Sunday, October 23, 2011

~ Ferocity of the Heart ~

Sometimes, like Mrs. Brisby in the Secret of Nimh, courage of the heart is tested mightily. In the film, Mrs. "B" is told "Courage of the heart is very rare"...and so it has seemed to be in this cycle that is now completing. What does that mean? What is Fierce Compassion? How does it reconcile with harmlessness, with healing, with the sincere desire of the heart to 'heal', to love and/or bring about the healed reality? One of the 'secrets' hidden in duality is just this. There is no 'either-or'.

In unity, exists all things, all vibrations, all responses. What is appropriate to the moment is what MUST be expressed, be accomplished, be revealed and embodied.

For years I studied the warrior arts, acquired accomplishment in wielding weapons of 'self-defense', rather than offense, of protection and service, rather than invasion, annihilation and cruelty. Then, I studied the Heart. The "Way of the Warrior" IS a path of coming home to the heart. Not the only one, by any means, but certainly 'one' "way". One road 'home'.

The secret lies within the heart herself. There is no 'either/or'. There is no duality. Only the inner core essence, the Spirit within can guide the dance of unity. What is a 'weapon' in the hands of one being, is a healing tool for another. Only the heart can truly discern.

To cast away warrior skills 'in service to the heart' is a false casting. It is half of an open-ended equation whose learning curve is currently steep on a good day. A fully opened heart is NOT a vibration of unconditional access without boundaries, nor can it be so within the transition, the shift, the 'beginning that is nigh'. The skills needed for the transition encompass the all, inclusive of what have been called 'psychic warrior' training.

What is the reconciliation of the sword, the shield, and the place where these do not exist? It is Ferocity of Heart. Sometimes known as 'fierce compassion' this invincible flow of love is neither aggressive nor has it cruelty within its vibrational component. It is not a force 'against' nor is it 'for' ~ both of which are fixed positions implying a split in duality. It is the inner knowing that holds sanctity of spirit in its appropriate space of reverential light. It is the honoring of, perhaps forming of ~ for the first time ~ healthy energetic boundaries on which can be hung appropriate shields.

It is said that "when the light of ten thousand suns enters the body, the inner radiance becomes its own protection... those able to revere and honor this light will see and understand; those unable will be blinded by its radiance..." ~ sufi, anon

And, as a part of this learning, this process, this embodiment, walls come down, and boundaries replace them. This is the reality of Mastery, the embodiment of light, of truth, of wisdom, in the face of whatever comes. Held in love, in and from the heart, with no vibration of conflict, competition or judgement. Fearless and 'armed' with an appropriate 'no' should dissonant energies arise.

This, we are learning to hold, the synergy of solar and lunar lightstreams, the merging within of healed and protected, the embodiment of divine sovereignty.

Within the transit, as the veils thin toward samhain, and the mayan calendar breathes its last within an ending/beginning cycle, our discernment and boundary skills are not only needed but non-negotiable. Allow the resurrection of the "peaceful way" that transcends the need to fight, fly or freeze and simply flows ~ holding within it the appropriate application of whatever tool may be necessary for Love to be Sovereign, inclusive of boundaries, shields and 'swords'. In the samurai tradition, 'sword' is synonymous with 'spirit'. Would we cast it then away? Or perhaps allow Spirit to be wielded through us, in whatever way is deemed appropriate in the moment, by the Divine within.

May we re-member ferocity of heart & all of her skills and boundaries ~

Nalini (Mary)
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