Thursday, December 24, 2009


May the Peace that IS, fill your complete BEING

Peace is found in the heart. It is that place of inner stillness from which and through which all blessings flow, and in which the movement is so subtle, so profoundly harmonious that it only feels 'still' and without change. Changeless and ever-changing, peace is within us all.

May your holydays, (whatever they may be and to whatever form of light you dedicate your celebrations), be blessed and may Peace find you always!

And while you're at it, go outside and marvel at the miracle of life enfolding you!

Standing in snow, watching a raven flying, awed at the Blessing that IS this world, I woke to the whispering of angels.
~unending love

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Photo: Gentle Heart by Christina Rosenthal

Breathing in Gentleness:
Part of my chi gong practice is breathing in gentleness - for a few minutes every day. What happens when you do this consciously is that the vibration of gentleness begins to put pressure on any held anger, resentment, bitterness or the like. These buried, repressed or 'stuffed' emotional states will come to the surface to be vented. At first it can feel very odd to be practicing gentleness and be faced with old, unexpressed emotions that are uncomfortable at best. We typically do not WANT to feel these states of mind and emotion when we breathe in the fluid light of gentleness.

If we allow these old feelings to vent out (not the same as acting them out) however, they release quite safely and quickly, allowing the vibration of gentleness to resonate in the body, mind and heart.

Gentleness gets a bad rap. It is often confused with vulnerability, or being a push-over or doormat. Gentleness is nothing like this. There is a story in the indigenous traditions of this country that fawn (a baby deer) goes on a journey to talk to Great Spirit and meets the demon who guards the door to Great Spirit's mountain. Fawn is so innocent and gentle that her sincerity alone charms the demon and melts its heart, so that she walks into the Presence, unhindered.

Allow gentleness to enter your heart, to melt the demon(s) of fear that guard it for you, and walk into the Presence within you. Give yourself this gift, whatever holyday you may celebrate. Allow the Presence within. Let gentleness be your ally.

May Every Blessing Find You,

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Years ago, one of my teachers suggested a Gratitude journal. Not uncommon these days, but it was not much discussed at that time. I bought a special journal with Disney characters on the cover. Gratitude comes most easily to me when I am in that exquisite state of childlike wonder.

At the beginning and ending of each day I wrote notes about what I was grateful for. It began with the trees and the stars and sunlight through new leaves. The smell of summer heat on pine needles, the sound of the waves as they greet the shore.

As the weeks passed, my notes became more and more subtle. They contained challenges and lessons learned, yet always returned to nature. The simplest of things seem to engender the greatest feeling of 'thank you'.

For what am I most grateful? For the Source that flows through me - and through us all. I am most grateful for Divinity, in all Her diverse, magical majesty. When I look through the eyes of Gratitude, there is nothing that appears as less than Divine.

In the season of turning inward (in my part of the world), may we remember that from whence we came, and all that supports our hearts and our lives.

May the Divine Mother's Blessings Find You,

~and may you receive, with increasing clarity, all that you request in reverence,


Friday, November 20, 2009

Releasing through the Heart

Releasing Judgment into Clarity

What moves through our world these days, is the ancient knowing of dreaming forward from the heart. There is a companion 'technology' of releasing from that place as well. Releasing from the heart is like jumping from a swing - pumping up so high that the swing goes limp beneath you, throwing yourself forward into the air, landing gracefully or ungracefully as you choose or are able to. This is also known as 'skywalking', where you move forward (or sideways or in spirals) knowing, completely consciously, that there is no path in front of you but that which you are dreaming. You release all that does not support the movements you are making. This can also feel like 'freefall'. The difference comes when you know you have found your wings, and no longer require a parachute (or other flotation device of any kind to hang onto).

I love to 'fly'. My favorite form of that as a child, was to sit in the swing in our little back garden, swishing through the air, back and forth, delighting in the ebb and flow of meditation in motion. I would pump up high, as high as I could, pulling the swing-set frame out of the ground with the loft of my trajectory (much to my Father's constant dismay) flinging myself into the air and landing at a run across the grass, through the roses that have always surrounded me.

One afternoon, post-five-year-old-nap, I was swinging out back and heard a loud noise. I had always felt safe in my garden, so was curious rather than disturbed. One of the older boys from down the street was beating on the fence behind me. He was growling and making threatening noises. I didn't understand. "Is he playing a game? That's kind of weird. "

The older boy, behind the garden fence on this particular afternoon, was one of the oldest sons of a woman who lived 3 doors down - a single Mum with 10 children - whose smiling faces and soft laughter had been a part of my life as long as I could remember. This boy began shouting and pounding on the fence ~ which I thought was kind of funny ~ until he began to throw things at me - anything he could find from the alleyway behind. A broken jar finally hit me in the back, so I decided staying where I was, was not very smart. Pumping up high, I leaped from my swing and ran into the house. Mum was working in the kitchen. She noticed I was out of breath and not just from running.

"What happened?" she asked, from behind the ironing board. I quickly told her what had gone on, pointed out all the trash littering the little area where my swing-set was, and suddenly began to cry. "Why are you crying?" Mum asked. "I don't understand!" I told her, taking a deep breath and making myself be still. "Why was he doing that? Mrs. B (his Mother) is our friend! What does "stupid white girl" mean? " Our neighbor, Katherine, was having a cup of tea in the kitchen. She looked at me and my Mum with her jaw dropped open. "Mrs. M, your daughter doesn't know...". "Know what?" said Mum, with her hands on her hips. "Well, she doesn't... she can't see... you know what I mean!!". Mum put a finger to her lips. That was all.

As the five-year-old that I was then, I had no idea what Katherine was talking about. I knew I loved her stories and her company. I loved her cookies and especially her smile and the way she would hug me before leaving to go home. Did I know she (and the whole neighborhood) was 'of color'? I would have had no idea what that meant. The experience with the older boy was my first encounter with judgment and projection. I wish I could say it was my last! I have judged and projected with the best of them, particularly in the areas of interaction with spiritual teachers. I have 'been' whereof I speak. ;)

I had not thought about that incident for years, decades even, until this week, during my radio blogcast. The transmission from the Sacred Feminine was about fear and judgment. As is most often the case, I was largely unaware of what was being spoken through me - in that I hardly ever remember the words when Her energy moves through me in that way. I 'get out of the way' and rest in Her embrace. To have the 'information' I often have to listen later like everyone else! ;)

As I began to move out of 'transmission mode' there was a commotion of energies coming from the chat room. Apparently, those signed in were having a great time exchanging ideas, supporting one another and generally having a blast. Good! What came through me next, from the place of divine transmission still, was "Not listening". The transmission was not being honored in some way. I heard the words come through my voice - then felt the intensity of the reaction. It was like having trash thrown at my back all over again. The comments were mean. "She was just talking about not criticizing and judging and that is what she just did!". Is that so?

The older neighbor boy judged and threw trash at me because the color of my body, in this life, is different from his. He reacted, most likely, from what had been done to him by others ~ not by me. The comments thrown at me yesterday were from that same energy of reactivity. When we are in reactivity, it is not efficient or useful to assume that the projections you are broadcasting at 'another' are not just that - your own. The caterpillar, even in its most liquefied form, defends the cocoon it has built to protect itself!

When will we (all of us) learn not to take things personally? When will we learn to ask for the bigger picture, the more expanded perspective of what we perceive and experience? When will we stop defending the position of 'being right'? When anything triggers us, it is our true alignment to first look within. What is the difference between judgment and observation? Alignment. Consciousness.

Walk a mile in another's consciousness, before you assume that your perspective is the 'right' one. What you perceive as judgment is most likely your inner judge, reminding you of something you need to see or perceive or learn or understand.

What did I need to learn from that incident as a five-year-old? That not everyone perceives as I do - that there is separation and judgment in the world that need not be. It makes me sad, but I can no longer play on that field. 'What I know for sure' - quoting Oprah now - is that I am 'out' of the bucket and working on my 'bucket list'!

What do you know for sure? Radiate that! Resonate that! Find that voice - and shine! BE the one you have waited for!

From the above, the below, the without, the within, may peace, prosperity, joy, abundance, love, enlightenment, magic and mystery, tenderness, and respect (= reverence) be the fullness and the ALL.
~ mary

What we have known as our 'real world' is churning under our collective feet. May we navigate in reverence and remembrance of the ALL.

May the Divine Mother's Blessings Find You,
~and may you receive, with increasing clarity, all that you request in reverence,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

When Realities Collide

I am an intermittent science fiction fan. Some genres I truly enjoy, others I happily ignore completely. I am hearing in my head today, song lyrics from the film 'Rocky Horror'. "When Worlds Collide, said George P to his bride...". We are in the midst of such an event.

