Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Art of Balancing ~ Hemispheres ~ The Mayan Calendar and Our World

Today, contemplating the upcoming new moon and equinox alignments, I was guided to watch a YouTube video featuring Carl Johan Calleman, Mayan Calendar expert and heart-centered visionary.

In segment 1 of the 5-part interview, taped on ‘13 Ik’ (approximately the summer solstice 2009) Calleman is talking about the 1990 fall of the Berlin wall and how the wall and its demise relates to the eastern and western hemispheres in the world we live in. He extrapolates the ‘split’ in consciousness between East and West into the hemispheres of our brains as well.

Calleman said ‘the western hemisphere has dominated’ in the world.
He goes on to say - throughout the course of the interview - that the concept of ‘dominance’ in any form has run its course, and that this can be shown in the Mayan Calendar and in evolution as a whole.

This interested me greatly, as I have been on an inner balancing adventure of my own for the past few years.

A year or so ago I began writing about a shift in my physical body that I was experiencing as ‘holographic brain balancing’. No, not a new healing technique ~ although I am sure it will emerge as such in some form and be offered by someone(s) if it is not already! ~ but a new way of perceiving and functioning in the world.
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My experience, after having what the hospital called a ‘brainstem stroke’ on June 5th of this year, has been of a relaxing into the centre of my ‘head’, of my awareness and of an entirely ‘new’ and very different way of functioning. I am no longer physically able to allow any one ‘side’ of my body or my awareness to ‘dominate’ at all.

The first example I have of this is from an early morning walk, a couple of months ago, only 4 weeks after the ‘stroke’. I was working on balancing my physical sight (my visual cortex was ‘altered’ by the cerebral event) using various techniques from various healing traditions. I heard, quite clearly, in my inner awareness “non-dominance”. It literally stopped me in my tracks. “What?” I wondered. “Non-dominance”, I heard again. Then, “Close your right eye”. Like many westerners I was born with or trained into ‘right-handedness’. Meaning, I write with and appear to have more dexterity with, my right hand, right side (although in martial arts it was the reverse, interestingly enough) etc. I did as I was instructed, and felt my whole body instantly relax. As I looked out through my physical ‘left eye’ (the myopic one) at a blurry landscape, my feet felt secure under me, my balance restored, my awareness opened further and I felt completely at ease and in oneness. I opened my right eye to ‘see clearly’ and the feeling in the body vanished. Repetitions of this ‘experiment’ on that and future mornings produced exactly the same results. Close the ‘dominant portal’ (right eye) and relax into balance, serenity, ease and grace. Open it and perceive the world through what was a totally unconscious filter of ‘dominant’; a ‘dominant’ or ‘dominance-skewed’ view of the world. Literally!!!

What a discovery! No, I have not continued to use only my left eye, although it has needed exercises and a bit of ‘practice’ to bring steadiness (and, also improvement in clarity, which was unexpected) and balance to the visual cortex.

Calleman also mentions, in this interview, the correlation of left and right brain hemispheres with the unification of the philosophical orientations of East and West... which is one of the issues I am aware my soul incarnated at this time to integrate. Even more fascinating!

Don’t you love it when your guidance gives you practical, direct and THOROUGH answers to a relatively undeveloped query? ;)

This integration allows for the evolution and trust of the intuition. I am a living example, currently. For the past three years I have been in a process of learning to live by only putting energy into what are known as ‘inspired actions’. Everything else just flatlines. It has been quite the adventure! ;)

Did you know that the ‘Berlin’ area of the longitudinal axis discussed by Calleman and known for centuries as a pivotal world circuit, correlates with the hypothalamus of the brain in the human body? This is the area of the brain that sends out co-creational impulses to our bodies and lives!

My physical ‘viewpoint’ has been altered permanently - in tune with, it seems - the cosmological dance of creation, at least from the “Mayan” point of view. ;)

I am blessed and I am grateful. I recommend investigating this cyclic turning and observing how it is manifesting for you!
May Every Blessing Find You!
~ unending oneness

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Energy of Completion

~ Letting go is part of Dreaming Forward ~

Today is the 9th day of the 9th month of 2009, or 090909.

This is quite an auspicious day!

09-09-09 marks a important transition time on Earth. The number 9 is linked with sacred geometry, humanitarianism, and completion; three repetitions of 9 marks a stargate, an inter-dimensional portal, and major download of cosmic energies.

9/9/09 holds the vibration of Completion on all 3 levels; physical, mental and spiritual. This is a Phase Completion. This is the completion of the dualistic model in consciousness. What does that mean? Well, to translate it to the mind, it ‘means’ that consciousness,, not just our little, limited human egoic minds, but CONSCIOUSNESS on this lovely planet of ours, is moving into Oneness. This is the time when Unity and Love will be the actions that ‘work’ in our world. This is the Great Turning, a transition in cyclic momentum that we may harness to change how we experience and live in harmony with our planet and with one another ~ and All Our Relations.

In Chinese numerology, the number 9 is honored as the ending, or completion, that brings new beginnings (a sort of graduation). It is associated with conclusions, and clearing up loose ends. In western numerology ‘9’ can represent a point of evolution from which one is poised to create the new, while completing what has gone before. The number 9 is the ‘most senior’ in the series of 0-9, which means that, as in life, the ‘elder’ or ‘crone’ has seen and learned the lessons of various phases of life and now holds the wisdom of the completion.

Honor what needs to end in your energy field today! You have cosmic timing on your side to help you complete any transitions and get ready for the new.

As you look within this portal to find the stillness, you will begin to feel the vibration of excitement about doing one thing today more than any other. The excitement is a hint for you. Serving your Source alignment is the reason you are on Earth now. It is time to let go of all ‘old’ concepts of what service means, in any tradition, in any lineage, and to feel the essence of divine play in your heart; to dance with it, flow with it, and allow the new to find you. The new cycle is one of connecting, of reaching out in oneness to share the joy and delight that flows through you uniquely; to share the unique flow of Source that you are. Listen to your heart and intuition and make the moves that bring you the most joy. Joy is the ‘juice’ that feeds your Love.

As you listen and dream today, ask the Divine to release to you the best and highest information possible regarding your own personal Joy. Take this information into your heart and allow yourself to truly receive all that you Are. Allow the flow to fill your heart, embrace you, and full-fill your Soul! Release, Bless, Ask, Allow and Receive. This is the blessing within the 9/9/09.

Hint: if you are out of alignment with any completions that either need to happen or that need to be released, this is a most auspicious day to allow them to transform.

Allow this portal to flow through you, to become you, allow yourself to embody the fluidity that your Soul knows itSelf to Be.

May Every Blessing Find You,