Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Honoring Our Angels

One really should not sit down to write a blog without having something to say, I have always felt. Yesterday the blog wanted writing and I found myself having a day of deep quiet... and asking, as usual, how Spirit wanted to speak through me.

To my surprise it was ArchAngel energy that rose up. On second thought, 'of course' - today is Michelmas, the 29th of September. Here in Santa Fe, it is said that Archangel Michael's celestial city over-lights the Four Corners area, and so Santa Fe falls under the protective dominion of that celestial realm. I observe that I have never felt 'his' energy so intensely in the physical world as I have being here (with the possible exception of Mont St-Michel in France). So there must be truth to this. I was called here by Spirit to allow a series of completions to find me. As is often the case with perception, the clarity on these completions will undoubtedly come as hindsight. Patience seems to be the way of things as Divine Timing unfolds itself for all of us.

We are all affected by the archetypal energies of various kinds, whether we are conscious of this or not. I experience the Archangels as a kind of overlighting, Divine 'family' whose energies are so large the human mind cannot comprehend them ~ they can only be understood through the heart. Today is their 'honoring' day. A day to receive these energies deeply into the heart.

When we deny our angels, we deny love, we deny Spirit, we deny magic and the miraculous heaven that is here ~ right here ~ if only we choose to experience it. The price tag is giving up all of our old limitations and letting light run the show...

How many times have I acted out the fear of receiving, the fear of avoiding receptivity and the desire to avoid the inevitable pain... born of the old paradigm 'ways and means', whose rules obligated me (or so the mind thought) to take and transmute the pain, the illusions, in order to receive 'heaven' - 'someday, somewhere'. It is not truth. Not any of it. Heaven is right here, in this dimensional construct, if only we allow ourselves to receive its faster, lighter, loving vibration.

It is time to 'jump tracks' and receive a higher truth. Ask the angels! ;)

~unending love


Thursday, September 16, 2010

~ Inner Worlds Rising ~

~ Cultivating Courage ~

I will make of the Self, my own earth. Leaping down the rabbit hole, creating the reality that lights me up and makes me shine, along the way, as the small self is pretending to fall.

I have made it all fit into a backpack (pack, duffle, hatchback) for so long that I have become an expert at it ~ stowing the wisdom, the remembering, making it all fit, as I move from lifetime to lifetime, place to place, world to world. I have done this for so long that, when I am offered sanctuary, a ‘place for my stuff’, that thing we call ‘home’ on this world, I find I have none, save the treasured burden, carried for so long.

What would a world of soul-cherishing support feel like? A world where even the treasures packed away become irrelevant? We are creating these worlds for ourselves, for the future, even as the old cycle wanes and falls away.

Our inner worlds are rising, unfolding from within our packed-away envelopments. Psychology has called this phenomenon ‘making your outsides match your insides’. Funny thing is, they always do. The outer landscape always reflects the inner, in a funhouse mirror, twisted, nonsensical, illogical way.

I was reminded (from a retreat hosted by Charles Eisenstein), that the inner voice of vision (the voices from the backpack) loves to flow into language in written form. He calls this exercise ‘The beautiful world that I envision’ – or something like that. I probably don’t have the quote correctly. I 'remembered' it thirdhand. At this time of approaching Equinox, when the already-transparent veils thin ever further, I thought to share my vision.

In the world I envision, we allow ourselves to know what we know. It is ‘normal’ to be Self-referential. We no longer build from outside ourselves. We are building the new earth AS our Selves. What Self are you building?

The Self I am building lives the truth of who I AM, not who others need me to be. I hold the experience of living Beingness as do others, each in their own way. We live in ecstatic communion with nature in oneness with the Divine. Sacred reverence for all of life, including the understanding of the divine science that was called ‘miracles’ is the new ‘normal’. The elements, elementals, green world, and creature beings as well as those of what we used to call the ‘invisible worlds’ are recognized as our brother and sister beings. We know the essence of equality as the Divine cherishes us all.

