Friday, October 30, 2009

Dreaming Between the Worlds

The celebration of Halloween (samhain) is upon us, bringing with it remembrance of the thin places between all realities. Halloween and is a holiday (holy day) that originated as an outgrowth of an ancient Celtic Cross-Quarter festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in) that marked their New Year. As samhain is a 'fixed' holyday in most calendars, it falls on 31 October in the Northern Hemisphere. Samhain is a good time to do some divination!

What is divination and why is it at all important? Throughout every age there have been divination tools. The simplest are the applied kinesiology known as muscle-testing, use of a pendulum, divining rods (typically used to 'find' water) cartomancy (using cards) bibliomancy (books, like the I Ching) and others. Wikipedia defines the word as: "Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god"[2], related to divinus, divine) is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a standardized process or ritual." So, divination is simply a ritualized asking inwardly for guidance. In other words, it is a form of prayer. Ask, and you shall truly Receive!!!

In Ancient Greece, the Oracles were kept busy by such requests, the local Seers, busy interpreting the messages given. The distinction between Oracle and Seer has long been blurred in Western culture, as have the lines between intuition and imagination! ;)

In this alchemical alignment we have an accelerated opening into the depths of expanded perception. Whatever your tradition, this is an opportunity to delve deeply into your soul's experience, to access your 'other memory', the one you carry from lifetime to lifetime, and to bring forth from within a new way forward ~ probably from the richness of the composting of your thoughts and dreams.

Happy Samhain (Halloween) !!

My commitment is to ever-widening fields of perception, expanded awareness of divinity, to ever-evolving perceptions of truth, and, from the still small/ immense field of my heart, to the deepening understanding of LOVE.

May Love's Blessings Find You,
~and may you receive, with increasing clarity, all that you request in reverence,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aligning with Dreaming from the Heart

~ Consciously Co-Creating from Love ~

As we move toward what will be a new portal, (the 11:11:11 doorway next month) there are critical questions to ask within ourselves. As I have been contemplating, asking and receiving Divine Guidance, I am shown how imperative it is at this 'time', this critical juncture within each one of us, to do just this. To ask this question: "Where have I not loved?" "Where am I not appreciating / appreciative?"

When we ask these questions generically, in general, our guidance is often still. When we begin to query from curiosity, rather than from fear or judgment, asking "Am I appreciative of my life?" "Am I appreciative of my body as a vehicle for transformation?" Am I appreciative of the new/ancient foundational learning stance my mind MUST take at this time?" we begin to feel, to receive the answers in the form of guidance, that we have longed for. We are BECOMING the answers we have sought. " Look not outside yourself!" my guidance has always said. The outer is always an extension in consciousness of the inner. NOT always a direct reflection. More, a funhouse mirror of your radiance, your current perceptual field.

I am truly appreciative of all that has transpired ~ every moment of my waking / sleeping life ~ as these energies in motion have brought blessings, every one. I now choose from love, without guilt, all that I am available to create and experience. Will you choose from love as well? Your core invites you to do just this. Opening the heart does not have to mean becoming vulnerable to hurt, to attack, to conflict. These energies are ripe for transformation and a larger perception of truth.

The celestial alignments for 2009 - 2010 are energetic opportunities to travel through the realities we choose to create and experience. Watch for the 11:11:11 and for the eclipse on New Year's Eve, 2009! These are opportunities to dream forward co-creatively like none we have yet experienced... in this world or this lifetime!

My commitment is to ever-widening fields of perception, expanded awareness of divinity, to ever-evolving perceptions of truth, and, from the still small/ immense field of my heart, to the deepening understanding of LOVE.

May Love's Blessings Find You,
~and may you co-create from each and every one,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Moon Dreaming

~ Consciously Seeding a New Reality ~

~ Dreaming through the Heart ~

A new moon is once again upon us, this coming Saturday night (or whatever day it will be for you in your part of the world). The new moon time is the dreaming-forward time, the time just past the 'dark', when all things turn inward, the time for stating consciously in the still-small centre within each of us, what our hearts and souls truly desire. A new moon is a catalytic time, a time to seed, to plant and water. What is the heartseed of this time for you? To what will you give your heart energy during this next lunar cycle? Find the place within you that your heart swells to meet. What uplifts and inspires and delights the new within you?

We can use our dreaming abilities to proactively create many things. We can dream our expanding consciousness forward, clearing all that no longer serves, (

We can dream our livelihoods forward in a way that serves Source as She moves through us, one another, and All Our Relations, (

In our dreaming we choose, each moment, what our focus will be and what we will become. There are many traditions for 'new moon intending'. All focus on aligning with the lunar cycle to more easily make manifest the dreams of our hearts' desires. With each new dreaming we find more of ourselves, more pieces of the real, fewer holdouts in the shining of the light that we are.

This new moon alignment is a time to re-dream your intentions, and to relax into gratitude for the buds and signs that will appear as your dreaming finds fruition.

The next new moon forms on Saturday, October 17 at 10:33 PM PDT at 25ยบ Libra, the sign of balance, partnership, and peace.

Dream well! Dream your wisdom! Water the seeds of your heart!

May Every Blessing Find You,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Full Moon in Libra-Aries

~ Get Ready to re-balance and re-create ~

The full moon in Libra-Aries occurs on Saturday evening October 3rd, at 11:10 PM PDT. (Early in the morning on the 4th for much of the world) The spotlight energies of the full moon in Libra shine a light on what needs balancing. The spotlight energies in Aries, on what is showing up creatively, in creativity and in our lives to be re-created. Where do we have an opportunity to live our courage and try a new way?

The way to navigate re-balancing and re-birthing, re-creating, is from the heart. Interestingly enough, the astrological ruler of the sign of Libra is the planet Venus, an embodiment of the energies of the Divine Feminine. How can we allow and receive ourselves into our own hearts? How can we allow the Sacred Feminine to help us re-align in balance in new ways?

In the human body, we are learning that the heart is not only the strongest, (in its most natural, healthy state) but the most intelligent organ we possess. Did you know that it has been observed scientifically that the heart generates an electromagnetic force field thousands of times stronger than that of the brain? Our hearts are literally stronger than our mental functions.

This full moon alignment is a time to take note of your intentions, of all that you began to dream into your life at the new moon timing, and to relax into gratitude for the buds and signs that are appearing at this time of budding fruition. The full moon heralds the fruition time, the 'showing up' of your heart's desires and your intuitional intending.

I can't wait to see where / how my heart will lead me today!

" the "taking of control", you've limited the
Universe's ability to yield to you all kinds of fantastic things."
~ Abraham-Hicks

Let your heart lead you. Control is a highly inefficient use of energy.

May Every Blessing Find You,