Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Year of Choice Points ~ Choosing to Create

A Year of Choice Points ~ Choosing to Create

~ 2009 is an '11' year; a Portal Year, a year of Choices ~

What will you call forth from the ocean of infinite resources?

I Choose to Create

As the new year's energies unfold, I choose to Create. I choose to align with Source, as my authentic Self, in co-creation with All That Is. I choose to be an embodiment of the Divine, of Her beneficent grace and abundance, unfolding without and within. I choose Peace. I choose Resonance. I choose Harmony. I choose Creation. I choose Love.

This 'calendar year' (and is it not amazing and more than a little amusing that we still partition our lives in this arbitrary way?) is going to be, as they say, a 'bumpy ride'. The old cycle has ended and the new has yet to manifest. Will it be the kind of 'bumpy' that leaves us 'tumbled and smashed across the rocks' or will it be Space Mountain, a roller-coaster light show, in the inner worlds of our own consciousness? The choice is ours to make. What will we choose to make real?

This is a year of choice points, a time when instant manifestation has begun in earnest, and not necessarily in the way we had assumed it would be. Think of an 'outcome' and it will manifest! What are you thinking right now? Visioning, keeping your thoughts in alignment with your dreams, hearts' desires and especially your love, has become all important. Remember that every thought is a prayer that the Universe moves to manifest. Remember that this is a new beginning for us all. Remember that every thought you think about anyone or anything reverberates and resonates within you.

A beginning is a delicate time. It is formative. It is causal. It is precious and precarious and promises to be amazingly exciting and awe-inspiringly FUN, if we choose to let it BE. What are your current choices? No, really. Get out your vision boards, your journals, your put-away-lists, and SEE. What have you forgotten that you meant to be?

In each moment of this 'year' exists a choice point. Some will be more impactful than others. Each is an opportunity for exponential growth and change. In the old cycle, the decision not to choose was an invitation for default programs to take over. The old cycle is falling away. Who or what will now choose if you do not? Will the defaults of an old reality become stronger? Will indecision indicate that things should stay the same? Nothing will be as it was. Nothing will work as it has before.

It is time to align with the vibration of miracles. It is time to invoke your alignment with Truth. It is time to remember your reason for being here. It is time to stop pretending to be less than you are.

The time for carrying light for others and the world has reached its completion. It is time to create. What world do you envision? What vibration are you holding to make it real? It is time to live our love, as we create together the world of our dreams.

The Shift has been talked about in many ways and by all traditions.
Wherever you find yourself within it, know that you are loved,
and the time is not only 'right' it is definitely 'NOW'.

~ With all my Love, May Every Blessing Find you!
© 2009 Mary MacNab All Rights Reserved

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Greetings Friends,

I would like to invite you to listen in on an upcoming talk show on blogtalkradio,Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 7pm PST. This transmission from the Divine Feminine is on Soul Alignment. Living our soul alignments is what we are here to do. We know that, no matter how we have been trained or conditioned or manipulated into believing otherwise. We are each a unique vibrational pattern of Source energy. It is that simple, and that amazing. What does it mean to surrender into who we truly are and be fully present in and as our authentic selves? How can we live that on a daily basis? How does She recommend navigating from the Soul?

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Many Blessings,

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Equality in Divinity

Happy 2009, to those who use the western calendar! This is going to be quite the year!

As many of us begin to truly embody the reality of unity in diversity, another reality is emerging as critical in the energies of 2009. This energy is the reality of Equality in Divinity.

We say we believe in equality, that all faiths, all religions, all beings are divine sparks. All souls are evolving souls. We are each on our own path and all paths are equal. But how do we practice this? How do we celebrate together, our reverence for life in all its forms? In the old cycle, the world that is now coming to a close, the underlying architecture was hierarchy. Implicit in this old model is 'power over'. That will we now hold 'power for'? What will we do with this new level playing field the Divine is offering to us? How will we handle the formless flow? As I ponder this new cycle we are all birthing, Source whispers "Equality in Divinity" in my innermost ear.

It is time to remember. It is time to remember that we are all ONE. It is time to self-realize as we look into the eyes and hearts and dreams of another ~ even though we may not agree. It is time to appreciate and to live with our hearts open, as we navigate into a new reality. It is time to be who we came here to be.

What does Equality in Divinity mean? You know. You have always known. Can you look into the eyes of a child/puppy/infant of any species and not know? Can you feel the wind on your face, the water of Gaia's rivers and oceans lapping at your feet and not know? It is time to stop pretending. It is time to let go. Time to know.

I commit, in this time that is NOW, to BE the being I came here to be, to remember, to know, to allow all else to fall away. I choose this. I honor the Universal energies now supporting this process. Will you join me?

(The stakes are higher and It is time to play)