Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~ Full Moon of Evolution ~

~ Surrendering the Foundations of your Soul ~

So much is being said about a 'new' zodiac due to pole shifting, the 'facts' that it is NOT new... and the true issue lies within how we self-identify. Over the years of inner (and outer) work, I found that one can dismantle, dissolve, release and/or transcend (usually all of the above) one's foundational patterns. I have friends and 'consultants' who are of the astrological profession and honor it deeply. The truth of this transformational time, and especially this first of five potent Full Moons of 2011, is in how we allow ourselves to be identified. How are we projecting outwards, and what is the reflection showing us of which we are largely unconscious? How do we project internally, onto ourselves and our bodies? An interesting way to be in the Observer is to watch how you project onto a tree? A beastie companion? A friend? Then ask, how are 'they' reflecting my outward projections? How am I projecting the same way onto 'me'? And remember that the mind cannot know the truth. It knows only what it has been conditioned, taught, programmed to know. That is its job and a worthy one!

Stay within your light at all times. Confusion is a tactic used to distract and disinform those of us who have, long ago, chosen what is now called ascension. It is a distortion of truth, not truth itself. What we 'know' as our foundations, our 'blueprint' here on Gaia, is shifting, changing, morphing beneath our feet. Ecstasy in the letting go, a bit challenging wherever we cling.

Today's Cancer Full Moon (29 Cancer 27) at 2:21 pm mountain time brings an opportunity to begin to receive all that we have seeded through intention at the 'new year' and the New Moon on the 4th. It is a time to reflect inwardly on compassionate self-care that supports our ability to nurture Self, family and friends. Who are our family and friends? Who/what are we? Today's energies are both fruiting and fragile-feeling. The physical body lifts up deeply held emotional patterns we wish would not feel this way ~ and yet, did we not choose ascension IN the body, THROUGH it? I did. I remember. What do you remember? 'Today' is the window to take a look at our new moon intentions and hold them in gratitude of receiving, in joyful expectation of their inevitability as, even now, we refine them. For what does the heart yearn?

This IS the breakthrough, the transcendence, the ascension wave. Did we think it would feel differently? Did we really presume to know?

This excerpt from Stephanie Austin,

Once each year, the Moon is full in the zodiac sign of Cancer, ('my' birth sign in the old blueprint) bringing to light the gifts of responsibly nurturing ourselves, and our beloved planet. It is time to take responsibility for our personal needs (i.e. resting when tired, eating when hungry, and what our body really is asking for, and engaging in activities that promote health and well being). This Full Moon reminds us of our responsibility to care for ourselves so we are better able to care for others if we so choose. ~ Thank you Stephanie!

In this window we have the opportunity to allow the fragile feelings to lead us, deeply into ourselves, like Persephone, who has traversed the 'underworld' and brings it into the light. A Full Moon enlightens. It brings light to any receptivity that opens to receive.

Late yesterday I experienced an old 'death' from another life, in another body, and in the allowing of it, the moving through of the physical, something else has opened, and freed herSelf within this vehicular container, 'my' body. I have long asked for the 'body of light'. Today affords an opportunity to allow that, to surrender even the foundations of physicality, of identity, into a Beingness that can only be birthed in receptivity. Are all births not this way? How is the body unconsciously identified with the conception and the 'pushing' and so much less with the wave of creating?

Ride the Moon and See!
~ unending love
Nalini (Mary)
May Every Blessing Find you ~ as the waves roll through us all ~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

~ Blessing the New Beginning ~

~ The Sunrise that makes You Smile ~

So here it is, another calendar year. I actually have fits of hysterical laughter at this particular turning - as it is completely and totally an artifice of the human realm. When is 'your' new year? 'Your' new beginning? Is there a 'right and proper' answer to this question? So, here I sit, wishing blessings to all the worlds from all of my heart(s) and wondering at this collective thing called 'new year'.

One of my favorite 'new year' traditions is at the Vernal Equinox, which is in March in the northern hemisphere, the traditions of Aide, or Nowruz... and honoring of all of the blessings of life, with a mirror put behind, to reflect the joys and abundance into a new cycle of living... or the Solstice alignment, June and December, which hold within it both the longest and shortest 'days' of starlight (our sun is a star, remember?) within a moment of time... and autumnal equinox, samhain, yule... the crossquarters so long unremembered for so many... so where is the pivot point? Where is the 'new' in this thing we call 'year'?

With this rising of our daystar, I find it in the rainbow sparkles of frozen snow outside my window, purple and blue and gold and green... in the sparkles of blue-white that stream through the frost on my windows... in the puffed-up cold-weather dress of the birds at the feeders... in the white light, the newness, of today's new heart.

The custom is to set intentions, 'resolutions' (silly thing, to demand change from oneself in this way) at a year's turning. 'Today' is a 13th moon in the Vedic traditions, a time of releasing. In the first hours of tuesday, 4th January, is a new moon and a partial solar eclipse (not visible here in the US) - another alignment of newness and new beginnings. A solar eclipse pulls the veils off of who we 'see' ourselves to be. The recent total lunar eclipse, just prior to the solstice, pulled the veils from our inner knowing. What do these changes mean? How can we ride this current of our Earth's changes into a newness so very, very new that we can not as yet conceive of nor imagine its shape or form. Or is it formlessness? I wonder.

May we dream well and consciously, as the living world is always listening ~ and our dreams of home are always manifesting, whether we are willing to see or not.

Happy 2011! An '11' year, a '13' year (no, not traditional numerology, but the fun of adding 2 to 11), and a '4' year... how interesting. And what forms are we taking for granted as we 'buy into' the numerical adding-up of our reality?

A new beginning is an inbreath, a chance to ponder, to wonder and to dream anew.

May Every Blessing Find you!
Happy Dreaming!
~ unending love