Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aligning with the Celestial Celebration

~ The very cosmos aligns itself to serve the evolution of Spirit ~

Welcome to the energy shifts of 2010! Last year, the energies resembled a furiously boiling pot of water - the kind where the bubbles leap upward and sting a bit, if we are not paying attention, and are definitely and unconditionally, 'in our faces'. This year, 2010, is a year of forward motion, in a rather LARGE and cyclic way. The energies resemble a series of huge waves - tsunami-like in structure. Waves can be fun, if we only remember how to surf the big ones. ;)

To surf the big waves of energy, it helps to align with them (or duck under, like a sea lion) and let them carry us into the newness that is birthing itself all around and through us in each of these miraculous moments of what we call 'time'.

Since January 13th, we have a new moon, a solar eclipse, Mercury went direct and Saturn retrograde. The full moon at the end of the month will bring in the signs of all that we have thought & chosen during these ''new' and 'seeding' times. This combination is going to be interesting!

If you want to know how you are really vibrating, look for the signs manifesting around you! Is the 'help' coming in, especially from places you least expected or would not have imagined? Are things coming in 'at a twist' when your visions were essentially 'straight forward'? Welcome to the birthing of the new! What used to work will work differently, or be replaced with what works NOW... dreaming forward from the heart, visioning from your heart and third eye, allowing Source to gift you with more than you have yet begun to perceive.

As we approach the full moon at end of month, watch for the sprouting, budding, blossoming energies (even if you live in the colder part of the world) to see what is birthing itself for you even in the now.

This month's new moon was Vedic New Year - also known as Pongal. For all who celebrate the turning of year and yuga, rejoice! The new is upon us, once again, returning us into our cosmic Mother, for re-birthing from Her light.

Celebrate the light - even in the midst of turmoil and shadow. Remember that duality is ending, and unity includes ALL shades of grey! ;)

May Every Blessing Find You,

Monday, January 11, 2010

Flowing Forward into Knowing

"The rainbows are always there. Humans just need water to see them."

~ the voice of nature ~

Many, including myself, have talked about not needing to know, about being comfortable with embracing the unknown. What is being talked about is the day-to-day mind. This is the mind that controls (or seeks to), plans, seeks direction, justification, and supports 'doing'. This mind is now being re-trained by Spirit, as She moves through our world in breath-taking waveform every moment. We are all being moved into a foundational level of re-education and learning. Sananda talked about this as '... becoming as little children...'. In the Buddhist traditions 'Beginners' Mind' is the conceptual understanding.

We can also speak of this process as that of surrender. A tricky concept, at best. What is true surrender? Into what? To whom? Where the mind takes this concept is the issue, not the action itself. Our world is in a vast and deep process of surrender, in this present moment, this cosmic nano-second of re-birthing that is truly awe-ing and gob-smacking for those who choose to let it in. Just do it! Let it all the way in! All you have to lose is your current identity! And are you not ready??

I was reminded of a favorite Einstein quote this morning. "Most people see what is, and never see what can be." Too true! Then, there is the flip side of that concept in duality, (which, btw, is the system we are transcending out of at literal light speed! Thank goodness!) The flip side is the many who "have eyes to see and ears to hear" - you know who you are, my psychic, telepathic, 'clair-everything' friends. These individuals, myself included, tend to "see what can be" and are often, frequently, and sometimes continually disillusioned when the 'what is' rises up to challenge and confound our internal clarity. We sometimes do what the psychologists call "falling in love with the potential" of a person, place, thing, organisation, or life situation. We are AWARE of the 'what is' but the outward 'facts' matter so much less to us than the potential we see within the (person, place, thing or what-have-you) because we truly see and appreciate the authenticity held therein. We find the light within awe-inspiring and breath-taking and do not even need to 'fall' in love with it, because our inner knowing says, "This is Real. This is home."

This phenomenon is often called 'unrealistic idealism'. Have you ever been told that? Have you ever been counseled that you are envisioning something too idealistic from your ivory tower existence? Or are you among those who have experienced something so far removed from 'ivory tower' that that, too, is a foreign concept? Again, the issue is with the 'flip sides'. What 'side' are you still, consciously or unconsciously, defending... your wounding? Your 'history'? What story can now be let go into the flow to 'let in the rainbows' of reality? Debbie Ford wrote a book about this, called The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. Not a critique! Really! For the uninitiated, an eye-opening read. We all have everything within us. To deny or avoid or have aversion to any 'side' is to remain in duality, even when one believes one has transcended into unity consciousness. In other words, the constant perception of the 'rainbow reality' takes constant vigilance (more on that next time) and OPENING.

What side of the rainbow are you choosing today? Is there a side? The sub-title about rainbows was given to me by a grove of trees... who see the rainbows 'all the time' along with the seasons, the shifts, the changes... and who are unfailingly grounded and PATIENT. They know that life knows what She is doing. They trust Life. Life is Spirit. Life is Source. Life is a miracle... and rainbows? You decide. ;) Your perception is a choice - open or limited? The entire concept of any particular 'point of view' is, in itself, limitation.

Someday we'll find it - the rainbow connection - the lovers, the dreamers and me ~ Kermit the Frog

I would add this: In these unprecedented times, we will not only find, but also 'BE it'.... the lovers, the dreamers, and WE.

May Every Blessing Find You,