at this point, that becomes mirrored in our environment(s) now because it is time to let them go) holds on because it was imprinted, taken in, with the belief that 'this keeps the body safe'. From the family of origin circumstances, usually. As I looked at this pattern, putting the sorting hat figuratively on my own '11 year old' head, and saying "Ok now, where is the sorting taking you?" I felt the body vote for its own safety. A survival program. These programs never want to let go, because they are programmed to function as a safety mechanism for an old circumstance. The downside, in this shifting time, is that they now, because all things are changing, draw in that very same pattern because drawing in the pattern or behaviour from someone else, and triggering into defending against it, makes the body feel 'safe'. Illogical, but there it is. Imprinting rarely makes 'sense'.

How to release these? The sorting hat helps immensely. I was sitting in meditation, asking the body if it really wanted the 'hat' - whose energetic presence on my head is still making me giggle - to use THIS PATTERN as a means of sorting things out... me, specifically. The body emphatically thought NOT.

So there is a place to begin. Let the body understand that a new sorting is taking place, almost constantly, and the old, 'safe' places are no longer so. Allowing the body to tell me what it would rather the 'hat' use as sorting criteria gave it, the body, a reason to open to willingness to allow a new energy to move in and begin to 'sort out' or 'suss' as some of us say, an openness to the new ways that will shift and morph and change and move the body through the transitions that awareness has committed to taking.

On this 5th day of September, whose energies are those of allowing, I can highly recommend 'talking to the hat'... tongue firmly in cheek here, with a large grin on my face, giggles bubbling up, and Fawkes, the phoenix of resurrection circling my 'office'.

May you allow this portal through the full moon (9/12) to sort you in new and delightful ways! And may Fawkes be present to guide your resurrections!

~unending love
Nalini (Mary)

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May Every Blessing be Allowed within your newly morphing field!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Moon and Co-Creating

~Finances, Fear & Failure?~

With this past weekend and the astrological squeeze into the Virgo new moon last night (8:04P PDT) the collective was squeezed into (and not through yet) its 'worst fear' scenarios around fiscal support. Yes, we are talking about money. Where will it come from? There is never enough... how can I afford???

There is a core trauma leftover in the collective at the cellular level, leftover from the post-WWII generation(s). It is no one's fault. Those who went to war or whose siblings did, were imprinted with lack, poverty consciousness and fear of failure. "Honor" and dignity went with being 'solvent' even if solvency came at the price of 'losing everything'. Sounds like a contradiction? It is! A paradox of the heart: It is noble to sacrifice my material well-being for spirit, for others... and... if I do that I will be perceived as worthless and a failure, insolvent... in one way or another. This paradox, or double bind, this financial/spiritual deadly embrace is being pushed to its limits - the polarity stretched to the breaking point - by the current astrology and Gaia's ascension process. In other words, it is 'up' for everyone... even those who feel they have processed 'money' and have no more issues.

What needs to be released fully and freely into the arms of the divine is all limitation, all duality in love/money where fear can find a way to control the flow.

If your mind is boggling a bit, good! It is the mind and its domination of the body that are running this show. We must allow our cellular genetics to release the enmeshment of spirituality, honor and integrity with poverty, lack and/or failure and pretention of any kind.

Divine Mother does not judge based on status, merit, nor even on our quality of heart. She IS infinite heart quality. And so, as we let ourselves be held in Her embrace, embodying AllThatIs, we become the unity field within which all things are aspects of love... including money... down to our cellular 'fingertips'.

Allow the cellular trauma to begin to understand that it is not truth. It is the child of fear, and the Great Mother can only LOVE... even the fear.

We are held. We are ONE. We are not alone and broken. We are held within the support (FINANCIAL AS WELL) of divinity.

I choose to trust this. I choose love... AS financial support, not in dualistic polarity with it... why not be an embodiment of financial abundance? What a wonderful way to be of service?
(giving as a 'given')

~unending love
Nalini (Mary)
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May Every Blessing Find You! Especially That of Unity!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flowing with the River

I spent yesterday morning on the river. A rafting trip, 'guided' by a friend and spiritual sister. Four women, flowing with life. I asked one of my friends what her favorite part of the experience was and she replied " I liked the parameters, the finite components of it. There is a 'put in' location, a 'take out' location, and a guide who knows the river, knows where all the rocks are, and does most of the work ~ and I got to be totally in the moment, responding to the water - the flow". It struck me so deeply the metaphor for life - for incarnation.

In each incarnation, each lifetime, there is a 'put in' location, a 'take out' location, Spirit knows the currents, the rocks, the challenges, when to tell us to 'paddle!', to 'dig deep', and when to just go with the flow. We need only respond in the moment.

When we pushed the raft into the river, it took about 20 seconds for one of the other women to grin at me and say "happy". I concur. I step onto / into the water and everything I AM says "happy". There is only the flow. There is only immersion in nature's oneness. And that, my friends, is how I choose to dream my reality. This is how I choose to live. This is life. Immersion in flow ~ immersion in oneness. Spirit is always guiding; She knows the currents, She knows where the rocks are, and She cherishes our journey, every one. We are Her embodiments, if we allow ourselves to BE.