From the midst of the Great Turning, with the Sixth Night of the Mayan Calendar beginning November 8, I am observing worlds colliding all around me. How will we communicate, exchange, co-create when our versions of reality are, as a friend recently put things, "a little muddled". Yes, that is the line spoken by Billie Burke, in her role as Glinda the Good Witch, in 'The Wizard of Oz'.

It feels Oz-like does it not? (I actually read ALL of the books, not just the original.) Dorothy wants to 'go home' and can't find the way, all roads look alike (yellow) and guidance comes in parables and with threats "Surrender, Dorothy!" or a Cheshire-cat-like disappearing grin (but I'm mixing my mythologies). AND, of course, there is the infamous ruby footwear. Remove the slippers (must be uncomfortable as walking shoes, haven't you thought?) and you are vulnerable to being preyed upon. Stay 'tight inside of them' and the "other sister" tries to kill you at every turn ~ which she allegedly would do much faster if you take them off, even for a minute, to soothe your blisters. Sounds like a lose-lose to me! Is the Hero/ine's Journey really such dramatic stuff?

And there you have the 'death' of duality. Anything we still hold at the level of the personality had its birth in the system of the 'dual', the polarized, in 'duality'. We can no longer swing with the pendulum of either/or. The engine, the driver programs, no longer exist. And so, as we do the 'swing' from one side of any issue to what used to be the 'other', the pendulum takes off into another dimension entirely. One can laugh hysterically, give up and warp out, or relax and enjoy the ride. Then again, there is the crawling up one's own nether regions solution, never optimal in my way of thinking, but then I tend to prefer expansive views. ;) (translation: there is little vantage or vision up your own ... ahem!!)

We have heard that we are moving from duality to unity, but are we allowing ourselves to trust that there is a deeper guidance holding a course through it all? A course we cannot and will not see ahead of us?

We have practiced 'acting as if'. Is it enough right now? Is 'not knowing' really and truly ok? What voices remain inside of us that resist? Rebel? Run? Embrace the ostrich position?

How we do reconcile the now necessary action of CHOICE with embodying the flow? We are, all of us, faced with, grappling with, these questions right now.

For this evening of the Sixth Night the Divine Mother recommends integration. Allow what you have chosen to receive to find you.
Bless all that surrounds you. And remember to bless all that you ARE.

A Blessing for Co-Creation:

For the elements, earth, air, fire, water, Blessed BE.
(add metal and wood if you use the 5-element system)
For the stone people, blessings for the architecture of our world, for holding us within the embrace of your cosmically induced immenseness! For the standing people, blessings as your root systems encircle the world. Stand tall and guide us, as we rest beneath your shade and shelter. For the legless ones, be at peace and blessed. For the creepy-crawlers, may we learn from all your weavings. For the four-leggeds who share our above-ground world, may we be of one blood, and at peace. For the two-leggeds, may they(we) find reverence. For the winged ones, may our spirits soar with you as you bring the magic home to nest. For the finned ones, may you navigate us home, from the heart within us all.

For All Our Relations, in all directions, all beings, great and small, in reverence be blessed, as Our Creator sustains us all.

From the above, the below, the without, the within, may peace, prosperity, joy, abundance, love, enlightenment, tenderness, and respect (= reverence) be the fullness and the ALL.
~ a blessing from Delphic Wave ~

What we have known as our 'real world' is churning under our collective feet and noses. May we navigate in reverence and remembrance of the ALL.

May the Divine Mother's Blessings Find You,
~and may you receive, with increasing clarity, all that you request in reverence,

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dreaming Between the Worlds

The celebration of Halloween (samhain) is upon us, bringing with it remembrance of the thin places between all realities. Halloween and is a holiday (holy day) that originated as an outgrowth of an ancient Celtic Cross-Quarter festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in) that marked their New Year. As samhain is a 'fixed' holyday in most calendars, it falls on 31 October in the Northern Hemisphere. Samhain is a good time to do some divination!

What is divination and why is it at all important? Throughout every age there have been divination tools. The simplest are the applied kinesiology known as muscle-testing, use of a pendulum, divining rods (typically used to 'find' water) cartomancy (using cards) bibliomancy (books, like the I Ching) and others. Wikipedia defines the word as: "Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god"[2], related to divinus, divine) is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a standardized process or ritual." So, divination is simply a ritualized asking inwardly for guidance. In other words, it is a form of prayer. Ask, and you shall truly Receive!!!

In Ancient Greece, the Oracles were kept busy by such requests, the local Seers, busy interpreting the messages given. The distinction between Oracle and Seer has long been blurred in Western culture, as have the lines between intuition and imagination! ;)

In this alchemical alignment we have an accelerated opening into the depths of expanded perception. Whatever your tradition, this is an opportunity to delve deeply into your soul's experience, to access your 'other memory', the one you carry from lifetime to lifetime, and to bring forth from within a new way forward ~ probably from the richness of the composting of your thoughts and dreams.

Happy Samhain (Halloween) !!

My commitment is to ever-widening fields of perception, expanded awareness of divinity, to ever-evolving perceptions of truth, and, from the still small/ immense field of my heart, to the deepening understanding of LOVE.

May Love's Blessings Find You,
~and may you receive, with increasing clarity, all that you request in reverence,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aligning with Dreaming from the Heart

~ Consciously Co-Creating from Love ~

As we move toward what will be a new portal, (the 11:11:11 doorway next month) there are critical questions to ask within ourselves. As I have been contemplating, asking and receiving Divine Guidance, I am shown how imperative it is at this 'time', this critical juncture within each one of us, to do just this. To ask this question: "Where have I not loved?" "Where am I not appreciating / appreciative?"

When we ask these questions generically, in general, our guidance is often still. When we begin to query from curiosity, rather than from fear or judgment, asking "Am I appreciative of my life?" "Am I appreciative of my body as a vehicle for transformation?" Am I appreciative of the new/ancient foundational learning stance my mind MUST take at this time?" we begin to feel, to receive the answers in the form of guidance, that we have longed for. We are BECOMING the answers we have sought. " Look not outside yourself!" my guidance has always said. The outer is always an extension in consciousness of the inner. NOT always a direct reflection. More, a funhouse mirror of your radiance, your current perceptual field.

I am truly appreciative of all that has transpired ~ every moment of my waking / sleeping life ~ as these energies in motion have brought blessings, every one. I now choose from love, without guilt, all that I am available to create and experience. Will you choose from love as well? Your core invites you to do just this. Opening the heart does not have to mean becoming vulnerable to hurt, to attack, to conflict. These energies are ripe for transformation and a larger perception of truth.

The celestial alignments for 2009 - 2010 are energetic opportunities to travel through the realities we choose to create and experience. Watch for the 11:11:11 and for the eclipse on New Year's Eve, 2009! These are opportunities to dream forward co-creatively like none we have yet experienced... in this world or this lifetime!

My commitment is to ever-widening fields of perception, expanded awareness of divinity, to ever-evolving perceptions of truth, and, from the still small/ immense field of my heart, to the deepening understanding of LOVE.

May Love's Blessings Find You,
~and may you co-create from each and every one,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Moon Dreaming

~ Consciously Seeding a New Reality ~

~ Dreaming through the Heart ~

A new moon is once again upon us, this coming Saturday night (or whatever day it will be for you in your part of the world). The new moon time is the dreaming-forward time, the time just past the 'dark', when all things turn inward, the time for stating consciously in the still-small centre within each of us, what our hearts and souls truly desire. A new moon is a catalytic time, a time to seed, to plant and water. What is the heartseed of this time for you? To what will you give your heart energy during this next lunar cycle? Find the place within you that your heart swells to meet. What uplifts and inspires and delights the new within you?

We can use our dreaming abilities to proactively create many things. We can dream our expanding consciousness forward, clearing all that no longer serves, (

We can dream our livelihoods forward in a way that serves Source as She moves through us, one another, and All Our Relations, (

In our dreaming we choose, each moment, what our focus will be and what we will become. There are many traditions for 'new moon intending'. All focus on aligning with the lunar cycle to more easily make manifest the dreams of our hearts' desires. With each new dreaming we find more of ourselves, more pieces of the real, fewer holdouts in the shining of the light that we are.

This new moon alignment is a time to re-dream your intentions, and to relax into gratitude for the buds and signs that will appear as your dreaming finds fruition.

The next new moon forms on Saturday, October 17 at 10:33 PM PDT at 25ยบ Libra, the sign of balance, partnership, and peace.

Dream well! Dream your wisdom! Water the seeds of your heart!

May Every Blessing Find You,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Full Moon in Libra-Aries

~ Get Ready to re-balance and re-create ~

The full moon in Libra-Aries occurs on Saturday evening October 3rd, at 11:10 PM PDT. (Early in the morning on the 4th for much of the world) The spotlight energies of the full moon in Libra shine a light on what needs balancing. The spotlight energies in Aries, on what is showing up creatively, in creativity and in our lives to be re-created. Where do we have an opportunity to live our courage and try a new way?

