Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holographic Embodiment

What is Holographic Embodiment?
What does it mean to embody a formless flow?

As the old falls away and the new begins to reveal itself, I am awed at the process of shattering and shaping that is moving us all into flow. We are moving from a paradigm of fixed reality structures into one of morphable, flexible, fluidity in form.

Consider the caterpillar, carefully constructing its cocoon or chrysalis, wrapping itself up tight, as it prepares to liquefy and totally shift its essence. What happens inside the wrappings is liquefaction, a complete return to formlessness, before entering another phase of life in an entirely new form. We are being provided with an exquisite opportunity to morph into entirely new beings without needing to move through the form change we call 'death'. We need not shed our current physical forms to embody something entirely new. Some of us have done this in consciousness for decades, lifetimes even. This is different. This is special. This is the 'return of the Goddess', the descent of Grace. And we, fortunate beings, are the conduits for the Shift.

We are moving into the mastery of holographic function, beginning with how our brains and bodies are configured. Unlike humans', dolphin brains are not 'split' into two halves, nor are their brain functions. Dolphins need to consciously breathe, being mammals that require air, although their habitat is the sea. When dolphins 'sleep', part of their brains rest, while another part handles breathing and swimming functions. As one part of the brain is rested, another part takes over as holographic brain patterning permits any part of the brain to take over the functions of any other part.

Though physically divided, our 'human' brains are capable of this same behaviour. Stories of yogis no longer requiring sleep, athletes performing 'in the zone', and the more common experience of lucid dreaming are all examples of this.

It is said that, at the end of the third cycle of Atlantis, some souls chose to re-incarnate as dolphins, in order to keep their 'whole brain' function in a physical form. A possible purpose for this was to retain the vibration of holographic integrity along with the memory of being 'two-legged', until the human form was ready to reclaim it.

New biology is finding that our brains, statistically mapped at about 3% utilized, are changing, as are our cellular structures. The human brain is being found to be capable of holographic patterning (merging of linear and intuitive functions, and the ability of the brain to 'move' a function from a damaged area to an area previously 'unused' or mapped for something else.) We are being re-configured for unity, 'ready or not'.

The holographic embodiment process is the process of letting go and allowing the bits and pieces of fixed self to melt away. I see it happening in those I work with as a blenderizing of their energies. There is a liquefaction of essence before the energies come to rest in a 'luminous sphere' of formlessness. What looked like structure with corners and edges becomes soft and pliable, yet strong, luminescent and mutable. All forms are held within this space. It has clear boundaries, but flexible ones. It can present as any shape in any configuration. It is individuated, yet not separate.

Physically speaking, what takes place is that the brain begins to literally re-configure, so that synaptic connections are made between the 'right' and 'left' hemispheres. We learn to shift between logical left-brain processes and intuitive right-brain flow at will. We learn to 'balance' our brains.

This is the essence of sacred geometry. Nothing is fixed, all is vibration. 'Perfect' shapes and fractals are not iterations of platonic or geomantic solids; they are representational glyphs that vibrate a specific energy signature that is also completely and totally in flow. Shift has been talked about in many ways and by all traditions.

Wherever you find yourself within it, know that you are loved, and the time is not 'right' it is 'NOW'.

Come home to Centre - Source from within !! ~ Love, Mary© 2008 MatrixChange, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Musings from the Magdalene...

Musings from the Magdalene..
From the time I was a little girl, I have heard her voice within me - guiding and protecting, and calling me home... the voice of feminine divinity. It took some years to recognize HER, a lilting voice among the rules and regulations of a conditioned reality.

A few years ago, on a trip to Rennes-le-Chateau, I walked with Her, in her Presence, and that experience has guided my soul's expression and altered my journey home.

The way of feminine divinity is the Way of the Heart... the way of affection and courage, in its truest form. The masculine, or patriarchal paths to the divine, stress calming and controlling the mind, in order to find the 'still small voice' within, the 'stillpoint between the turning worlds'. The feminine path to the divine leads not through the mind, but through the heart. It is the path of feeling. The path of diving in, of embracing that which seems limitless, bottomless, unfathomable, and of returning to wholeness through the power of fully feeling, not by the suppression thereof. No path is gender-specific, as the divine is not gender-specific. We have all, each of us, walked these paths through many ages of this world.

It is time to remember HER... the invincible one within. The one whose lilting lullaby of love is the stillness and the silence, the pouring out and the sinking in. SHE who enfolds and resides in each of us; sisters, daughters, mothers; brothers, fathers, sons; in her Grace we are ONE.

Rennes-le-Chateau ~ summer solstice (an excerpt)

"...As we pulled into the parking lot of the Chateau, my awareness field began to vibrate with almost a humming sound. I managed my ticket and a short conversation in French with the shopkeepers and began my walk between the worlds.

The famous chapel was crowded with tourists, so I bypassed the
obvious first stop and wandered through the Chateau, until I came to the tower stairs. I was drawn up the stairs as though carried by a waterfall in reverse. I remember stopping to take a few photographs from the stairway windows, "portal shots" being a favorite of mine, and finding it difficult to focus the camera; the upward-rushing energies were so intense.