Water is a blessing. As are the currents of our lives.

May you find your current(s) and allow it(them) to carry you!
We are all, so very blessed.
Mary (Nalini)
~with unending love

Monday, August 8, 2011

8:8 Lion's Gate!

Transiting the Lion's Gate

Today is 8:8. Yesterday was the exact cross-quarter for Lughnasad, the 6th spoke on the wheel of the 'year'. This is the spoke of disseminating light ~ of being full-filled with Grace and allowing it to flow from us. The Lion's Gate is, traditionally, the alignment of Sirius and our Sun (Ra). The temples along the Nile still align with Sirius, even though centuries of precession have passed since they were built and originally aligned. The star Sirius (which is a dual system, A & B) is said to be the embodiment of Isis, an embodiment of the mysteries, of magic, of the miraculous, and of the Great Mother of us all.

Our earth, beloved Gaia holds this embodiment as well... quarantined and monitored though she has been, she is now moving through her ascension into that of 'stardom'... it is Her time to Shine!

Aligning in and with the Lion's Gate is aligning oneself with the stellar downloads currently, hmmm, a litte intense?? ;o)

A way to hold these flows of Grace with integrity, ease, and a bit more comfort, is to let them pass through you. Release any fears of abandonment, of being 'left behind' or of 'not getting it'. Gaia absorbs all. Align with our Earth Mother, embrace her with the totality of all that you are... remember and reverence her divinity. And flow with the currents!

May every download find you!
THIS is the ride of lifetimes! May you be held in the depths of the embrace!

~unending love

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stellar Light Ignited!

Welcome to your download(s) from Home!

As of yesterday, the stellar downloads are amping in a trajectory that makes Space Mountain look like kid stuff... wait a minute... space mountain IS 'kid stuff' LOL! The lightstreams are ignited and flowing in torrential downpour. They began yesterday, 8/1 and will continue with ever-increasing speed and intensity through 7 August, the actual cross quarter of Lughnasadh, the celebration of the great solar deity... AND the stellar light of your home vibration.

A transmission came through on 1 June of this year, that the 'gag order is lifted' and the quarantine is breaking down. The starstreams are flooding in once more, ready to inform, to be integrated, and to illuminate our every atom.

This Friday, 5 August, Delphic Wave will host a stellar downpour window as an initiation portal into this amazing time! Join us if you feel called... if you know yourself as starseed and stand ready to receive your stellar codings! They cannot be avoided ~ we are being upgraded at lovespeed... and when we join together in circle, we integrate instantaneously.

These next months will be intense, and with the help of our home world emissions, we will navigate them with ease and grace, from the HeartSpace, with our spirits finally able to soar!

May Every Blessing of this Time, Find You!
~unending love
Nalini (Mary)

~~ And if you cannot or do not feel called to join us, DANCE this Lughnasadh! It is time to know home!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Moon, New Alignments

Fluidity in Creative Fire

This week, there was an 'extra' transmission in the "Friday" Divine Feminine Transmissions series: a 'fifth' download for the moon cycle that ends right now as I write 12:42P mdt, the new moon alignment happening right about now.

I thought to send it along here as well, as the opportunity that awaits us at this time of transition and awakening is the alignment inward, deeply inward, with our creative fire elementals - our personal 'salamander' guides - and with the outer reflection of the inner light. Like my friends here above, flinging ourselves into the light in timing with the wave of Grace we now find ourselves held and emcompassed within.

~ Creative Fire ~
This week, being the 5th week in the lunar cycle we call 'July', there would not normally be a transmission. The Great Mother feels otherwise. Here it is. Gratitude to all who receive Her. ~Nalini

"My creative fire burns brightly. It illuminates even the deepest, darkest ocean depths within this world and within your essence. Where you persist in holding yourself separate from my transition, you will experience its transformative flames, purifying, transforming, mystifying you with its intensity. You are BEING mystified! It is my best humour at play. Your inner, mystical nature is what carries you ~ holds you ~ feeds and nurtures the core essence of all that you are.

The urge to move inward need not be a withholding of self from other(s). Drawing inward draws you closer to Me, into My Heart, into the heartspace where we co-exist as One. The essence MUST now draw itself in and upward. As your Earth Mother reforms herself in this way, a conscious choicepoint lies within and before you. Flow with the currents of Gaian evolution or perish in the attempt to remain separate 'ahead' or 'behind'. A world is evolving, ascending, and few have chosen themselves to accompany Her transcendent flight. All you need choose is 'yes' and Divinity will provide the answers. One moment in time, at a time. There will be no linear path forward in this choosing, but a oneness within the dance. Dance well, dance mightily, dance as though the turning worlds ARE watching! For, in Truth, the cosmos breathes with this journey, this moment, as a reflection of ALL That Is."< br />

~ as given thru 'Nalini' from the Great Mother 07/29/2011 ~ Happy New Moon!

Dust off your intentions and jump!!!