The way to navigate re-balancing and re-birthing, re-creating, is from the heart. Interestingly enough, the astrological ruler of the sign of Libra is the planet Venus, an embodiment of the energies of the Divine Feminine. How can we allow and receive ourselves into our own hearts? How can we allow the Sacred Feminine to help us re-align in balance in new ways?

In the human body, we are learning that the heart is not only the strongest, (in its most natural, healthy state) but the most intelligent organ we possess. Did you know that it has been observed scientifically that the heart generates an electromagnetic force field thousands of times stronger than that of the brain? Our hearts are literally stronger than our mental functions.

This full moon alignment is a time to take note of your intentions, of all that you began to dream into your life at the new moon timing, and to relax into gratitude for the buds and signs that are appearing at this time of budding fruition. The full moon heralds the fruition time, the 'showing up' of your heart's desires and your intuitional intending.

I can't wait to see where / how my heart will lead me today!

" the "taking of control", you've limited the
Universe's ability to yield to you all kinds of fantastic things."
~ Abraham-Hicks

Let your heart lead you. Control is a highly inefficient use of energy.

May Every Blessing Find You,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Art of Balancing ~ Hemispheres ~ The Mayan Calendar and Our World

Today, contemplating the upcoming new moon and equinox alignments, I was guided to watch a YouTube video featuring Carl Johan Calleman, Mayan Calendar expert and heart-centered visionary.

In segment 1 of the 5-part interview, taped on ‘13 Ik’ (approximately the summer solstice 2009) Calleman is talking about the 1990 fall of the Berlin wall and how the wall and its demise relates to the eastern and western hemispheres in the world we live in. He extrapolates the ‘split’ in consciousness between East and West into the hemispheres of our brains as well.

Calleman said ‘the western hemisphere has dominated’ in the world.
He goes on to say - throughout the course of the interview - that the concept of ‘dominance’ in any form has run its course, and that this can be shown in the Mayan Calendar and in evolution as a whole.

This interested me greatly, as I have been on an inner balancing adventure of my own for the past few years.

A year or so ago I began writing about a shift in my physical body that I was experiencing as ‘holographic brain balancing’. No, not a new healing technique ~ although I am sure it will emerge as such in some form and be offered by someone(s) if it is not already! ~ but a new way of perceiving and functioning in the world.
(scroll down to the featured article)

My experience, after having what the hospital called a ‘brainstem stroke’ on June 5th of this year, has been of a relaxing into the centre of my ‘head’, of my awareness and of an entirely ‘new’ and very different way of functioning. I am no longer physically able to allow any one ‘side’ of my body or my awareness to ‘dominate’ at all.

The first example I have of this is from an early morning walk, a couple of months ago, only 4 weeks after the ‘stroke’. I was working on balancing my physical sight (my visual cortex was ‘altered’ by the cerebral event) using various techniques from various healing traditions. I heard, quite clearly, in my inner awareness “non-dominance”. It literally stopped me in my tracks. “What?” I wondered. “Non-dominance”, I heard again. Then, “Close your right eye”. Like many westerners I was born with or trained into ‘right-handedness’. Meaning, I write with and appear to have more dexterity with, my right hand, right side (although in martial arts it was the reverse, interestingly enough) etc. I did as I was instructed, and felt my whole body instantly relax. As I looked out through my physical ‘left eye’ (the myopic one) at a blurry landscape, my feet felt secure under me, my balance restored, my awareness opened further and I felt completely at ease and in oneness. I opened my right eye to ‘see clearly’ and the feeling in the body vanished. Repetitions of this ‘experiment’ on that and future mornings produced exactly the same results. Close the ‘dominant portal’ (right eye) and relax into balance, serenity, ease and grace. Open it and perceive the world through what was a totally unconscious filter of ‘dominant’; a ‘dominant’ or ‘dominance-skewed’ view of the world. Literally!!!

What a discovery! No, I have not continued to use only my left eye, although it has needed exercises and a bit of ‘practice’ to bring steadiness (and, also improvement in clarity, which was unexpected) and balance to the visual cortex.

Calleman also mentions, in this interview, the correlation of left and right brain hemispheres with the unification of the philosophical orientations of East and West... which is one of the issues I am aware my soul incarnated at this time to integrate. Even more fascinating!

Don’t you love it when your guidance gives you practical, direct and THOROUGH answers to a relatively undeveloped query? ;)

This integration allows for the evolution and trust of the intuition. I am a living example, currently. For the past three years I have been in a process of learning to live by only putting energy into what are known as ‘inspired actions’. Everything else just flatlines. It has been quite the adventure! ;)

Did you know that the ‘Berlin’ area of the longitudinal axis discussed by Calleman and known for centuries as a pivotal world circuit, correlates with the hypothalamus of the brain in the human body? This is the area of the brain that sends out co-creational impulses to our bodies and lives!

My physical ‘viewpoint’ has been altered permanently - in tune with, it seems - the cosmological dance of creation, at least from the “Mayan” point of view. ;)

I am blessed and I am grateful. I recommend investigating this cyclic turning and observing how it is manifesting for you!
May Every Blessing Find You!
~ unending oneness

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Energy of Completion

~ Letting go is part of Dreaming Forward ~

Today is the 9th day of the 9th month of 2009, or 090909.

This is quite an auspicious day!

09-09-09 marks a important transition time on Earth. The number 9 is linked with sacred geometry, humanitarianism, and completion; three repetitions of 9 marks a stargate, an inter-dimensional portal, and major download of cosmic energies.

9/9/09 holds the vibration of Completion on all 3 levels; physical, mental and spiritual. This is a Phase Completion. This is the completion of the dualistic model in consciousness. What does that mean? Well, to translate it to the mind, it ‘means’ that consciousness,, not just our little, limited human egoic minds, but CONSCIOUSNESS on this lovely planet of ours, is moving into Oneness. This is the time when Unity and Love will be the actions that ‘work’ in our world. This is the Great Turning, a transition in cyclic momentum that we may harness to change how we experience and live in harmony with our planet and with one another ~ and All Our Relations.

In Chinese numerology, the number 9 is honored as the ending, or completion, that brings new beginnings (a sort of graduation). It is associated with conclusions, and clearing up loose ends. In western numerology ‘9’ can represent a point of evolution from which one is poised to create the new, while completing what has gone before. The number 9 is the ‘most senior’ in the series of 0-9, which means that, as in life, the ‘elder’ or ‘crone’ has seen and learned the lessons of various phases of life and now holds the wisdom of the completion.

Honor what needs to end in your energy field today! You have cosmic timing on your side to help you complete any transitions and get ready for the new.

As you look within this portal to find the stillness, you will begin to feel the vibration of excitement about doing one thing today more than any other. The excitement is a hint for you. Serving your Source alignment is the reason you are on Earth now. It is time to let go of all ‘old’ concepts of what service means, in any tradition, in any lineage, and to feel the essence of divine play in your heart; to dance with it, flow with it, and allow the new to find you. The new cycle is one of connecting, of reaching out in oneness to share the joy and delight that flows through you uniquely; to share the unique flow of Source that you are. Listen to your heart and intuition and make the moves that bring you the most joy. Joy is the ‘juice’ that feeds your Love.

As you listen and dream today, ask the Divine to release to you the best and highest information possible regarding your own personal Joy. Take this information into your heart and allow yourself to truly receive all that you Are. Allow the flow to fill your heart, embrace you, and full-fill your Soul! Release, Bless, Ask, Allow and Receive. This is the blessing within the 9/9/09.

Hint: if you are out of alignment with any completions that either need to happen or that need to be released, this is a most auspicious day to allow them to transform.

Allow this portal to flow through you, to become you, allow yourself to embody the fluidity that your Soul knows itSelf to Be.

May Every Blessing Find You,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tuning up for the Next Cycle

~ “Finally” fine tuning ~

“Some of us have shed our skins so many times we aren’t sure there is anything left! The fruition of these endeavors is now at hand” ~ Jennifer Posada

I picked up the harp the other day, realizing that she was ‘out of tune’ due most likely to shifts in the temperature and weather of late. As I plugged in my tuning device and prepared to adjust her strings, I could feel the same process happening within me. The whole experience of the past weeks, post-solstice, has been a process of refinement, of deep inner listening and reverence for the more subtle flows of Source above, below, within and without. I found, in attempting to ‘tune’ the harp I was holding, that she was asking for a deeper resonance from me. This time we did not use the external calibrated device, but tuned ourselves to one another. It was joyous indeed. I have tuned the guitar this way for a lifetime, but had not yet felt enough competence to do this with my dear harping companion.