I wandered through the tower garden and up onto the ramparts. At one end of the walk along the rampart edge, I was stopped in my tracks by a white butterfly zooming in front of my face at eye level. "Stop and Look". I felt as though I should continue, though, and proceeded up to the actual tower with its commanding view of the surrounding countryside. As I took in the 360-degree view, my attention kept being pulled in one direction, to another hilltop a bit lower down, with a ruin on its crest. I tried to feel whether I should stop and meditate on the tower but was pulled back to the rampart itself. As I stepped out onto the rampart, I glanced down and was surprised to see that my sandals had become older and more worn, that my khaki walking pants had become the folds of blue robes and that my hair was lying down my back, under a light blue mantle, instead of pulled up as I had arranged it that morning. ??!! I looked again and there were my trousers, my sleeveless white blouse and my uncovered head.

I listened inwardly for a moment and heard "walk with me". As I
moved forward, the 'other costume' re-appeared. I had the experience of walking simultaneously in two bodies, as two beings, but wholly as one. As I walked toward the end of the rampart where the butterfly had previously stopped me, a lizard ran across my path, at exactly the same spot. Transformation, then dreaming. Ok. What am I to see? I stopped and placed my hands on the warm stone of the waist- high rampart, as it was becoming difficult to balance in my altered state. I gazed across to the lower hilltop where a ruined castle lay. I saw, in etheric form, a battle being waged. The castle was under siege. I saw and heard it all, until She said, from within me, "It's getting too close now, time to leave". I cannot explain how I knew what she meant. The battle was coming closer. The castle would 'fall' and the battle would come to Rennes le Chateau, and it was time to remove HER Presence from that place. The patriarchal wars would come and she need not judge them, nor engage them, but simply leave them to learn what it was they came to learn... without her Presence. "But why not fight?" I asked 'us' silently. "This cannot be engaged" was the answer. "To engage it is to give it energy and
that is not MY alignment".

I began to walk back through the garden, down the stone stairway, out of the Chateau and around a walk at its base. I could feel the inter- dimensional energy of the place both winding through me and being re- spun in a new configuration by my spiral walk down the hill. I continued walking down and around, until I reached the base of the stone walls themselves and the path went no further.

I felt myself grounded deeply into the earth at this place, drawn inward and downward and thrust upward through the shaft of energy held by the tower hill. I sat undisturbed for a few minutes in a tangle of tree roots at the roots of the tower walls before retracing my steps up and around and into the parking area. My sandals 'her' sandals, my clothing 'her' robes, a basket of flowers in my arms, although all my physical body carried was my daypack and camera. I remember walking back into the chapel briefly, a way of completing the spiraling energies, thinking to sit inside for a few moments as others were doing. I glanced up to the right wall and saw Mary Magdalene's image there - lifeless and inert. "Not here" I heard. " Out there".

I wandered out to a seat close to the parking area in view of the tower, looking out away from the 'ruin' hill and into the mountains surrounding. "What does this mean?" I asked. "I am being taught, but what?". "Mary did not engage Peter in debate nor in energy. She simply walked away". "You need not engage the patriarchal forms in any way at any time nor anymore". "It is time to come home".

Who are the patriarchy? We are they. This is not about gender, it is about an outdated system of control. We 'buy into it' (literally) or not. We collaborate with it, or not. Mary chose not to, as shown to me in my vision. My path since has been 'why and how then, have I collaborated?'. What programming do I still carry within me that no longer serves? We ARE the new paradigm, the WAY the LIGHT and the GRAIL. Were we not told this? And how is it, then, that we have failed to understand?

~ given 'from one Mary to another' June 2005 ~

Monday, November 10, 2008

All Elements, All Systems, in the flow of Stillness and Constant Change

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. ~Buddha

All Elements, All Systems, in the flow of Stillness and Constant Change

The ‘glue’ that holds our essence together is feeling; the root of intuition. Feeling is what creates our vibratory signature, the way we attract other vibrations to us - our quantum blueprint.
In the west, we often assume feeling means ‘emotions’ and confusion comes because quite often it does! If we repress or ‘stuff’ our emotions we are blocking our feeling channels, which have been described as our infallible internal navigation system for health, balance, awareness, and the evolution of consciousness. In other words, the vibration that the universe recognizes as 'us' and what we choose to create. Our feelings not only influence, but also determine our field of perception and thus, our experience of living.

There are many techniques for calming and balancing the mind, the body, and the spirit. Most of us have found at least one that works for us. The best tools begin with the identification and acceptance of our true feelings. When we acknowledge and honor our true feelings, we can remove our false reactive patterns and shift our blueprint with ease.

“Root Cause Analysis” is a term borrowed from business. "Vibrational" or "Core" root cause analysis is the basis of the matrix change process for shifting the programmed blueprint into the divine blueprint or "divine matrix" we truly came here to embody. Looking at the roots of our programmed states of mind or ‘false feeling states’ allows us to find our core misperceptions and resolve them as quickly and non-reactively as possible.The realization that a hackable program is what is driving our challenges and that any program can be altered, enhanced, upgraded or deleted, can shift multiple levels of reality in 'no time'. Shifting the quantum blueprint can be accomplished by using feeling states in an analytical process that re-balances and integrates our perceptual matrix in a holistic way. In other words, going to the root of our default code to hack, de-bug, re-align and reboot our awareness, is extremely efficient and highly effective. When we shift our entire perceptual field by clearing the root code and releasing its blockages at the feeling level, we re-align the mind, body, and spirit at multiple levels of being.

When you shift your matrix patterning, you shift your quantum blueprint. When you shift your quantum blueprint, you become the change you have intended.

"The Matrix cannot tell you who you are..." Trinity, from the film, The Matrix