May Every Blessing Find you!
~ and come find the Be Heartspace page on Facebook ;o)

Friday, July 15, 2011

~ Full Moon Blessings ~

~ What is being illuminated? ~

Within each moon cycle, awaits the opportunity for receiving and releasing illuminations. The new moon / solar eclipse of 1 July, 2011, both ended and ushered in a cycle of illuminations ~ that which we call time. Funny thing, time. It is truly only a system of demarcation. A way to share calendars. In Divine Timing, there is only the All. At each new moon we broadcast our intentions into the omniverse, giving thanks for the receiving of signs, of all that we intend... hopefully including divine timing in the feedback loop! The larger the initiatory cycle, the more we can receive as illuminated, in completion, in newness and in form.

There is a reversal happening here and in the NOW. "I receive, I release". Inbreath... outbreath. The learned, conditioned behaviour of emptying out in order to be filled is changing. As we allow the illumined spaces of this full moon window to be received within us, they evaporate and release more that no longer serves.

May Every Blessing of this first Full Moon of the newly awakening Gaia not only find you, but enlighten your every motion.
~unending love on this 'full moon' day!
Nalini (Mary)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

~ New Moon, New Cycle!! ~

~ The Councils Have Spoken ~

For yesterday's New Moon, the initiation into the upcoming Pluto-Uranus squares, which will re-shape our reality, a transmission came through. I am beyond honored to be able to share it with you!

"We, the Shoshanna, the order of the Blue Rose, the Pleiadian Council of the Heart, the Sirian Council of Light, in collaboration for the well-being of Gaia, speak to you now. We have held collaboration from the heart, from galactic experience, as those who have gone before and further. We are Here. We are with you. We are you.

The gag order is lifted! The quarantine, being dissolved. And so we greet you now. We are here. We are you. We wait to be received." ~ The Councils of Light/Love

In receiving this, I was a puddle of tearful gratitude. The 'new beginning' so long awaited, for what is certainly a nanosecond in cosmic 'time', has occurred. It is we who must water and care for the newly flowering reality here, incarnates on our beloved Gaia - as She becomes the new world She envisions. May we serve her in love and gratitude!

How blessed are we to be incarnates at this juncture of multiversal transition!

May its Every Blessing Find you,
Nalini (Mary)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Deflection or Transformation?

Using the Cocoon versus Deflections & Projections

My new eBook, Held in the Heartspace, is now available! One of the reasons for putting these transmissions from Spirit in writing was the use of the 'second' space, the second layer of mystical container, called the cocoon. Many who have taken the Embodying Fluidity classes can attest to how using the cocoon for transformation has changed their shadow work and their lives.

The cocoon is meant to take the place of the physical body as the vehicle for process. Where we used to pull energies into our bodies and transmute the toxins, the cocoon can now provide that function, relieving our physical bodies of the strain of processing and de-toxing the transition energies. This is simply too much for our bodies to handle. We need to honor our physical vehicles by allowing them to release the 'load-bearing' of transmutation, into this transformative field.

The Heartspace triple space is an alchemy of Spirit, a Gift from the Divine Mother specifically for this transition time. The cocoon layer serves as the vehicle for transformation... not deflection or projection. We often want to push unwanted energies away from us, and can want to use the cocoon for this purpose as well. Energies that do not resonate with us DO go into the cocoon, but are invited there, not to be 'dealt with' or punished, killed or deleted but to be transformed into energies that DO resonate within us.

The Heartspace energies are those that nurture, nourish, support, acknowledge, appreciate and cherish the Divinity that moves through us. Any other energies, or energies pretending to do these things, move into the cocoon to be transformed by the Divine Mother. She determines, through Divine Alignment and entrainment, what the 'new job' of these energies will be and what happens to them. It takes the ego out of the equation.

When we 'push energies away' into the cocoon, we are still using ego. When we allow them to be transformed there, asking that any misperceptions on our part be corrected, we are in alignment with this Gift from the Divine.

To find out more, check the new site and new eBook!

Blessings to you all as you transform, offering all deflection and projection into the cocoon of Divine Love, unconditionally!

May Every Blessing Find you!
Nalini (Mary)

Friday, June 17, 2011

~ What will we make REAL? ~

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in your joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand." ~Velveteen Rabbit Quotes

What does it mean to be 'real'? It isn't just about honesty, it isn't just about transparency... maybe it isn't about any of those things at all. Truth is subjective, 'from a certain point of view'. TRUTH, is something I committed to before I knew what commitment meant. I felt it in my core, my bodies have resonated with it, it is an ever-changing, ever-rippling wave of evolutionary luminosity that informs as it transforms us all.

This is a dreaming cycle, this period of transition. What will we make real?

"What you focus on, you become" ~ from Tibetan Buddhism

Will we continue to focus on the negative? Will we polarize 'for' the light or the shadow work? We need do neither. TRUTH is the way...and the increasing Light. The flow of TRUTH holds us all. One of my teachers says "Some things are true, even if you don't believe them. The mind understands so very very little".

So what will we make REAL? What is real? We are at a choice-point of creative virtuosity. The past is so very past. There is no future. There is NOW. What will we make REAL? What would LOVE choose? Remember, in REAL and LOVE there is no 'ugly'.

We have an opportunity to open NOW... oh please, don't miss it!