I am finding the same in nature. A place of lushness, of full embracing of the essence of the LIFE that surrounds and enfolds me, as we share the experience in oneness. This morning’s pre-dawn walk yielded the usual cottontails, a pair of coyotes and the noises that the local deer make within the brush on the embankment. My furry companion was enthralled. She is learning (she is young yet) to ‘walk with me’ in and between the worlds where we meet All Our Relations with respect and reverence and, in turn, are greeted much the same. She admittedly has ‘chasing’ issues with the cottontails and squirrels. Far too tempting... although she tries valiantly to be still with me and watch and listen.

The period of energetic turbulence we now find ourselves in can best be navigated from that place ~ or still, deep watching and listening, from the heartspace ~ from our centres.

I found this paragraph in one of the many emails I receive ...
“Fine tuning means letting go of all or any energies or purposes within us that we embodied in the past, and that we will no longer need in a new reality. It is a sort of purification process, as we are now becoming our true and authentic selves at yet another level, and this involves getting to that pure gold nugget of who we really are as individuals. We are not really purifying now, but more fine-tuning…extracting our higher level purpose that is no longer related to raising the consciousness of the planet. That time is over. “ ~ Karen Bishop,

This rang true for me in a way much now rings true for only moments in the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of embodying fluidity. (Things are changing faster than many of us want to observe) ;)

Allowing us to be refined, to move into the subtleties of our beings, is the gift in this time, this Turning, this Shift into Wisdom.
The Divine Mother, in all her splendor, awaits you. You will find Her in your heartspace ~ the sacrosanct container deep within your soul.
Navigate gently, these waters of change! Be easy, and still, deep within your authenticity. And, as always ~

May Her Every Blessing Find You,
(unending love)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remembering Conscious Dreaming

Today is a time for setting new intentions, (it is a new moon, a ‘supermoon’ at that, aligned with both Venus and Neptune in ways that call for deep listening and remembering) for opening to your hearts’ desires, in the form of the deep yearning, calling voice within.

This new moon brings the opportunity for celebrating SELF... not the little, limited, programmed, conditioned voice of ‘I’, but the voice of the heart, that speaks from a place of purity, of connectedness, of wisdom and of knowing.

There are many tools, methods and ways for setting intentions. Sometimes we need a formal ‘form’ for doing so. Other times, it is the out-pouring, upwelling from the heart that stirs us.

One ‘form’ of setting new moon intentions that has always been fun for me, is to send ‘mySELF’ an email, during the window (within a few hours after the exact time of the new moon) of the seeding time. As I am writing to Source, the note can take any shape, contain images or not, be long, short, succinct or detailed. I hold the feeling states, the vision, in my heart, body and soul, then hit ‘send’... releasing the energies of intention into the Universal ALL.

Of course, the mail comes into my ‘inbox’ as I have sent it to SELF.
The joy and surprise is in opening that particular piece of mail, scanning it as Source speaking to Source... and being joyously surprised and pleased (like waiting for santa claus) at what signs begin to show at the first quarter and the full moon timings.

Set your intentions (like your sails) - send our your ship (your message) ~ and watch the skies for the signs to arrive! It also helps, sometimes, to file the email away somewhere to peruse again at the full moon time, so that you can celebrate the signs arriving for you at the first time of flowering in the lunar cycle. It is a time to celebrate... to add ease and grace and joy and FUN to your conscious dreaming.

And, if you perhaps encounter resistance to your receiving, remember... in the world of duality ONLY, does there exist a split between sending(giving) and receiving, between offering and acceptance, between ‘anything’ and ‘anything else’. Transcending duality is inherent in wholeness... perhaps seed to plant at this, quite powerful, new moon.

May Every Blessing Always Find You,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Releasing and Receiving

~ Finding the flow in reflected alignment ~

Today, or perhaps ‘tomorrow’ or ‘tonight’, (or whatever time the last quarter moon arrives for you) is a time for releasing and letting go, for opening the hands to let fall what we have held to so tightly, and to ~ with those open hands, receive ~ what Source offers us ~ a hitherto perhaps unknown or unrecognized, lately uncelebrated aspect of SELF.

Moon cycles offer reflection, an opportunity to see our authentic selves in what is literally and figuratively a ‘new light’. They draw our inner and emotional energies into the deep cycle of SELF; in that we reflect ourselves to ourselves in a wholly new way... unique to each of us, important to the all. Moonlight reflects inner light - and as this alignment of the ‘last quarter’ arrives for us, we see our inner reflection in the ‘waning moon’, the ebb of our emotional tides, the drawing inward of our awareness, to what is hopefully an as yet undiscovered country within. (or maybe, just maybe, a landscape now remembered... it is time)

Our relationship with Source is reflected directly in our daily lives. “As they perceive their Gods, so their lives will proceed” ~ badly misquoted I am sure, from Marion Zimmer Bradley.

This is an ancient knowing. As we allow larger, higher, more all-inclusive truths to replace our limited understanding of subjective truths, our perception of source, of life, is cleansed and deepened.

William Blake wrote “...when the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see life as it is... infinite...”.

The Divine Mother’s feedback on this particular ‘moonthly’ alignment is to relax and allow... rest between the phases of your life, as you reste within this reflection of all that is. Relax and let go. Release your ‘history’ and drink from the inner well of abundance and plenty, fully released into the NOW.

What does the NOW have in store for you? Will you offer yourself to your SELF in the certain knowledge that you ARE a divine manifestation? That your life is the signature of your soul’s journey?
That the moon of releasing and receiving is both without and within?

As children we are taught to ‘find the face’ (the rabbit, the image) in the moon. Which of your many faces (facets) is this moon revealing?

What is there, hidden in your hands, (or your pockets) whose time has come to be let go? Are you open to receive, as your hands fall open? As your hands... so your heart. May you open as a flower, and reflect your full bloom.

May Every Blessing Always Find You,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shaking the Inner Tree of Life

~ Finding the balance point within any split in awareness ~

For so many, last evening, (or whatever time the eclipse and ensuing full moon arrived for you) was interestingly uneventful yet presaged upheavals in a very deep way. Eclipse energies are very inner and very intense. They draw a part of us into dormancy; so that the light can shine on aspects of self we still need to see (bring to light, or work through... it is different for each of us). In this year (2009) of choice points, where the energies are at boiling point, it is often challenging to deal with patterns that we have seemingly overcome, or that seem to not want to budge ~ no matter how much work we have done on them!

The Divine Mother’s feedback on this particular alignment continues to be “Ssssshhhh. Listen. And let go. Do not make the ghosts of your past into a reality. Drink from the inner well of wisdom and allow these last bits of non-reality to be absorbed into the All”.

Last week I was privileged to give a webinar on Reconciling Consciousness and Money, for Whispering Energy ~ During this download on inner and outer abundance, the Divine Mother asked a question for those listening to ponder.

‘Resting in the assurance that abundance, money and love are all the same vibration, where in your body, life and/or finances are you split between have and have not? ‘

It took a couple of days closer to the vortex of the eclipse for me to get my download. The split for me was still held in little slivers of the warrior and the healer archetypes. What does it mean to reconcile those archetypes and hold the sacred space of/for both? What does ‘both’ look like? Many people feel that one cannot be a warrior and a healer, both. The archetypal energies contradict one another. That has not been my experience in this, or other lives. It is time for this world to realign the archetype of the warrior into one of fierce compassion, one that lives not by the sword, but through the heart. That appears to be part of my alignment. I will not pretend to have been unaware of this, nor that I was not a bit surprised to find ‘more’ of a programmed pattern I have been working toward reconciling for oh, decades, in this lifetime. ;)

I was reminded of a series of books I love, about a woman whose soul alignment is that of healer/warrior. The character is a wolf walker, one with nature through her bonded wolf and with the pack through the pack song. She is an energy healer of a kind not known for ages, trained as a warrior as well. The warrior training honed her strength and courage, to help the pack, the ‘helpless ones’ in nature, that would need her voice, her hands, her healing. It was a means, not an end in itself.

The Divine Mother has spoken through many in this time, saying, “This world will not change, until we redefine what it is to be a warrior”. The consummate warrior is at one with her/his skills, with strength, with courage and with forbearance. How much the same, the alignment of healing? Each a divine conduit for grace, in much the same form, although in duality it appears not.

The one Xena episode that I ever watched was a unification of these archetypes, as is the character in the wolfwalker books. In this episode, Xena is pregnant and cannot fight. The village she is visiting, to learn the deeper ways of Spirit, falls under attack. In silken robes, rather than battle gear, she stands before the village, projecting her intense love for the village, its people and companion animals, as an energetic shield ~ as she has been taught by the sages with whom she studies. The approaching army is decimated... by the energy of love.

