Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Communications in Transition

"Give it thought, Mary. Consider every angle. And then speak your mind.
You've not been drawn into anyone's life just to listen.
You're not here to be quiet, Mary. Actually, you're one of my spokes-peeps.
Loud and proud,
The Universe"

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ®
© ®

I received this quote in my inbox the other day, as I was finishing an energy work session with my friend Max. As we ended our conversation, my phone began beeping annoyingly. An older model its battery long unused, it was not holding a charge. Max pointed out, amid chuckles, that 'the communications device has a low battery"... ROFL. We had been discussing an upcoming playshop / class we will be offering and were having trouble pulling the words together for the upcoming announcements.

I moved house last week. I did as Source asked and followed the bread crumbs of my heart and intuition to a place I have longed to spend a bit of time. I packed my car and a truck and 'moved' over 300 miles... So, yes, the "communications device" that I AM, has a low battery. An "older model" it is having a bit of trouble holding a charge. ;) Guess I need an upgrade. What Source told me was that I needed to look again, from inside my own heart at the communications coming through me... and to care for and protect my own energies so that Her communications could be received through the heart, from Her heart, in a pure, clear stream of Love. I moved here for the quiet. I moved to ground myself in stillness and sanctuary. I moved in surrender to a larger form of life.

As I was unpacking on April 16th, the planet Venus came out of her retrograde phase and stationed direct, dancing with the moon early that morning, beginning Her initiation into Embodying Divinity. There are moments and days when divine timing takes my breath away. This was one of them. Working with the Venus initiations is a great way to participate in the cosmic dance of the Divine Feminine energies.

In archetypal astrology, the Moon occultation over Venus (waning moon hiding the planet venus in the early morning hours in North America) symbolizes the Goddess Inanna's arrival at the first Gate on her descent into the 'underworld' (inner knowing, unconscious, shifting archetypal realities). The first gate is called the Gate of Divine Authority. Passing through, Inanna is asked to relinquish her crown (crown chakra) and therefore the direct connection to the Divine Mother that She innately Is. She 'surrenders' her crown chakra (Sahasrara, the thousand petaled lotus of light) reqlinquishing her divine knowing and forgetting, for a time, her true essence. This, the first gate, begins her initiation into the unconscious realms that pare us down to our cores so that all misperceptions and untruths are removed or transformed. How perfect to be moving from knowing into Being.

A lot has been said about moving from the mind to the heart. In an earlier blogpost I wrote about an encounter with a hawk, one of my winged guides, and as mentioned in that posting, 'my'Hawk Medicine, the archetype of Messenger, went into transition. I was given a 'new' winged one as guide and mentor. I was introduced to the medicine of Swan. Hawk medicine is that of giving the message from Source without any attachment to how it is received. With Hawk as my guide, I learned to detach from the impulse to interpret or cushion or edit the messages from Spirit that came through me, so that the recipients thereof could take responsibility for receiving and integrating what Source had intended for them. I learned to let go of my mind and speak directly as I was guided to do from Spirit.

As this archetype transitions, from Messenger to Embodiment, I am learning not only to allow Source to speak through me undiluted, but to live and breathe and function from the heartspace in each moment. Swan medicine is the medicine of surrendering the body into the spiral dance of Great Mystery, into Her Grace and flow, not judging what one sees or experiences, but opening, and opening again, until one with the flow of Divine Plan, existing simultaneously between the worlds, in a state of pure and seamless certainty.

When Inanna leaves the underworld, She reclaims Her crown (Her divine connection). When the 'ugly duckling' returns from surrendering into Great Mystery, She has become the Swan.

May the above, the below, the without and within, embrace us all, as we remember our stillpoints, and communicate through the 'heartline'.