~ from a loose-jointed, floppy-eared, well-loved spark of Divinity.

May Every Blessing Find You!

Nalini (Mary)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

~ The Louder the Storm, the more Imperative the Whisper ~

The first eclipse in the current Trinity has moved through our window of time/space continuum. Its next phase, at the full moon, is almost upon us. The third tripod seat of this Trinity window is coming at the new moon at the first of July.

Eclipses hide the obvious within ourselves. These overlapping (Trinity) windows provide an opportunity for listening, looking deeply into the whispers within ourselves. Which selves answer? Which selves listen? Which aspects of self still want to shout or pout or tantrum?

Within each of these programmed portions of divinity we call parts of us, lie treasures whose locked chests lie open in the eclipsing 'darkness' - the deep, soft enfolding in the Mother's arms. Listen to the inner whispers. Listen to the inner shouting whose voice(s) you have drowned out for so very long!

One of my favorite films has this line in its screenplay: "If you were a house... this is where you would want to be built. On rock, facing the sea... LISTENING". We are all in this place at this intersection of space-time evolution. On quicksand... facing the inner seas... hopefully listening.

May we listen well and deeply and flow with the currents that evolve this world!

Heartfelt blessings!
May Every Blessing Find you!
Nalini (Mary)

Monday, May 16, 2011

~ Marbles: Lost and Found ~

Years ago my spiritual teacher handed out small talismans to a group of students. They were little, catseye marbles, you know, the little cheap kind that have a paint swirl in the middle, that come in 'marble sets' for games. He said that those going through deep shifting, big changes, sometimes did better with a talisman to hold onto. He had assigned Stephen King's book, The Talisman, that trimester, so I suppose this was an extension of the teaching. I honestly don't remember.

The task was, to take the blessed, shakti-charged, marble and have it available for the intense times, the trauma releasing (although he did not know that terminology perhaps) and shifting into the unknown. We were to hold it and feel the Divine Connection, even when that felt impossible. He said that if we did that, we could, through his energy field, connect to the Divine, no matter what. There are many such talismans in this world: malas, medallions, special rudraksha beads, and on and on.

I put mine on a tiny, vibrantly purple, velvet pillow, designed to hold gemstones. It DID look a little silly, this cheap little marble, held in its royal nest of velvet on my altar...meaning something completely different to me. I kept feeling "I can do this myself...the Divine is within me...perhaps this is a tool to make that point?"

A couple of years after that, in the process of moving house, yet again, I placed the talisman in a special box with its cushion, tucked it away in a shoe box that held my pink satin, sequined, high-heeled cha-cha pumps; the ones I wore with a special purple, pink and copper sequined cocktail dress - purchased especially for dinners with my teacher. I do this frequently; putting something away 'someplace special' so I will always know where it is. And, just as frequently, can't find things ever again when I do this! Spirit hides them. It has become a game we play.

During the move, or shortly thereafter, I donated many of my 'dress' items to a benefit sale...I actually do not remember donating that particular dress (nor the shoes that went with) to the occasion, but the timing fits. Of course the talisman disappeared.

What I did not know at the time, was that our Earth Mother was changing, re-balancing, re-stabilising herself in a flow of yin-yang energies that represented the tiniest shoots, the first new springtime of the 'new earth'...and I was moving on...leaving my teacher of 13 years. At this time I did not know this, only that something had changed and my talisman had left me. It was not sad, exactly, nor did I have those moments of panic we have when something dear to us moves on. It was just 'odd'. I DID look everywhere, even in the shoe box, to no avail. Spirit had removed the touchstone from my grasp.

I remember the day I noticed it had gone. I told my then business partner "I lost my marble"...she began to laugh. Hard. She studied with the same teacher, so she knew the context, but still, it was funny. Only one left, apparently, and it had gone. Bye-bye marble(s). Bye-bye mind. And it was 'true'. That was the beginning of letting go of projected spiritual authority. I did not recognize that then. As with so many downloads, the understanding came later.

This past week I was out for our morning jaunt with Roshini, the furry Princess. Here, in the mountains, we whisper-sing our morning love to the directions, the elements, the devic realms, the angelics and the deep Goddess energies of the earth. It had begun to snow, so we turned back to the house a bit early. There, on the side of the road, half-hidden in wet earth, something flashed crystalline blue. A marble. A 'clearie' this time, beautiful Divine Mother blue. As I picked it up, wiping it on my jacket, I felt a deep inner chiming. "Complete". I am never sure what that means, as consciousness, in my observation, expands and evolves continually... however...

I have been in a cycle of remembering, of owning, of the learning of soul-sovereignty. The Divine Mother has held my hand, held me up, healed me, shifted and changed me. I was too over-balanced in the patriarchal paths. There is truth there, of course... but for me, the choice had been different. I chose balance. I chose truth... so long ago that only my core remembers.

That morning I had asked "Mother" "What shall we co-create today?" as she has taught me to do. What I heard was "embodiment". And yes, Her embodiment has been my aspiration for long lifetimes of learning.