What do the warrior and the healer have in common? Love for those they heal and protect.

What is the reconciliation of any split in consciousness? Find the love and you find the answer.

May Every Blessing also Find You,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lammas ~ Lughnasadh, & Laughter

Does a butterfly laugh as she dries her wings?
Does she know what makes her newly-formed heart sing?
(I daresay yes to the first and possibly 'hmmm' to the second)

A bit of the astrological for today:
courtesy of Cayelin Castell of Shamanic Astrology

Aug 01, Saturday. Traditional Lammas. The waxing out-of-bounds Moon is passing through the late degrees of Sagittarius and is visible in the constellation of Scorpio. Venus (1 Cancer) opposite Pluto (1 Capricorn)

Lughnasadh is the gaelic (celtic) holyday associated with the beginning of August, celebrating the harvest time. The harvest is also associated with the disseminating moon (what we 'see' as three quarters full) that waxes at this time. Lammas is the later established, 'Anglo-fied' version of this celebration.

Lugh was the Irish Sun God and was also known as 'Samildanach' which means 'many-skilled'. Thus the celebration in his honour involved the demonstration of prowess in the skills attributed to him both as a warrior and as a craftsman. The festival of Lugnassadh honoured the Sun King's triumphal harvest, celebrating the riches and abundance given by the heat and light of summer.

Lugh represents a newer phase of development in the mythology of Ireland. He was apparently introduced to the Celtic pantheon around the time of Christ. His coming marks the rising ascendancy all across Britain, Europe and the Mediterranean of the male gods of the Sun over the Sun Goddess known to the people of the ancient world.

Originally, this Lugh's feast would have been a festival of ripened grain, celebrating the Mother's bounty. The motif of Lughnasadh is the triumph of the light of summer over the darkness of winter. The Summer King, having taken the throne from the Winter King now celebrates the power of the deeds that led to his victory. In the Sacred Feminine traditions, the solar feminine is honored at this time... and Her infinite resources of light. Not familiar with the solar Goddesses? Look for Sekhmet, Ameratsu (japan), and others. These powerful divine feminine manifestations are the original foremothers of Xena and Elektra!

Gatherings for Lughnasadh are for celebrating the gift of life. The Mother gives to us through the body of the Earth and the strength of our spirits. Lughnasadh is a time to rejoice in the victory of life itself.

Be the laughing butterfly, joyously drying her wings! Soar with your joys and passions and dreams. May these, and Every Blessing, immediately find you!!

Soar brilliantly!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Becoming the eye of the storm

Greetings from the stillpoint, the eye of the storm. ;)

Some of you may know that for many years I studied, and then taught martial arts. There is one lesson, from a book about training, that stands out in my memory as so very pertinent to this time we are now experiencing. I do not remember the title nor the author of this little book, but its’ message ~ to be as the eye of the storm.

The energy of any situation was described as that of a hurricane; cyclical in form and in the nature of its travel, the ‘damage’ is caused at the periphery, where things are most turbulent and therefore most dangerous and cataclysmically messy. We are now in such a time, energetically. All that we have built for ourselves, to identify ourselves, is being swept away. A shamanic death on steroids. An opportunity to get out of our own way.

The teaching in this little book was to become like the calm at the center of a storm... not engaging, not identifying with nor becoming any part of the spin. I remember reading this the very first time, lying on a lawn chair with my sleeping bag tucked up around me, waiting to go on yet another mystical journey with my spiritual teacher. It made such sense, this story. When one engages the ‘enemy’, be it inner or outer in circumstance, one becomes part of the ‘storm’. The archetype of ‘warrior’ predestines the ‘war’. The more identified with or caught up in the turmoil you become, the more the likelihood of you being tossed to the outer rim of the action, where the physical nature of all that you most want to protect is thrashed and beaten and altered by the storm’s random fury.

Where will you make your stand? Will you, in your transformative, re-birthing state, try to butt heads with the winds of change? Or will you perhaps bend, like the sapling, the willow, allowing yourself to toss and twist into a new way of being? Are you exhausted from the buffeting? If so, or even if not, there is another option. Be still. Go within.

In the Vedic traditions, much is written about the “stillpoint between the turning worlds”. This is the place of peace where the experience of stillness (sometimes stuckness or limbo) is what manifests due to the lack of friction within. When there is so little friction that we cannot detect movement, we can surrender to the peace of the experience, or rage against what feels like the dying of the light... fighting on, in the midst of the spin, as the ‘enemy’ takes us with it, high up in the cyclone, held within the cycle of turbulence, spinning down the drain. What is dying is the reactivity, the response patterns we are conditioned to hold, when what we have been conditioned to value is altered or swept away. Let them go. You do not need them.

What is truly authentic to you will remain, washed clean by the winds and waters, energized by the lightning, fed by the peace that finally, finally finds you.

May Every Blessing also Find You,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giving and Receiving ~ mastering reciprocity

Many of us have running within our emotional and physical bodies, dysfunctional programs around what it is to give, and/or receive. More often than not, the worst fear around these states of mind is a double bind or deadly embrace between taking and ‘being taken’. In other words, we fear becoming a ‘taker’ AND we fear being ‘taken’; the people, places, things, opportunities that we love the most being tripped away from us, through loss of some kind.

The ‘way out’ of the trap of dysfunctional giving / dysfunctional receiving is to ask Spirit what the ‘AND’ condition is. If I could vibrate with truly healthy and balanced giving AND receiving, what would it feel like? What would my consciousness be like? The answer is typically something like “balanced flow of always more resources in than out, generosity in appropriate measure, and being unconditionally supported in ways as yet unimagined and most likely un-experienced”.

When you find your ‘AND’ condition, listen for the immediate sounds of the ‘but-but’ bird... “But that’s impossible. But that can never happen. But life is not like that”. This is the voice of the conditioned mind. It is trying to keep you safe in the ways it has been trained to do so. Our minds have been trained to protect us by referencing what has gone before: what we have learned, our conditioning, family values, genetic inheritance.... the mind is not trained to ‘let go’ and listen to the heart. Your mind will always answer you with what there is to fear ~ until it has been re-trained to flow with your intuitive guidance.

Allowing oneself to receive unconditionally is equally as important as learning to give unconditionally. What does that mean? The answer to that query is another. What does it mean to you? What does it mean to your conscious self, and what does it mean to your programmed states of mind? When you can truly answer from the heart, you will know.

The heartspace is sacrosanct, a safe haven where you and Spirit journey together, inseparable and unconditionally One. The heartspace IS the middle way.

So often the ‘middle way’ is talked of as a place of practiced neutrality, a place where all opposites are reconciled and all attachment ceases. I find this not to be. The open heart greets paradox with love and understanding. One or both of the tenets are ‘untrue’. ;)

The heart greets fear with love, misunderstanding with compassion and ignorance with patience. When you experience doubt or fear, especially in the areas of giving or receiving, ask your heart. Let not the mind interfere. Your heart will tell you. It holds your true, unbridled passion, for radiance, for truth, for peace, for the love that passes all else in its comprehension.

Remember your heart, and be absorbed therein. Receive her blessings, as you give from the grace that flows from them. Be the embodiment you came to Be. The heart is the middle way. Have you consulted yours today?

May Every Blessing Find You,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Inter-dependence Day!

Independence or Inter-dependance.... the choice is up to you.

In the ‘states’, today is Independence Day. Interesting concept. For some, independence and dependency are two sides of a tricky sword, or constantly flipping coin. What is the higher vibratory state that transcends both, allowing individuation within the Divine Whole?

What if your soul alignment is meant to be wholly individuated AND wholly contained within the sacred space of Divinity ~ AND in collaboration with others of like vibration? Do you have a reference point for this? Most do not. The heartspace is where this is possible. Your heart, in alignment with the heart of the Divine, in whatever form She most graces you, AND in collaboration with the optimally held heartspaces of those who have similarly chosen Source Alignment as authenticity.

What comes up for many is the fear of the ‘group grope’, fear of ‘going along’ and an equal and opposite fear of ‘going it alone’ and therefore, ‘being made wrong’ or projected upon. What is there left within you that resonates with the polarizing effects of these beliefs? The beliefs that you will ‘lose your independence’ or ‘go along at the expense of your own alignment or truth’? Or are you in fear of walking your worst fears around this subject, whatever they might be?

All this is mind. It has nothing to do with the heart. It has been said that ‘the truth will set you free’. Whose truth? Are there degrees and variations of truth? There seem to be. For each and every positioned reality, there are ‘truths’ ~ all subjective. What then, is the freedom found in objective truth? Perhaps the knowing, the inner certainty found in flow, in the constant of ever-changing, expanding consciousness.

What if Embodying Fluidity as you, and only you, can so BE, IS the ultimate and final answer to the question”Is it true? ~ or ~ What is truth?”

