Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Moon ~ new cycle ~ new life

Today is the new moon, at 4:22AM PST. A new moon window lasts approximately 24 hours, and is the perfect time, in each moon cycle, to set new intentions, to re-format what is forming in our lives.

This new moon is the 'last' in the calendar year 2008 in the West, and has some auspicious aspects worth contemplating. A new moon is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. This moon, in Capricorn has to do with how we manage our physical resources / our bodies and our physical lives. It is aspected by a conjunction of Venus and Neptune. Venus is the planet of the 'personal' divine feminine energies of love, or living from the heart. Neptune is the higher octave of the divine feminine, the connection with our Universal Feminine, or unconditional LOVE. Loosely translated, and apologies to my friends who are astrology professionals, this new moon is a seeding time for how to 'marry' our personal soul alignments with divine alignment in and from the heart, and how to "play that forward" in new archetypal alignments and structures in our physical bodies and lives.

A new moon intention practice is helpful in manifesting from the feminine principle. This is one of my favorites.

Sit for however long suits you (or lie down, if that is more comfortable - this is a YIN practice!) and contemplate the energies of the new moon. This is best done after the exact alignment of the new moon and before is moves into the next sign.
Ask yourself what speaks to you in this alignment.
Set intentions for what you are choosing (yes, choosing) to manifest, be it energetically, or materially, in the coming two weeks, and fully rejoice in the expectation of receiving that choice in miraculous abundance directly from Source, at the time of the Full Moon.
Avow your trust in the Divine Feminine magnetic principle, drawing this to you.
Now, put it away. Mark your calendar for the full moon, to joyfully receive whatever aspect of your miracle awaits you!
I have practiced this for years, and am continually amazed and in gratitude for what Source provides!

This new moon is an initiation into the heart. May yours bloom in abundant peace and joy and may its fragrance delight those you encounter.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Solstice Window ~ Living a New Alignment

Dearest Friends,My gratitude for your wish to receive these messages. May your holidays be joyful and your hearts be your guides!

The Solstice Window ~ Living a New Alignment

Today begins the three day Solstice window that will be exactat 4:04 AM PST on Sunday the 21st (12:04 GMT).

It is a time of rebirth and renewal, of Being and Becoming whole.

The term Solstice literally means "Sun Standstill". The Sun pauses in its path and shines a spotlight on how we currently hold our inner and outer alignment with Source and with all of life.
A Solstice alignment is an opportunity to check in with our soul alignment. If we move deeply into the present energies, we can re-align our soul essence with who we are here to Become.
In the northern hemisphere, the flow of nature is spiraling into the Earth Center, as we approach the Great Stillpoint of Winter Solstice. This inward flow naturally connects us to a deeper level of inner soul alignment, which emerges rejuvenated from the deep rest within.
Those in the southern hemisphere experience the expansion spiral, where the flow of nature is radiating outward from the heart, reaching for the Galactic Center and the Great Stillpoint of connection, completion, and finding Home.

We are in an unpredictable current of turbulent energies and shifting sands. The best way to use this time is to follow your intuition and listen to your heart; not to allow the turbulence of your mind to draw you into whirlpools of doubt or indecision or fear, but to ride the waves of presence in each and every moment. This is a perfect time to observe your own alignment. Are there new choices you can be making that will allow the energies of your dreams to break free? Are there outdated modalities of thought or vibration that can simply melt away?

Just as the Divine Feminine is always birthing the yin and yang movement of creation, so you can tap into that natural flow and have a deep experience within. What will you choose to make real?

We cherish our traditions, our heritage, our wounds and our waywardness. What will now serve you as you grow into your soul? What will you water at this time of Great Remembering? What will be your gift to the light?

A solstice point is a portal point ~ a gateway between worlds, a choice point between realities. What will you take with you? What is ready to be set aside?

Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Enter the Embrace of Deep, Deep Peace. Allow the energies of the Universe to take you. Do not resist. Allow the space inside to expand you. Find your place within the stars and seas. Find the stillness in the voice of your spirit. Ask to be shown, in your heart, your alignment. Allow yourself simply to know. Call to your heart all that breathes with you. Relax all else and simply let go. Know in releasing, what you will come home to. Find the deep peace within your own flow.

Relax. Rest. Rejuvenate. Re-form. Be born into fluidity. Sit out the storm.

What will you choose, as you soul-embody? What will your expressions become? Set intentions. Renew choices. Invest your focus in what inspires you. Be grateful for all that is now and to come.

The Shift has been talked about in many ways and by all traditions.

Wherever you find yourself within it, know that you are loved, and the time is not only 'right' it is definitely 'NOW'.

~ With all my Love,
May Every Blessing Find you!

© 2008 Mary MacNab All Rights Reserved

Dancing with the Divine Feminine ~

As December began, the earth was treated to a unique alignment. Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon came together in the early evening sky.

The dance of the Divine is all around us. She speaks to us in every moment of our lives. There is a wave of Her awareness permeating the planet. How Blessed we are, when we can see it in the skies!

For me, as a resident of the northern hemisphere, Midwinter is always a deep withdrawing, a time to be still and go within. If I am honest, Midsummer is likewise a time of quiet. A pause between the worlds where I can find mySELF again. Finding 'Home' is a significant alignment for this season and for the calendar year to come. We will all be asked to look beneath the surface. To find what inspires, what uplifts, what enlivens from within. To look behind the obvious, to seek the deeper plan.

In many cultures and traditions, Venus cycles have been tracked as the movement of the Divine Feminine through the dance of time. I have been delighted to observe the dance of Venus and Earth as sisters in the heavens and in the cyclic alignment of our lives. What a gift, that the close of an age, the Great Turning, the 'new dawn', would be mirrored in such beauty in the dance of planetary alignments in our solar system, our galaxy and the deep nurturing sustenance of the Universe we inhabit at this time.

For more information on Venus transits, please click on the link and enjoy a wonderful article written by my friend, shamanic astrologer, Cayelin Castell.

Keep Dancing!!!!! ~ Happy Solstice!
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Musing with the Divine Mother

Greetings Friends,

I would like to invite you to listen in on an upcoming talk show on blog talk radio.

The Divine Mother has information to share with us about the times we find ourselves in, and how to make the most of the changes upon us. We are in transformative times. We are moving from fixed forms, fixed ideas, into fluidity and from polaity into unity.

What does this mean in consciousness? How can we help our minds to align with our hearts? We all have our ideas and our truths.

What is Her advice and transmission on how to navigate from one reality into another (or more than one) from a deeper vibration of truth?

For details on the broadcast, click on the following link

Many Blessings,mary