The little blue marble, so clear, so pure, so simple, now sits on our Goddess altar. A tiny talisman of embodiment... 'mine' and 'Hers'... from one aspect of Divinity to another...the micro of the macrocosm. On this, Her dear, Blue Earth. A token only, yet a confirmation all the same. I am grateful.

May Her Every Blessing Find you,

Friday, April 29, 2011

~ Comfort Zones

~ What are they Really? ~

I have witnessed a lot of talk recently about moving past comfort zones... pushing people past them, how the Shift will do that... so I have found myself turning the witness deeply inward (the only place that really 'works' for me, at least) to observe... where, really, is the 'comfort zone'? What does it look like? Feel like?
For most, it is a place where our inner whatever feels 'safe'. So, first, I looked there... what part of me needs to feel safe? That was the first clue.

Inner statements that make you go 'hmmmm'. The question, from awareness, was observational. The feeling response was, if I am radically honest, from the place of the inner Judge. Well, little brat, what part of you still needs to feel safe? That's not why you came here! Hmmm. So I looked at that inner structure.

And REALIZED... 'my' comfort zone, the hangout of the ego, is DISCOMFORT, which can segue "zero to sixty" into self-punishment, self-torture, et al, which are all symptoms of self-hatred. Do I really still 'hate' my own (perceived as) weakness? Apparently.
Well that bites. I have lived a warrior's life, pushed myself 'beyond limits' and what today's insight is, is that it came from my spiritual commitments, yes. AND, the ego has co-opted this feeling into something it can beat 'me' up with... Again with hmmm.

Yesterday, my friend Lynn said "I was...and suddenly realized I was feeling something I had not felt in a long time... and I realized I was HAPPY!". This week I have had that same experience. It feels a little like "Oh yes, I remember..." what is actually just 'happy'feels like ecstatic buoyancy to the body, that has endured my self persecutions for decades now. Hmmm. NO, no visceral mortifications, the idea of hair shirts and beds of nails never appealed... well, maybe the nails, on a really weird day. So, hey, that's martyrdom... why? Is some sort of sacred/sainted/silly martyr 'my' comfort zone? I asked this, in all integrity, and got 'no'... that part has been worked through.

HOWEVER, the 'comfort of discomfort', is still an internalized fear of back-sliding, of hearing one of my teachers' voices saying "comfortable is complacency and that will get you every time"... hmmm. So comfort was anathema, to this piece of 'selfness'.

My choice, in this moment, and for all moments going forward is to release the attachment to discomfort, release the choice to do the 'uncomfortable' (just another face of 'doing it the hard way') and find the authentic flow of ecstatic authenticity that TRULY supports all aspects of the Divine that my core knows we all are.

Just a few thoughts for a Friday.

May Every Blessing Find you!
Nalini (Mary)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Embodying Inner Trinity

~ Are you ready to walk Divnity? ~

Over the past three years a transmission has gone through me ~ that of "Trinity". We have many traditional images for this "three as one" divine concept. Father-Mother-Child, Father-Son-Holy Spirit, the Triple Goddess (Maiden-Mother-Crone) - although we need to add "Queen" somewhere in between the Mother/Crone aspects at this point, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, Kali/Durga - Lakshmi - Sarasvati...San Qing (Taoist Trinity) comprised of the Celestial Worthy of Primordial Beginning, Celestial Worthy of Numinous Treasure and Celestial Worthy of the Tao and its Power, and the list goes on. EVERY tradition has this conceptual triple personification of the Divine. Our human minds seem to need these categories, or LIFE seems so very BIG that we cannot conceptualize its essence.

What is being asked, at this time, is to walk our embodiments. We do that always. We do that 'anyway'. We walk our belief systems, our habituated behaviours, our self-identity.

It is time to walk, to embody, our divinity... and we will each do this from our innermost essence, our core, our signature vibratory frequencies. Doesn't that change? Yes! Emphatically, yes! And isn't that half the fun? As we learn and evolve and shift - and the shifting is intense, immense and currently so very present ~ we vibrate differently. ALWAYS. Almost every moment. And yet - and yet...

When we get to our core essence - having stripped away whatever else (or so it seems - giggles aplenty) it is time to let go.

Having chosen to align my personal will with divine will over and over and over and over... and having shed lifetime after lifetime after lifeline within this one incarnation, it is suddenly/continuously mandated/gifted that core essence is what remains. What to look for? What to live for? How to BE? What IS this luminous core and how would 'she' like to orchestrate the remaining incarnation?

The embodied Trinity essence plays itself over and over, an insistent inner chorus "Intuition, Instinct(body wisdom) and Inspiration". I have spent a lifetime paring down, carving away, shedding, and polishing, for this... this very fragile beginning, after so very many beginnings, this super-awake newness that opens its unveiled eyes in STRENGTH and COURAGE and a long-remembered, long-awaited sense of very quiet 'now'. And what could be more 'normal' more 'me'.... a concept that brings hysteria of the not-so-quiet kind. I kept my partner awake with it for most of the night... uncontrollable cosmic hilarity with apparently no end. "No more caffeine for you" was the response, as I shook and quaked and chortled my way through yet another dimensional opening.

