Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ Dreaming the BIG Dreams ~

~ Dreaming the Future Forward ~

Today is yet another auspicious astrological alignment. Both Venus (planet of nurturing intuitive energies) and Jupiter (planet of infinite expansion) station direct today. What dreams, in seed form or as yet unrealized, are ready to manifest in nurturing, intuitively creative and expansive ways?

It is a time for revisiting the dream boards, 'want' lists, for refining, for taking an honest look at how our dreams are manifesting consciously and, more importantly, unconsciously. When I look around at my so-called 'life' there is so much to be grateful for!

As we dream our preferences and parameters forward, I find it is infinitely important to pause for a 'daily dose' of gratitude. Thank you, Divine Mother (Spirit, Source... God/Goddess, AllThatIs) that I live in a beautiful, safe, spiritual sanctuary. Thank you for beautiful old growth trees... for fresh water, for companions, human and beastie alike. For health, love, abundance, and the ability to truly receive and enjoy these gifts of living. Thank you for play. Thank you that I am 'new' each day. Thank you.

In looking over the lists and boards this week, I looked at how all I ask for, all I dream forward, is actually manifesting in the present. How am I responding to these things? Am I pushing some away because my unconscious is manifesting them in a way the conscious dreamer does not desire? Am I refusing to receive or resisting gifts that fling themselves at me at lovespeed? THANK YOU - to the Divine and to all of you ~ for witnessing the greatitude (not a typo) of dreaming forward.

Enjoy this transition! More waves and larger are on their way! May we all surf well and safely!

May Every Blessing Find you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Yearning of the Goddess for Union with Herself

~ Portal of the Golden Dawn ~

Today is 11:!1 2010. Another large portal day, another window/wave of opportunity. Ho-hum. Another tiny insignificance of complacency making a futile attempt to surf the intensity. I woke, at 1:11 this morning, grinning from ear to ear. NOT the norm of late, and certainly a welcome relief. And yet, underneath the "oh another portal day" feeling is the panic, the anxiety of "yet another portal" - felt in the viscera, in the body, a reaction to great transformation felt as "Make it stop - just for a second, let me breathe - in the midst of DON'T STOP!!!! PUSH ME FORWARD!" And it is. We are. The momentum is ever-building, to what we cannot yet perceive and some of us can barely discern on the inner horizon.

The culling, sorting, purging dance that is upon us feels like a "last dance" between what truly 'feels good' in a way that honors forward movement (if there is such a thing) and what 'feels good' in a way that honors aspects of self currently in the death process. The dying aspects of self, those whose energies are committed to controlling, will grab onto anything, including old, outworn and long unused addictive patterns, to 'feel good'. Internal palliative care that is sad, tired, and 'works' for only moments before sliding away into the abyss that has opened for it. Choose to let it go. The abyss warmly receives the old into rest and a deep, deep knowingness that is the cusp of the Great Remembering. The controller curling up in the arms of rest, with the deep contented sigh of a child, whose long day of play is finally and now wearily at an end.

I choose the leaping, twirling, dance of my companion scottish terrier, of my inner and 'outer' dolphin friends, as delight spins through the body a reality birthing of joy. New joy, long-remembered joy. The co-creative joy that simply pours through us all, when we finally, finally stop trying to let go and get on with it. ;)

I feel, in every breath, this portal. Leap with us! Choose the joy! And leave behind all that is burdensome. All that is not this intensity of lightness, of truth and of... what the mind perceives as 'unknown'. How will it 'work'? The mind cannot comprehend, and thus, the old is revealed, in its last-ditch heroic efforts to 'make sense of' to codify and, sadly enough, to thus control.

What deepens is the feeling, the embodiment, of complete fluidity. The 'place' without fixed position. No boxes, no labels, of very few directions, and usually none at all. The place without a place, the visceral experience of unity in flow. So long remembered, yet yearned for through an eternity of 'other' experiences in creation.

The yearning inward, so strong, so claiming, owning, so very very present. Spread across worlds, and multiple various dimensions, the Goddess yearns within us - for union with Herself.

May this day of doorway, portal, and transformation, embrace and support us all!

Numerology note: 111 is a 'master number' indicating energy flow - amplification of the energy you are in with an increase in intensity.

11:11 is an observable phenomena that heralds the new cycle. It indicates a new phase of development, dimension or frequency of experience – a portal or doorway to pass through. ~

May Every Blessing Find you!