Monday, March 19, 2012

~ Equinox Portal ~

Cosmic alignments are opportunities for us to observe how the universe is re-aligning and how we are being re-calibrated within Her embrace. If we make 'too much' of a portal, project too much onto it, we will miss it entirely. If we ignore these opportunities, more are on the way and quickly! That said, it is helpful to take a moment, (the exact alignment is at 10:14 PM Pacific time - & remember that the US just went to 'summer' time) and honor these alignments. View them from within their flow of Grace, from within our hearts and cores.

The image of the light flowing through a portal is an appropriate one. Gaia's light now moves into and through yet another transit gate in her ascension process. what does that mean? Flow with her and feel the shifts, feel her joy in transition.

In this year of physical transition, we will feel, perceive these changes rather than think or believe or mentally, intellectually, understand. So, how is this transition manifesting through you? How is your Divine spark lighting up in reverent joy at this turning? There is no 'turning back' from this. And for that, we can be eternally grateful.

Have a blessed, blessed Equinox. And if this is your 'new year', may it be and may you make it be a blessed event! (aide shomah mobarak)

~unending love