Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking with Gaia

Last night, in the middle of a long, sleepless, meditative stretch of hours, Gaia made her presence known. We chat together, Gaia and I, most days, many nights. This was different. An invitation.

From within the orb of Gaian embodiment, an offer emerged... non-verbal in its essence, a current from the heart. "Your circle is welcome. Join within." In 2009, after listening repeatedly to a channeling by my friend Leslie Temple-Thurston, from Gaia herself, stating what has finally emerged as the obvious 'it is time... I am evolving... you must evolve within me... your options are 'this'" (I am mis-quoting a bit here, apologies).

Since that deep listening, deep aligning, the singularity that I experience as 'I' has deepened her melt into our earth Mother. Roshini and I rise each day and express our love to and within her many dimensions. Lessening now, these dimensional windows. And multiplying, in fractal beauty in ways only reflected in miniature within her light ~ in snowfall, the rainbow lights within sunrise on snow ~ the light on the water in all its myriad forms...

This morning, though, we walked AS GAIA... on her surface world, within her vast embrace, yet AS SHE. The peace and wonderment of this, not a first experience, but a completion of some as yet un-cognized kind, leaves me breathless still. Gratitude for breath itself, for ths sylphs who clear and purify our harried atmospheric orb, for flow, the undines that ceaselessly sing and provide life-force to this, our blue, beloved earth... the green world in all her resplendent glory, the gnomes, elementals of embodiment, whose crystalline creations now rival the stars. For salamanders, large and small, as they spark the light, warm the hearth and provide a catalyst for this, Gaia's emergence into yet a new form.

As we walked, and Roshini pounced, and rolled and leapt for joy, the green world gave of its abundant splendor, the salamanders promising warmth from collected 'twigs', the waters beginning to gurgle once more beneath our icy bridge of mindfullness, we joined with Gaia in her murmur of awakening... the quiet, still hum of new beginnings.

What a wonder, is this, 'our' world.
May Every Blessing Find you,
Happy Sivaratri!
~unending love,

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