Monday, February 28, 2011

~ Waves of Bliss ~

Riding the Ocean of Transformation

It is almost Sivaratri, the New Moon celebration of Siva. In the Vedas, this is one of the most auspicious days for releasing all that no longer serves (also known as karma). All-night vigils are kept, the night of this celebration ~ which falls on March 2nd, in the western hemisphere.

As we celebrate the 'mahas', the great archetypal divine energies, it seems important to remind ourselves that while we, the particles within the divine wave of creation, perceive 'in particular' all is truly oneness. All is truly united through the heart. My beastie companion, Kirin, used to say "when we come from the heart, we are all the same". And while we celebrate the 'maha' archetypes of our choosing, from whatever tradition, may we remember in our deepest beings that there is only ONE.

May we run into these waves of transformation with joyful abandon! May we leap to surf their might with trust and certainty. May re remember that what feels like pulsing, pounding, grinding down is the polishing of the many facets of the jewel within ~ all at once now, all at once now. It is time. And we are ready. It is this transformational fire and freedom we have longed for for lifetimes without end.
May we love and cherish these waves, as they bless us with their transformative currents.

May we remember Mother Kali who is also Siva, in Her omnipresent, all-encompassing Grace. May we remember that Divine is non-dual, that Unity has no gender, that Oneness, harmony with All Our Relations, is key, is vital, is the Way of the Heart.

May we invoke mercy, kindness, tenderness and Grace, for all beings, no matter how unconscious we may perceive them (ourselves) to be. May we truly surrender projections, judgments, and separation, while being true to the divine particle of our unique embodiment.

Such is my 'particular' wish on this almost-Eve of Maha Siva/Kali. May we re-member in wholeness and ascend into Love's Light. VaYaNaMaSi! (siva's mercy)

Blessed Sivaratri! Happy New Moon!
May Every Blessing Always Find you!
Nalini (Mary)