How many times have I said "This?" "THIS - (whatever the aha or 'duh' was at the time) is "it"??? And here, at what appears (and we know that nothing is as it seems) to be unparalleled newness...a breath of silence, of the Stillness that pervades all movement. The inner smile that needs no cultivation. AGAIN. Still.

Intuition, Instinct and Inspiration. Inner unfoldment, opening into total guidance without the need for 'thought'.

The defender 'rests'. In gratitude. May every nuance of 'controller' do the same.

May the infinite blessings of transition and unfoldment BE your walk in this world.
Nalini (Mary)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

~ Walking the April Fool! ~

~ Welcoming the On-rushing Wave ~

Happy April! The image that leapt to mind this morning was the Fool card, my personal favorite being that of the Radiant Tarot (Rider-Waite).

If anyone has walked this card of late, it would be me!

A few years ago I had an Anam Cara reading (soul friend, for the non-gaelic-speaking) that showed I would have a sort of 'death' experience and a new life would begin. (As if this was the first time! yikes!) Having just had my dear soul buddy Kirin take his leave, I was not... thrilled? HOWEVER, as I was being initiated into unconditional truth and trust and utter positivity (thank you Baba for that expression) I took to heart what was said. Much of the reading involved this card, which speaks to me again today, this day of the April Fool!

The Fool has cast off all appearances of material / worldly support and strides freely toward 'his' destiny, his dharmic awakenings, with only a small pack and 'his' loyal canine companion. (Thank you Roshini!) Traditionally, there are mountains behind the figure in the card, but the resemblance to very large waves cannot be missed, especially in light of our planet's goings-on.

The 'waves' behind the Fool reminded me this morning of a scene from the Hollywood rendition of our times, the film 2012. This is NOT a film recommendation! I feel that film played on the adrenalin factor more than it played out truth. That said, there is one scene, where a Tibetan Lama (head abbot if I remember correctly) is awaiting the coming waves, and is shown striking a large gong high up in the Himalayas, as he calmly watches huge waves of water coming OVER the 20 thousand foot peaks surrounding him. It was one of those perfect moments. Wow. Look what Nature can do!

Today is known as April Fool's day in the western world, characterized by practical jokes and poking fun. This time the joke is clearly on us! What a gift to have a moment to laugh at oneself, to take a look at the quintessential silliness of all endeavors.

We plan, we worry, we.... well you know. And yet ~ there are such deeper goings-on that are RIGHT IN OUR FACES if we will only open our eyes in wonder and participate in all that is shifting and changing!

In Sumerian times, this moon cycle was associated with the 3rd chakra. Inanna (in her passage into the underworld as Venus) is required to give up her ring of power. Ring of power.... hmmm. Isn't there another story...??? A little chap called Frodo?

In Sumerian mythology, Inanna is required, through this act, to give up her PERSONAL power, surrendering the ways she no longer holds her power in balance and harmony, either because she is giving her power away to others, or she is afraid she will use her power inappropriately, or she is already using her power to control and manipulate others. Again with hmmmm....

"When the third chakra is out of balance many feel disconnected from a sense of belonging, have a skewed self-image of either being overly important, or not important at all, as well as fearing rejection and being overly sensitive to criticism. When this happens, discernment and a sense of life purpose as well as decision making and the ability to take healthy action are more difficult due to the inability to focus. Whatever the imbalance, Venus is now required to surrender all the ways she has misused or misunderstood her personal power becoming vulnerable and open to the ways of the underworld initiation." ~ from Cayelin Castell's shamanic astrology for March 2011

The 'trusting' Fool, however, is looking to the heavens as he prepares, perhaps unknowingly, perhaps with complete trust, to step off of a cliff... taking a literal leap of faith.

For the past three years or so, this has been my livingness. Each day, each opportunity, each moment of living, taking that step onto... sometimes 'nothing' as the Divine breadcrumbs, lily pads, (forget branches!) appear only as my weight descends onto whatever has been next on the many converging and coalescing paths of this lifetime.

For this, I can only be transcendently, overflowingly, grateful. For each step, challenging though it may have been, has brought new blessings, new beginnings, and a 'new life' that remains 'yet to be'.

In this New Moon space, this 'day of the Fool' I smile at the Tarot card, joyfully joining this seemingly benighted adventurer, as we move as we are moved, live as we are shown, and ride this newest wave of infinity.

Happy April Fools Day!

From one 'Fool' to all beloved 'others',

May Every Blessing Find you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

~ Equinox Blessings ~

~ Bringing in a New Balance ~

Today the Equinox alignment happens, late this afternoon where I currently reside. Yesterday's full moon brought new openings and took much away. We are all feeling it. The new question: What is Possible??

So many are saying "I don't know who I am". Right. Times of shifting require both inner and outer morphing. We seem to lose a cherished piece of self, only to become more of our authentic Self. Such are the energies of this equinox.

It is time to soul shift. We are now receiving, in the mirror of life, very precise (although they sometimes come in fun house mirror distortions) reflections of our inner vibration(s). When I observe my reality construct, my current experience of reality on this world, I see a newly-shiny birthing world of integration and merging. Merging of intuition with Divine Guidance from what appears to be 'outside', as this has always been One. Matter and Spirit are merging within us, finally, finally, to a sense of Home... we are in this process. All of us.

