Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~ Happy Navaratri ~

Welcome to the 'nine nights' of the Goddess! In the vedic traditions, today's new moon also heralds Navaratri, the festival of the Creatrix, honoring the Goddess energies in 3 of her traditional forms ~ these three forms are Durga, the Invincible Force, slayer of negativity, Lakshmi, wielder of all that is abundance, beauty and good fortune, and Sarasvati, holder of wisdom, music, creativity... each aspect of the Goddess energies receiving honor for 3 nights. Today begins the cycle with Durga, the Invincible Force of love ~ that nothing can withstand. This sweeping wave of Truth clears all else from its path, and thus, if it is invoked, from ours.

How many of us, faced with the above roadsign, would do whatever it took to shift lanes, take that exit, put ourselves on the path of Truth, no matter where it might lead? I will always take that road. I have made that choice so many times, in so many forms, and for so many lifetimes now that it no longer feels like a choice, but the 'only option'. Truth is a funny thing. It is subjective until it is not. And that, as they say, is a very long journey ~ or a short one, I suppose, depending on one's point of view.

So on this new moon morning, a new moon in Libra, the first day of the Goddess' celebrations, focused on our inner relating, I asked again. If this roadsign loomed before me, as truly it does in every moment, are there any aspects of self that would swerve in the other direction? Put on the brakes? Blow a tire? Allow the engine to break down? The metaphor is usually felt in the body. Our physical 'vehicle' for navigating life. Are there patterns left in the physical or emotional body, still, that might choose a delay at the very least, because "truth hurts" or "truth will make you mad" or "truth....(fill in the blank)"...Are there patterns that would choose a breakdown at the mere appearance of this choice? And if so, may I find the compassion within my being to provide an alternate flow of information so that Truth may find its place?

Happily, this morning, there were none of these voices in evidence in the body, as it is happily recalibrating in a very new energy. Celebrating with the Goddess archetypes a new way of being ~ in health, in safety, in unabashed, unhidden, relationship AS ONE. "Human" in appearance only, pretending no more. Moments such as this are precious to me. I am grateful. Grateful for the trees we walked through at sunrise, for the creature beings we saw and felt along the way, for Surya, the sunrise itself, for the surface world, such a miracle in this universe, and for Divinity in the body, at what seems like long last.

May we all consider deeply and well the choice for Truth, what it may hold at any moment, and the gifts along the way!

Happy Navaratri! (and new moon!)
~unending love
Nalini (Mary)
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Monday, September 5, 2011

~September 'Sussing'~

Sometimes We All Need Sorting

Sometimes we all need 'sorting'. This month, September 2011, is about withdrawing inward and BEING that. I was reminded, this morning, of the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. In the books (and films) the hat 'sorts' each new student into a community or 'house' by the qualities it reads in the 11-year-old energy field. I have recently been observing how my inner 11-year-old might still be influencing the 'sorting of myself', a Self which no longer identifies with anything fixed, especially the 'tween self whose body imprinted life in a way that furthered its (the body's) survival.

I now have a 'new' processing technique that seems to help. Our bodies may be ready and able to let these deeply imprinted programs release, but they hold on, unwilling to let go, for survival and safety reasons. This pattern (usually energy at this point, that becomes mirrored in our environment(s) now because it is time to let them go) holds on because it was imprinted, taken in, with the belief that 'this keeps the body safe'. From the family of origin circumstances, usually. As I looked at this pattern, putting the sorting hat figuratively on my own '11 year old' head, and saying "Ok now, where is the sorting taking you?" I felt the body vote for its own safety. A survival program. These programs never want to let go, because they are programmed to function as a safety mechanism for an old circumstance. The downside, in this shifting time, is that they now, because all things are changing, draw in that very same pattern because drawing in the pattern or behaviour from someone else, and triggering into defending against it, makes the body feel 'safe'. Illogical, but there it is. Imprinting rarely makes 'sense'.

How to release these? The sorting hat helps immensely. I was sitting in meditation, asking the body if it really wanted the 'hat' - whose energetic presence on my head is still making me giggle - to use THIS PATTERN as a means of sorting things out... me, specifically. The body emphatically thought NOT.

So there is a place to begin. Let the body understand that a new sorting is taking place, almost constantly, and the old, 'safe' places are no longer so. Allowing the body to tell me what it would rather the 'hat' use as sorting criteria gave it, the body, a reason to open to willingness to allow a new energy to move in and begin to 'sort out' or 'suss' as some of us say, an openness to the new ways that will shift and morph and change and move the body through the transitions that awareness has committed to taking.

On this 5th day of September, whose energies are those of allowing, I can highly recommend 'talking to the hat'... tongue firmly in cheek here, with a large grin on my face, giggles bubbling up, and Fawkes, the phoenix of resurrection circling my 'office'.

May you allow this portal through the full moon (9/12) to sort you in new and delightful ways! And may Fawkes be present to guide your resurrections!

~unending love
Nalini (Mary)

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May Every Blessing be Allowed within your newly morphing field!!