Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Resting in Stillness

~ Surfing the Cosmic Tsunamis ~

So here we go! As Gaia dances her re-formative tango, we are now dancing to HER tune! Cause for great celebration!

My observation is an interesting juxtaposition of the celebratory and the Stillness. I keep seeing the mental image of Padma Sambhava (the Tibetan Bodhisattva) floating in an orb of light, bouncing off the tsunamis and the changes, grinning from ear to ear. Or perhaps that is just my cosmically skewed sense of humor at play.

The lessons keep showing up in blatantly informative ways, don't they? As a western collective, how are we obsessed with comfort - however grossly or more subtly we may define this, and polarized in any aversion to pain? What is pain? What is comfort? How do our subtle identities play with these concepts? And how do we let them go along with the old world that is leaving us?

I had an experience early this week of wanting to attend satsang with a blessedly awake friend, Pamela Wilson~, I woke up that morning with monster headaches, body discomfort and dizziness. Not having had this kind of day for a few months, I was curious and also a little miffed. Had to be today, yes? These are 'human' emotions pushed up through the 'human' body. Nothing to be upset by, but to be present to learn from. As usual, I began to look for resistance, for any sloughing off of older energies or states of mind, and felt, from the Stillness, "rest". "Just rest, Beloved". I gave the body herbs, essential oils and a good soak, to see if that would ease things. The symptoms increased. Ok, resting.

I propped up on pillows, much as I had after my brain 'upgrade' in June, feeling a return, a releasing of the deep tenderness that had permeated my neck, shoulders, and the back of my head at that time. I rested and went deeply inward.

I was shown the pain and the wish for comfort. "Where is the physical (body / life) still in aversion to pain and obsessing with comfort? Where do these definitions need adjusting?" I have done quite a bit of inquiry on this in the past, so just let things show up this time, rather than letting my mind supply 'files' or feedback. I did not need to wait. The adjustments were happening as I watched, and that was all that was needed. I watched, observed, and kept affirming my heart's wish to be in Stillness and yes, to be with my spiritual sisters and to attend this gathering. Much was moving, and after some time, I felt "Get up now, and go". I was still dizzy and my head throbbing. I got up and into the car.

I could hear mental and a bit of physical feedback saying, "This is NOT a good idea!" And yet, the inner urging, "Go". I drove carefully, as usual, and felt more shifting. By the time I had visited with my friends, and attended the satsang, the physical ravages had disappeared completely.

I had had the experience of 'full circle'. Giggles abound. As I sat in that Space, I had the experience of juxtaposed realities. Sitting in satsang with Pamela. Sitting in 'class' with Marguerite at the age of less-than-two. Circle to circle. Family to family. Old 'family' identity falling away. A homecoming, granted by Stillness. Completion. Beginning. Falling through the Space that is the true gift of Grace. Noticing love ~ in whatever form She presents Herself ~ as the underlying essence and the flow of Space.

The message, for this time, was to rest in the Stillness and allow the changes to occur, as they happen. Let them be. Let your body and life BE. And in the observing, love. What else has there ever been to do or to see?

With unending love,
~from the newly-cozy raft between the worlds~
May Every Blessing Find You ~