Nature, in all her splendor, is revered as the life and breath of Gaia, our physical Mother. We would no more destroy the environment of our creature kindred, than we would that of our own beloveds. Communication with nature and other realities is always available. All habitats are honored and preserved. The true purpose of ALL lives, of all of life, is recognized and cherished as the evolution of consciousness itself. The Great Mother is once again known and honored in all Her forms, as the Source of All That Is.

We are open, intimate, and free. There is no concept of separation, only individuated essence held in healthy spiritual boundaries, from which we all learn and grow and perceive. These they called the ‘mystical’ realms. The worlds of ‘magic’ and ‘miracles’. In the world I envision, in the world in which I am now beginning to live, ‘practical miracles’ ARE the ‘new normal’.

What do you truly yearn for? Watch it manifesting as you dream it. Remember, what you yearn for, yearns for you. Celebrate this deep and powerful alchemy, as the portals move us through their hearts and centres into love.

The world will be as we ARE.

May Every Vision Find You!
~unending love
Mary ( Nalini)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Embodying Fluidity

The art of fluid embodiment has taken up most of my personal and transpersonal bandwidth for some time now. In late Fall 2008, I was given a download, a transmission of instruction for embodying fluid states of awareness. I was told "This is for 2009 - and for navigating the Shift". At the time, the physical shift was only beginning on the planet, and mine was to completely re-write the course offerings on the Delphic Wave website. My support team was less than thrilled. ;)

The course modules serve to seed the establishment of a triple alchemical set of containers within which anyone can be held in the Heartspace, while all around us shifts and changes. It is. It has. The changes are upon us ~ within us ~ we are in the midst of constant morphing! Is it not amazing??

Hmmph. 'Not the word I would use' is what some listeners say. I have to grin even through the tears that grace my own cheeks these days.

It is not that some days are not challenging, in every possible sense of the word! but what Grace! What abundance! What a Gift these days!

I remember a river rafting trip during my early university years. I have always loved being on the water. It is a kind of 'home' that makes me smile with that cheek-splitting kind of grin that cannot be contained. On the day, the river was no exception. The rafting guides explained, at the start of the journey, that 'if you fall out of the raft, (and it happens all the time to practically everyone), pick up your feet, put them in front of you, let the life-vest hold your head above water and simply bounce off of anything that comes at you'. I remember him saying this with a huge smile, as though this would be the greatest thing in the world. I took it in stride, as those were my athlete days.

The only photograph taken of that ride was moments after I had bounced out of the boat for the second time that day, and had somehow bounced back 'in' - so there I am, at the rear of the raft, paddle in the air, water streaming from my bum, looking totally ridiculous, out of control and completely inept. The rest of the raft 'crew' paddling mightily. I love that picture. Life is really like that, isn't it?

I recall the first bounce out of the boat when we hit a large boulder, sideways. It was a hot, late summer day and the water felt chilly and wonderfully refreshing. I lifted my feet, let the life-vest support me, and floated with the current, using my trainer-shod feet to push off of any obstacle that presented itself (large, rocky and literally in my face). It was totally and wonderfully fun. The guide was right! Held safely by the vest and my trainers, I was carried through the rapids and into the still bend in the river where lunch was being prepared. Great ride!

It was hot on that rock-face, eating lunch in the blazing sun, waiting for the ride to re-commence, for the river to take me 'home' again.

So here we are, in the current with no paddle and nothing but our mystical heart containers to keep our heads above water as the current carries us wherever She will.

It is a very different kind of ride - and yet, as the stillpoint calls us home, we may miss the turbulent currents that bring us the adventures, now and yet to come.

Enjoy the ride ~ as the obstacles disappear in front of us!

May Every Blessing Find you!

Happy Birthday Ganesha!!! May all coconuts in all the worlds burst in rejoicing!