Remember, a question and its answer occupy the same space in awareness... there is no ‘time’ between. Ask, and see how the answers set you free.

Happy Inter-dependence day!

May Every Blessing Find You,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Intricate Art of Receptivity

How does one truly achieve receptivity? Embrace the receptive principle? Why does receptivity seem different than creativity? Is it? In the I Ching, the hexagrams of the Creative and the Receptive are first and second, the foundational building blocks of all other vibrations. In the Taoist symbol for Tai Chi, the yin and yang energies dance together, each holding the seed of the other, in endless cyclic form.

I am experiencing a personal learning cycle in Receptivity at the moment. For those who know or don’t know, I experienced what the medical community is calling a brainstem ‘stroke’ on Friday, the 5th of June, approximately mid-day. And yes, thank you all so much! I have seen Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED video (many times, before this happened, actually) and think her insights are marvelous, as is her book, “A Stroke of Insight”.

My cerebral adventure was not as severe as hers, nor did I know what was happening to me (being a former data analyst,not a neuro-anatomist). I had an episode of extreme dizziness, during which I really wanted to just lie down and let Source balance me, my left side became very heavy and numb, and, finally, the left side of my face went slack, nerves and muscles taking a ‘time out’. ;) At that point, my partner dialed ‘911’ and EMS took over. Thank Goddess!! I was receiving oxygen and something intravenously within minutes, which undoubtedly has helped my ‘amazing’ and ‘mystifying’ recovery (the doctors’ words, not mine).

The medical professionals have been unable to determine actual cause with any certainty. What appeared as an apparent occlusion, or obstruction in one of the veins that serves the brainstem in the first CT that was taken, disappeared after an hour and a half, and the MRI was clear... as was the second CT the next morning.

What I experienced was, ‘no pain whatsoever’. I became extremely dizzy, felt very tired, and walked into the house from outside, but had to go up the stairs to the main room on all fours. Too dizzy. I thought I was answering what my partner was asking me quite coherently, but apparently I was speaking ‘gibberish’ and slurring heavily. I remember being asked if I wanted to be driven to emergency, and thinking that was ridiculous. At that point, while trying to lie down on the sofa, my left side went numb. I could not use my left arm or hand, and the left side of my face ‘fell’, according to observation. I could not feel it, myself. I kept thinking it was absurd to go to hospital, as I felt ‘ok’ although compromised. I thought I probably just needed a nap! Good thing I couldn’t speak for myself, it seems!

My speech began to return within 3 hours, my left side began to function again within 4 hours. I woke up with full use of my left hand the very next morning and was released from hospital the next day, approximately 24 - 30 hours after having been admitted into the ER.

Throughout this adventure, I have been held and supported by the Divine. My body experienced shock at ‘not functioning properly’ and, on waking that next morning in hospital, I witnessed a bit of physical fear, when my left side was working perfectly but my eyes were not. I did not feel afraid. The doctors kept using the “stroke” word, while the inner voice of Spirit kept saying “Be still". You are taken care of. No need to buy into this. What will you choose to make real?” I told the ER physician that I felt well enough to go home. Everyone laughed. I could not yet walk by myself without needing to hold onto something! And yet, later in the day, I was released.

The difference between what the body experiences in order to keep itself intact, and what we feel emotionally and in our consciousness can be quite profound. What I felt emotionally was gratitude. What I felt in consciousness was a bit of incredulity, the surreal nature of having something happen ‘out of the blue’ and not knowing why nor the source thereof. For the last two years, my life has been a training program for surrendering into flow. Why should this be different?

When ‘events’ happen in our lives, the most important observation is the inner truth. What is the benefit here? What was I not perceiving that I really need to see? (Especially in something like this, involving my eyes and perceptual field) What adjustment is being made to my alignment? It feels as though I have been ‘re-booted’, both brain and vision. My physical perception radically altered, I must now depend on the balance of inner and ‘outer’ vision in order to ‘do’ anything in the physical world. How perfect ~ in a perverse sort of way!

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”
~ William Blake

My ‘doors of perception’ have been altered. The cleansing is yet to be. I awake each morning grateful to open my eyes and ‘see’. I choose receptivity for the message held in this adventure and the outpouring of ‘help’ and care that has come my way.

May Every Blessing Find You,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Entering the Solstice Portal ~ Dreaming with the Flow of Sacred Cycles

Summer Solstice 2009 ~

Entering the Solstice Portal ~ Dreaming with the Flow of Sacred Cycles

An utterly astounding array of ancient cultures built their greatest architectures -- tombs, temples, cairns and sacred observatories -- so that they aligned with the solstices and equinoxes. Many of us know that Stonehenge is a perfect alignment with both summer and winter solstices.

Not as many people are familiar with Newgrange, a beautiful megalithic site in Ireland. This huge circular stone structure is estimated to be 5,000 years old, older by centuries than Stonehenge, older than the Egyptian pyramids! It was built to receive a shaft of sunlight deep into its central chamber at dawn on winter solstice.

Hundreds of other megalithic structures throughout Europe are oriented to the solstices and the equinoxes. The blossoming field of archaeoastronomy studies such sacred sites in the Americas, Asia, Indonesia, and the Middle East.
Recent research into the medieval Great Zimbabwe in sub-Saharan Africa (also known as the "African Stonehenge") indicates a similar purpose. In North America, one of the most famous such sites is the Sun Dagger of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, built a thousand years ago by the Chacoans, ancestors of the Pueblo people. Even cultures that followed a moon-based calendar seemed also to understand the importance of these sun-facing seasonal turning points.
Why? Because the solstice is an opening between the worlds, it is a time when intentions are amplified and the field of infinite possibilities can be engaged in a direct and meaningful way.

In this hour and half tele-seminar, on Monday June 22nd at 11am PDT Mary will facilitate an initiation into the flowing-forward alignment of Solstice-to-Solstice Conscious Dreaming. Using guided meditation, vision journeying, and transformational energy work, we will place our individual and collective intentions and visioning into the sacred cauldron that is the solstice window, invoking the magic of this alignment in the art of conscious dreaming.

Cost for the Tele-Seminar is $49.00.

For more information or to register please visit

Please join us in this ancient ritual for dreaming a new reality.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real-time Self Care ~ the Art of Fluid Perception

Real-time Self Care - The Art of Fluid Perception

Self Care has been one of the ‘hot’ topics among those who work with me of late. How does one achieve real-time Self Care, in the face of the energetic turbulence we are all surfing?

The answer lies in a shift in perception. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Too true. When life seems to have dealt you the hand of ‘overwhelm’, it is time, truly, to shift your perception. What you need, in terms of Self Care, is a fresh point of view, enabling you to practice Self Care first, rather than ‘later’.

One of my favorite spiritual books, Mr. God This is Anna, by Fynn, is the story of a little girl with an intimate relationship with the Divine. In her description to her friend, Fynn, she says that most of us have only limited points of view, but the Divine has “infinite viewing points” ~ or, in the words of the five-year-old avatar “infinite points to view”.
When you choose to open your perception a bit wider, to allow in the infinite ocean of possibilities, you are aligning with that Divine perceptual field of infinite lenses of perception.

Unexpected miracles are energetic alignments that happen when we let go of our default reactive states (thought patterns and habits of behaviour) and choose to allow in the optimal solution at any moment.

Ask inwardly: What am I not seeing?
What am I not allowing myself to perceive?
What is the optimal solution?
~ and choose to trust that it will be revealed, in the moment when it is needed (usually not before). ;)

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”
~ William Blake

For further discussion of this question, including spiritual diagnostics for the energy management of Self Care in the moment ~

Please join me and my friend Max Wellspring for a F*ree TeleClass on May 29th at 10AM PDT, as part of the launch of our Living Without Limits program - new for the Fall of 2009.

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May Every Blessing Find You,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Aligning with Divine Essence

Sometimes we get so involved in the day-to-day that we forget how
fluid things really are. We forget the power that runs through our
hearts and bodies in every moment of every day.
We forget to connect, each morning, with our own inherent Divinity,
and co-create each day in joyous celebration!

Try this if it feels good to you: Each morning, connect with the
Divine Mother, with Source ~ however that feels right for you. Allow
yourself to be held in that vibration of perfect flow, of perfect co-
creation. Ask Source:
"What shall we co-create today?"
And listen, as you go about your day... delighting in the wonder of
excitement and anticipation!

A few days ago this quotation arrived in my inbox. What a perfect
way to see oneself, in the mirror of Her love.

"If you knew how much you have in common with the
Divine Infinite Structure of the universe . . .
what a heavenly alignment you are . . .
how many points of power are hidden below the surface . . .
how you so expertly formulate an elixir of light within your bodily
structure . . .

