Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~ Oneness: the antidote to the conscious/unconscious split ~

The exercise of processing has traditionally been that of making the unconscious conscious. Of bringing the LARGER portion of the iceberg of awareness into full 'thaw' and allowing all parts to 'rise above' the alleged water line from beneath which, our lives are guided in the currents of living, by this frozen mountain of unconsciousness.
As we ride the shifting waves, the shifting times and tides, this image, this 'fixed position' in processing needs to be shifted as well. It is, in fact, shifting at at this very lucid, special moment between the moons. Within the desire to make the unconscious, conscious, lies a transparent and insidious hierarchical fixed position. Belief system: (taken as axiomatic in EVERY tradition) Conscious is better than unconscious. "Better than" is always hierarchy.... Can you hear your 'but-but bird bursting into voice?'. BUT consciousness is everything! True. Except, of course for that HUGE underwater mountain that is the piece of the little self actually navigating the currents... BUT I don't want that to be true! Most actual truth is truth whether we believe it, want to see it, or not. BUT if I embrace the unconscious driver programs, I will be stuck in that frozen underwater place for f'in ever! Ha! That's the one. That is just a belief system, a rule in the unconscious.
The Oneness is the ALL. So what is the unconscious obsession with making itself conscious, that is actually driving the aversion to unconsciousness in the conscious mind? It twists the tongue and the mind, but read this double bind, this deadly embrace, again. Sit with it. An unconsciously held obsession with consciousness (remember that the unconscious mind truly believes and knows it is a chalice for our light) is the driving root cause of all that magnetizes unconscious behavior to us, to show us what is still holding on, and simultaneously pushes away the aversion to 'unconsciousness, or unconscious behavior' that we feel justified in holding onto. For example, the feeling that we are 'surrounded by unconsciousness' on this world. Is that truth? Is it not a subtle form of very entrenched judgement? What do your belief systems say? What rules are in place that hold this fixed position intact? The primal split is not light/dark but conscious/unconscious and the scream we fear to feel is the ticket out of this split and into oneness. Feel the scream in the body. Remember that it takes only '90 seconds' of holding and allowing this to dissolve for it to truly clear.
Yes, we still have preferences ~ our love for consciousness, for awareness, for the vibration of the oneness that, in dualistic language, defies expression... our expressions must now shift as well. Enlightenment implies 'endarkenment' ~ conscious implies unconscious. The Oneness is the All. Antidotes anyone? Are you ready to let the 'last holdout of duality' leave you? 'WHAT THEN?', the ego says... Well... 'what then?'. Perhaps freedom, fulfillment and JOY. When the unconscious obssession with consciousness is cleared, and its counterbalance of a conscious (but perhaps denied) aversion to unconsciousness is cleared as well, the resulting awareness is Oneness.
Try it! Ask for the 'brass ring'! You may find that 'found' is a misnomer, after all. Unity is not what duality would make of it ~ a polarized experience in form. Unity simply IS. Your choices, intentions, allowing and receiving determine the currents available to you.
May this releasing and receiving be blessed within and without!
Namaste ~ and endless love Nalini
~ the Heartspace IS the ONENESS ~ 'Divine Mum'