What will work now, in this shiny newness, is nothing that has worked before. Duality is transcending into unity, and from this oneness, this knowingness, this mandatory level of Trust, we will morph into beings we have yet to meet. Beings who are not split, beings who hold integrated oneness at our Core. What works is to allow the awareness of being held, of being always Divinely Connected.

When the fear rushes up to try to keep us safe, we need to let it move through the heart. Have compassion for our own ignorance, our lack of knowing that we are cared for, always have been and always will be. It is our soul selves that push the purging energies through us at this time ~ making space for all that we truly are. Celebrate all that shows itself, even as the purging moves through.

At this alignment of New Beginnings and Balancing, may we feel the Presence that we are, and live it fully!

Namaste! Happy Equinox!
Nalini (Mary)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ Welcome to the Ninth Wave! ~

I googled the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar last evening, just to see what is out there. Wow! Just about everything one could imagine and then some!

When I do this, do a search for general information, it is an exercise in seeing. What resonates with the unique embodiment of Divinity that I AM, what does not. More and more, in these transition times, we need to come into the quiet of our inner silence, our inner resonance, that is often so still, it seems to have no motion.

Is this the 'last wave'? Well, for that particular cycle-tracking device, it seems to be. For creation? How could it be? How could a tracking device, though made by those who chose alignment with the grand design eons ago, be anything but a marker? A marker of a new cycle of becoming, of creative flow, that we have the ability to choose to align with, to co-create in alignment with, or to resist. I wouldn't choose the latter, personally… personally. What a strange concept these days.

As the furry princess and I went for our morning 'exploring', we felt the changes. She, sniffing them out in her own inimitable way, me walking between the worlds enjoying the shifting energies. "It's different today" she informs me. "Yes, I know" I grin along with her, as she naifs and tracks and follows the shifting lines.

A recent publication out of New Zealand actually shows that the earthquakes/rifts/ flooding/what have you were made by a waveform. It is mapped, geo-magnetically and electro-magnetically so that the waveform is completely observable. How very timely and, how cool! Coolness abounds these days/times.

I find a grin, a little serene smile without and within, as we ride these currents, allowing them to move us as the Divine wills it so. May we remember to breathe, to surrender into the stillness, to listen, and to enjoy the ride!

So mote it Be. Forevermore.

May the radiant, unfathomable Blessings of this time, Find us All!
~ unending love ~
Nalini (Mary)

Monday, February 28, 2011

~ Waves of Bliss ~

Riding the Ocean of Transformation

It is almost Sivaratri, the New Moon celebration of Siva. In the Vedas, this is one of the most auspicious days for releasing all that no longer serves (also known as karma). All-night vigils are kept, the night of this celebration ~ which falls on March 2nd, in the western hemisphere.

As we celebrate the 'mahas', the great archetypal divine energies, it seems important to remind ourselves that while we, the particles within the divine wave of creation, perceive 'in particular' all is truly oneness. All is truly united through the heart. My beastie companion, Kirin, used to say "when we come from the heart, we are all the same". And while we celebrate the 'maha' archetypes of our choosing, from whatever tradition, may we remember in our deepest beings that there is only ONE.

May we run into these waves of transformation with joyful abandon! May we leap to surf their might with trust and certainty. May re remember that what feels like pulsing, pounding, grinding down is the polishing of the many facets of the jewel within ~ all at once now, all at once now. It is time. And we are ready. It is this transformational fire and freedom we have longed for for lifetimes without end.
May we love and cherish these waves, as they bless us with their transformative currents.

May we remember Mother Kali who is also Siva, in Her omnipresent, all-encompassing Grace. May we remember that Divine is non-dual, that Unity has no gender, that Oneness, harmony with All Our Relations, is key, is vital, is the Way of the Heart.

May we invoke mercy, kindness, tenderness and Grace, for all beings, no matter how unconscious we may perceive them (ourselves) to be. May we truly surrender projections, judgments, and separation, while being true to the divine particle of our unique embodiment.

Such is my 'particular' wish on this almost-Eve of Maha Siva/Kali. May we re-member in wholeness and ascend into Love's Light. VaYaNaMaSi! (siva's mercy)

Blessed Sivaratri! Happy New Moon!
May Every Blessing Always Find you!
Nalini (Mary)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~ Full Moon of Evolution ~

~ Surrendering the Foundations of your Soul ~

So much is being said about a 'new' zodiac due to pole shifting, the 'facts' that it is NOT new... and the true issue lies within how we self-identify. Over the years of inner (and outer) work, I found that one can dismantle, dissolve, release and/or transcend (usually all of the above) one's foundational patterns. I have friends and 'consultants' who are of the astrological profession and honor it deeply. The truth of this transformational time, and especially this first of five potent Full Moons of 2011, is in how we allow ourselves to be identified. How are we projecting outwards, and what is the reflection showing us of which we are largely unconscious? How do we project internally, onto ourselves and our bodies? An interesting way to be in the Observer is to watch how you project onto a tree? A beastie companion? A friend? Then ask, how are 'they' reflecting my outward projections? How am I projecting the same way onto 'me'? And remember that the mind cannot know the truth. It knows only what it has been conditioned, taught, programmed to know. That is its job and a worthy one!