If you truly knew, you would never again doubt that YOU are
the keeper of what is to come for you physically, emotionally, and

From this day forward you'd simply be the sequence of movement
called CREATION aligned with vibrations that beckon you into more of
your Divine Nature.

Harry Potter would be impressed!"
Reverend Angela

Friday, May 8, 2009

Standing in Alignment:
What will you stand FOR?

I have recently been confronted about world conditions and how aligning in the heart is an impractical stance. A kind gentleman called in to my radio broadcast and went on at length on how the world has so much wrong with it, that we MUST stand against poverty, disease, injustice, and all of the wrongdoings that are so prevalent at this time. He said that, for him, the avatars like Christ and Buddha were warriors first, and that we must fight with and for the Light.

At one time, I was a member of the security team that ‘protected’ my spiritual teacher. We were self-proclaimed “Warriors of Light”. I am a longtime martial artist, with a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. I had my own Dojo (training school) for 12 years. I taught young people (mostly women) how to stand in their power. I did NOT teach them to EVER stand AGAINST.... ANYTHING. To quote the film “The Karate Kid” ~ ‘never prevent war by fighting in one’. This is truth. This is real. In the face of all that needs to change on this beautiful planet of ours, and I agree there is much... nothing will happen unless we change our concept of what it is to be a warrior.

Dan Millman, wrote of this challenge, in his book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, a novel about confronting the false personas, the false ‘demons’ within and moving completely into the flow.

I, too, confronted within myself the inner pacifist, the one who would walk away rather than confront - even if it meant sacrificing the truth. I went to martial arts training to correct this imbalance. I was once mocked in a black belt class for ‘backing up’ and not countering an attack. I had to learn to stand FOR my own heart, my own energy, my own strength and safety... and also never to threaten those things in another, if it could possibly be prevented.

There is an old saying in the martial arts. So old, in fact, that none know its origins. “Hold peace rather than conflict. Hurt rather than maim. Maim rather than kill. Kill only as a last resort, for all of life is precious ~ and none can be replaced.”

To feel that life is a battle and we, as light-holders, are obligated to go to war is the old paradigm, the old cycle that was driven by the energies of competition, conflict and violent resolution.

Nothing could be further from Truth. I was raised to ‘choose love’ even in the face of the most challenging circumstances. I also, like all of you, had no real basis of understanding for what that meant. Sometimes I would ‘choose love’ through clenched teeth, wanting to speak my truth but knowing that if I did so I would be hurt or someone else would. Other times I would ‘choose love’ when I was really smarting from something someone had said. For intuitives, a verbal slam is every bit as painful as a physical blow. I heard someone say recently that they would rather ‘take the hit’ than verbal abuse, because “it is over quicker that way”.

The warrior archetype is changing. It must. This is necessary. A peaceful warrior is not vengeful. A warrior of the heart does not carry the energy of the ‘avenging angel’, of ‘win-lose’ or of positional hierarchy. A warrior of the heart cannot stand ‘against’ but must make the choice to stand ‘FOR’, in peace, in fortitude, in forbearance, and in strength.

The archetype of the new warrior is that of courage to look within; courage to face the defended positions in consciousness that limit our perceptions, our awareness and our ability to recognize and accept that truth is subjective, that truth can be found in all cultures, all forms, and in every... single... heart. There is not one soul incarnate or out-of-body that is not divinely connected to truth at the core.

The world must change. Yes. And violence can never again be thought of nor held energetically as the ‘only viable option’. War is not a solution. It is an archaic, sad course of action, for a world that continues to choose ignorance and blame.

I have worked long and hard within myself to transcend past versions of warrior. I have ‘fought the battle within’. I am NOT a pacifist. HOWEVER ~ I agree with Mother Teresa, who said:
“ I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I will be there.”

Be well my sister and fellow warriors. May the love of the Divine Mother find you, and may you lay your weapons at Her feet.


Artwork provided by Eric Rankin ~ the renowned author of "The Aquarians: An Ancient Mayan Prophecy—A Modern Phenomenon

To purchase his book -

To purchase one of his Amazing Peace Stickers ~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Communications in Transition

"Give it thought, Mary. Consider every angle. And then speak your mind.
You've not been drawn into anyone's life just to listen.
You're not here to be quiet, Mary. Actually, you're one of my spokes-peeps.
Loud and proud,
The Universe"

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ®
© ®

I received this quote in my inbox the other day, as I was finishing an energy work session with my friend Max. As we ended our conversation, my phone began beeping annoyingly. An older model its battery long unused, it was not holding a charge. Max pointed out, amid chuckles, that 'the communications device has a low battery"... ROFL. We had been discussing an upcoming playshop / class we will be offering and were having trouble pulling the words together for the upcoming announcements.

I moved house last week. I did as Source asked and followed the bread crumbs of my heart and intuition to a place I have longed to spend a bit of time. I packed my car and a truck and 'moved' over 300 miles... So, yes, the "communications device" that I AM, has a low battery. An "older model" it is having a bit of trouble holding a charge. ;) Guess I need an upgrade. What Source told me was that I needed to look again, from inside my own heart at the communications coming through me... and to care for and protect my own energies so that Her communications could be received through the heart, from Her heart, in a pure, clear stream of Love. I moved here for the quiet. I moved to ground myself in stillness and sanctuary. I moved in surrender to a larger form of life.

As I was unpacking on April 16th, the planet Venus came out of her retrograde phase and stationed direct, dancing with the moon early that morning, beginning Her initiation into Embodying Divinity. There are moments and days when divine timing takes my breath away. This was one of them. Working with the Venus initiations is a great way to participate in the cosmic dance of the Divine Feminine energies.

In archetypal astrology, the Moon occultation over Venus (waning moon hiding the planet venus in the early morning hours in North America) symbolizes the Goddess Inanna's arrival at the first Gate on her descent into the 'underworld' (inner knowing, unconscious, shifting archetypal realities). The first gate is called the Gate of Divine Authority. Passing through, Inanna is asked to relinquish her crown (crown chakra) and therefore the direct connection to the Divine Mother that She innately Is. She 'surrenders' her crown chakra (Sahasrara, the thousand petaled lotus of light) reqlinquishing her divine knowing and forgetting, for a time, her true essence. This, the first gate, begins her initiation into the unconscious realms that pare us down to our cores so that all misperceptions and untruths are removed or transformed. How perfect to be moving from knowing into Being.

A lot has been said about moving from the mind to the heart. In an earlier blogpost I wrote about an encounter with a hawk, one of my winged guides, and as mentioned in that posting, 'my'Hawk Medicine, the archetype of Messenger, went into transition. I was given a 'new' winged one as guide and mentor. I was introduced to the medicine of Swan. Hawk medicine is that of giving the message from Source without any attachment to how it is received. With Hawk as my guide, I learned to detach from the impulse to interpret or cushion or edit the messages from Spirit that came through me, so that the recipients thereof could take responsibility for receiving and integrating what Source had intended for them. I learned to let go of my mind and speak directly as I was guided to do from Spirit.

As this archetype transitions, from Messenger to Embodiment, I am learning not only to allow Source to speak through me undiluted, but to live and breathe and function from the heartspace in each moment. Swan medicine is the medicine of surrendering the body into the spiral dance of Great Mystery, into Her Grace and flow, not judging what one sees or experiences, but opening, and opening again, until one with the flow of Divine Plan, existing simultaneously between the worlds, in a state of pure and seamless certainty.

When Inanna leaves the underworld, She reclaims Her crown (Her divine connection). When the 'ugly duckling' returns from surrendering into Great Mystery, She has become the Swan.

May the above, the below, the without and within, embrace us all, as we remember our stillpoints, and communicate through the 'heartline'.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Art of Fluid Embodiment

We are moving from a paradigm of transmutation into one of transformation. In transmutation, change occurs by processing toxic energies through our bodies and consciousness. Transformation is entirely different. When we step into a new paradigm of transformation, we learn to hold energetic space that is in resonance with our soul’s intentions, allowing other, more dissonant, energies to transform around us. In other words, we allow our lives to morph around us to fit and to support our chosen alignments.

Fluid embodiment is relaxing into the essence of who we are, letting go of anything and everything that does not support that. To hold a fluid alignment is to find the balance within, “finding your inner weeble” that may wobble but does not, as their ad used to say, “fall down”. The work of embodying fluidity is learning how to hold energetic space in the heart while simultaneously holding space for change in our bodies and in the energies around us.

When we make a commitment to embody fluidity, we are activating choice points that begin to dissolve the self-identifications that fix us in a particular spin. You know what I’m talking about. We self-identify in the spins of worry, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, the victim position, and our woundedness. These are all versions of defended positions. They all shape the ‘spin’ that runs our bodies and our lives...until we choose differently and change things. It is a law of physics that to change a spin, we need only change one element. One. What do you need to change to alter your spin?

