Friday, January 27, 2012

New Cycle Shifting

As we move into the new year, new cycle, new paradigm or whatever you may choose to call it - we are now NEW... and this is presenting interesting challenges to our physical and emotional bodies. The concept of 'NEW' to these bodies is triggering infant response patterns that make little or no sense to the mind, the intellect, and, in some instances, even to our hearts.

We can have physical, emotional reactions to people, places, things, situations, events, that on the surface appear to be nonsensical. We are either flung into reactivity or into the self-judgement backwash of 'what the bleep is going on? these are ridiculous feelings to have! why is this so painful?'.

What helps is to notice repetitive patterns in the physical body, sometimes in the form of repetitive symptoms,that mirror the adult body's triggering into an infant reaction of 'not safe' - 'can't trust' - or something like that. The physical body is being triggered into infant reactivity. NEW - as in a totally new cycle or paradigm - translates to some of our body programming as "I'm an infant again in a foreign world where I don't know how to function, I am totally dependant and terrified". Again, this is a physical body pattern and not real nor applicable in the NOW. It does not feel that way to the physical body, however. These patterns within it feel their survival is threatened.

The energies continue to intensify. The waves become larger. The bodies (physical and emotional) feel tossed into a new world with no umbilical, or with energetic umbilical attachments that no longer feel safe. And that is correct. Any attachment to the 'old' cycle will not serve, unless it, too, has altered and shifted to the NEW.

So how do we help our physical and emotional bodies? How does one help a terrified infant? We look honestly, we present the truth, we choose to trust, and we comfort those aspects of self that feel as though they are being annihilated. No aspect of self will be 'left behind' in this transformation. Therein lies much of its intensity. In other lives we may have allowed these physical and emotional patterns to simply 'go home' or may have dropped the body entirely. Not this time. Not this transition. That choice is always available, but it is not optimal during this transformational shifting.

If and when the feelings of terror, pain, panic, symptoms etc. surface, remember to breathe and let go. It is the last thing the infant patterns will want to do and they are, for the most part, non-verbal. So trying to 'talk them down' will be completely useless. Feel into the symptoms or emotions and bring the heartspace energies in. Bring soothing vibrations into the reactivity. And ask for help from the Divine.

Thank You, Divine Mother, for releasing, comforting and shifting these vibrations that are 'lost' in transformation. Show me what I may need to understand and let all the rest be held and transformed in your loving embrace.

May the Blessings of this transition carry you home!
(ALL the way home! ALL THE WAY!!!)

~unending love

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