Stay within your light at all times. Confusion is a tactic used to distract and disinform those of us who have, long ago, chosen what is now called ascension. It is a distortion of truth, not truth itself. What we 'know' as our foundations, our 'blueprint' here on Gaia, is shifting, changing, morphing beneath our feet. Ecstasy in the letting go, a bit challenging wherever we cling.

Today's Cancer Full Moon (29 Cancer 27) at 2:21 pm mountain time brings an opportunity to begin to receive all that we have seeded through intention at the 'new year' and the New Moon on the 4th. It is a time to reflect inwardly on compassionate self-care that supports our ability to nurture Self, family and friends. Who are our family and friends? Who/what are we? Today's energies are both fruiting and fragile-feeling. The physical body lifts up deeply held emotional patterns we wish would not feel this way ~ and yet, did we not choose ascension IN the body, THROUGH it? I did. I remember. What do you remember? 'Today' is the window to take a look at our new moon intentions and hold them in gratitude of receiving, in joyful expectation of their inevitability as, even now, we refine them. For what does the heart yearn?

This IS the breakthrough, the transcendence, the ascension wave. Did we think it would feel differently? Did we really presume to know?

This excerpt from Stephanie Austin,

Once each year, the Moon is full in the zodiac sign of Cancer, ('my' birth sign in the old blueprint) bringing to light the gifts of responsibly nurturing ourselves, and our beloved planet. It is time to take responsibility for our personal needs (i.e. resting when tired, eating when hungry, and what our body really is asking for, and engaging in activities that promote health and well being). This Full Moon reminds us of our responsibility to care for ourselves so we are better able to care for others if we so choose. ~ Thank you Stephanie!

In this window we have the opportunity to allow the fragile feelings to lead us, deeply into ourselves, like Persephone, who has traversed the 'underworld' and brings it into the light. A Full Moon enlightens. It brings light to any receptivity that opens to receive.

Late yesterday I experienced an old 'death' from another life, in another body, and in the allowing of it, the moving through of the physical, something else has opened, and freed herSelf within this vehicular container, 'my' body. I have long asked for the 'body of light'. Today affords an opportunity to allow that, to surrender even the foundations of physicality, of identity, into a Beingness that can only be birthed in receptivity. Are all births not this way? How is the body unconsciously identified with the conception and the 'pushing' and so much less with the wave of creating?

Ride the Moon and See!
~ unending love
Nalini (Mary)
May Every Blessing Find you ~ as the waves roll through us all ~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

~ Blessing the New Beginning ~

~ The Sunrise that makes You Smile ~

So here it is, another calendar year. I actually have fits of hysterical laughter at this particular turning - as it is completely and totally an artifice of the human realm. When is 'your' new year? 'Your' new beginning? Is there a 'right and proper' answer to this question? So, here I sit, wishing blessings to all the worlds from all of my heart(s) and wondering at this collective thing called 'new year'.

One of my favorite 'new year' traditions is at the Vernal Equinox, which is in March in the northern hemisphere, the traditions of Aide, or Nowruz... and honoring of all of the blessings of life, with a mirror put behind, to reflect the joys and abundance into a new cycle of living... or the Solstice alignment, June and December, which hold within it both the longest and shortest 'days' of starlight (our sun is a star, remember?) within a moment of time... and autumnal equinox, samhain, yule... the crossquarters so long unremembered for so many... so where is the pivot point? Where is the 'new' in this thing we call 'year'?

With this rising of our daystar, I find it in the rainbow sparkles of frozen snow outside my window, purple and blue and gold and green... in the sparkles of blue-white that stream through the frost on my windows... in the puffed-up cold-weather dress of the birds at the feeders... in the white light, the newness, of today's new heart.

The custom is to set intentions, 'resolutions' (silly thing, to demand change from oneself in this way) at a year's turning. 'Today' is a 13th moon in the Vedic traditions, a time of releasing. In the first hours of tuesday, 4th January, is a new moon and a partial solar eclipse (not visible here in the US) - another alignment of newness and new beginnings. A solar eclipse pulls the veils off of who we 'see' ourselves to be. The recent total lunar eclipse, just prior to the solstice, pulled the veils from our inner knowing. What do these changes mean? How can we ride this current of our Earth's changes into a newness so very, very new that we can not as yet conceive of nor imagine its shape or form. Or is it formlessness? I wonder.

May we dream well and consciously, as the living world is always listening ~ and our dreams of home are always manifesting, whether we are willing to see or not.

Happy 2011! An '11' year, a '13' year (no, not traditional numerology, but the fun of adding 2 to 11), and a '4' year... how interesting. And what forms are we taking for granted as we 'buy into' the numerical adding-up of our reality?

A new beginning is an inbreath, a chance to ponder, to wonder and to dream anew.

May Every Blessing Find you!
Happy Dreaming!
~ unending love