A belief system is only a thought pattern that you have, consciously or unconsciously, chosen to defend (often with your survival instincts, and certainly in your survival programming). When we buy into our belief systems they become “I AM” statements, not only a defended position, but an identified one.
How often do we bypass the obvious? “I am” my astrological sign, my country of origin, a family member, a ‘this’, a ‘that’. “I think” this way or that way? Descartes said, “I think therefore I AM”. The vibrational principle is correct. The minute you defend a position you fix your spin.

Our lives are most often lived as a series of defended positions in attitude and consciousness... until we choose differently. Embodying fluidity is the antithesis of identifying with a fixed position. It is a choice to embody flexibility and to BE a frequency holder for truth, for light and for love in the most authentic way possible.

When we commit to residing in flow, we often really mean “Well, I want to be fluid, to be supported in and by the Divine Flow, but I want to keep the following identities and defensive postures because... (Fill in the blank with all of your very good reasons, and the ones your unconscious mind has, when yours run out!). That is not moving into flow. It is aligning with resistance and fear.

When you are ready to release your fears, to relax into the fluid, flexible, sphere of the truest vibration that resonates within, you are ready to embody fluidity.

The Embodying Fluidity program from Delphic Wave is an energetic learning experience, aligned with the choice to hold an open heart, and to allow what no longer resonates to transform without taking on, without dragging toxicity through your body or your mind. It is learning to hold an alignment in infinite flexibility rather than learning new ways to surf or transmute the spin.

Embodying fluidity is a practice of holding a safe, energetic space in the heart and using a cocoon of Divine support to allow transformation, where dissonant energies are invited into a safe space where Source can ‘do the work’.

The only thing we can surrender into is the vibration of our authentic uniqueness. Choice activates change. Be the choice and you have become the change.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Embracing the Sacred Feminine ~ What is ‘Yin’ meditation?

Embracing the Sacred Feminine ~ What is ‘Yin’ meditation?

Yin energy is receptive energy. Unlike traditional forms of sitting or walking meditation where you direct your energy upward, yin meditation is done in a completely relaxed state. One can sit or lie down (my favorite) and relax into the arms of the divine... letting oneself be held. Letting oneself be supported in the heart-space, a safe nurturing environment that is the embodiment of Self-Care.

The true forms of what one could call feminine meditation (knowing full well that Source is neither masculine nor feminine and always contains ‘both’) are: Relaxing into Presence, and Entering the Creative Flow. When you are doing something creative, you have entered the ‘zone’ of the sacred feminine. You have entered the flow.

One traditional way of entering this creative space is by navigating the labyrinth. As many of you know, walking a labyrinth is a journey into OneSelf. Traditional labyrinthine structures like the famous one at Chartres Cathedral in France have 11 circuits inward and 11 outward. “Abbreviated” structures typically have 7 circuits inward and outward, one for each level of chakra vibration. This architecture is based on numerology and uses the sequential accelerating vibrations of master numbers to ‘peel away the layers’ of the workaday mind to uncover the truth in the stillness within.

Another opportunity in consciousness that the labyrinth provides is in circumambulating sacred space or ‘holy ground’. When we turn our attention inward in sacred space (our own bodies) and on holy ground (the labyrinth or a place of power - the best ones are both) we instantly and inherently invoke a power greater than ourselves. It is a self-created rite of passage.

Within the centre of the labyrinth rests an architectural representation of the heartspace, within which you can retreat at any time and be yourself, speak to the One Self and receive divine guidance. Here, you have access to your own ‘heartline’ to the Source within. Here you have direct access into Divine Presence. By literally moving (remember ‘e-motion’, energy in motion) into this space, you move your body and your consciousness into alignment with your soul.

For more information on the Labyrinth, please visit my friends at or use the locator:

“Salvitor Ambulando”

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Heart-Space ~ One and All!

Happy Heart-Space ~ One and All! ~ from Mary @ DelphicWave

Dear Friends,

May the 13th 'Freya Day' bring you Blessings of the Heart!
Friday is named for the Norse Goddess Freya, another name for Venus, the Divine Feminine. Traditionally, this day was for 'staying home' and celebrating the Goddess through acts of love. Tomorrow, the 14th of February is celebrated at Valentine's Day, another celebration of connecting through the heart.

As a young girl, one of my favorite songs was "Aquarius" by The Fifth Dimension.
"When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius..."
Tomorrow, February 14th 2009, at 7:25 AM GMT, this alignment will occur.

The alignment of Mars and Jupiter, with the Moon in the 7th house occurs as Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron the Wounded Healer, the Sun and the North Node all align in Aquarius. To make this even more significant it occurs on February 14, 2009, Valentines Day, at 7:25am (GMT). For those of us on the Pacific Coast, that is 11:20pm the night before (February 13th) TONIGHT. On the East Coast 2:20am on the 14th, and those in Europe, 8:20am on the 14th.

We are on the cusp, leaving the Age of Pisces and moving forward into the Age of Aquarius fully. The alignment of Jupiter with Mars has occurred twice already once in 1973 and again in 1998. Reflect on what was occurring in your life at this time as it has a significant message for your journey forward.

The Age of Aquarius is symbolic of a great spiritual transformation, a new sense of democracy, freedom and humanitarianism. The end of religious separation and the return of a deep spiritual connection to one another. This transitional period between two ages is considered to be a process that occurs over many years, not on an exact day or year.

The alignment will last for approximately 18 minutes so make a commitment to join with people from all over the world at this time and pray that our leaders of all nations are guided by love and peace and we as citizens of the world come together to support the changes of this new era. Be the change you dream about.

The most profound spiritual traditions of ancient times perceived the manifest world, at all scales of existence as being generated and pervaded by a cosmic trinity of active, passive and neutral principles - the divine essence of the masculine, feminine and child. The Vedic sages of ancient India saw the male/active life-force energy they called the pingala and the female/passive energy they called the ida weaving around and through our chakras and the child/neutral energy they called the shushumna as channeling up through them.

When these divine masculine and feminine energies are balanced and so able to fully `birth' the divine child energies within us, the ancient sages saw the so-called kundalini energy that otherwise lies dormant at the base of the spine, surge through us enabling us to fully embody our divine nature.

When this cosmic trinity of consciousness is harmonized and fully expressed within us, we are truly `healed' and `whole' as embodied by the universal symbol of the caduceus as a representation of healing from earliest times.

For millennia, only the highest adepts understood and have attained such wholeness. But elders and mystics around the world are saying that now is the time, when we have evolved to a point where we are all able to awaken our inner divinity. This is our spiritual destiny at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

In mid February, we are offered cosmic support to this re-membering of who we really are, by a rare astrological concentration that brings together a number of planets together with the North Node - denoting higher purpose - in Aquarius. And which energizes and inspires the possibility for transcendental breakthrough and healing.

We measure our global sense of both space (longitude) and time (universal time - UT or GMT) from the prime meridian located at Greenwich, England. We can perceive the collective influence of this momentous astrological event by looking at the alignment from this globally `centered' perspective. When we do, something extraordinary and exquisite emerges.

At dawn on 14th February the day dedicated to St Valentine, the patron saint of Love, the Moon in Libra enters the seventh house of relationships. And Jupiter and Mars are aligned in Aquarius in the twelfth house of spiritual transformation.

The Aquarian chart of 14th February reveals an incredible concentration of cosmic influences blending with the energies of Aquarius in the twelfth house. Expansive Jupiter and energetic Mars are aligned with the higher purpose of the North Node. The presence of Chiron the wounded healer offers us the opportunity to heal the schisms that have separated us for so long. Neptune emphasizes collective humanitarian movements and the co-creation of social justice. And the presence of the radiant Sun enlightens the entire alignment.

Mercury also in the twelfth house but just beyond the cusp in Capricorn, allies with transformational Pluto to communicate and anchor the Shift throughout our global structures and institutions.

The Moon in Libra in the seventh house emphasizes harmonious real-ationships.
Venus in Aries in the first house energizes and empowers dynamic co-creativity.

And whilst Saturn the great task master in opposition to Uranus the unexpected awakener is suggesting an ongoing confrontation as the dregs of the unsustainable old paradigm reluctantly give way to the untested hope of the new, their placements in Virgo and Pisces brings practical altruism and visionary inspiration to the transition.

At this auspicious time, I invite you, in the universal heart, to add your own intention for love and peace and to co-create the dawning of the Age of Aquarius to that of the Cosmos.
(My thanks to 'Millenium' for sharing this, to Amanda Goldston for publishing it and to Cayelin Castell of Celstial Timings for her continued guidance).

May you BE the love and light you wish for, and may every Blessing find you!
Mary MacNab ~