Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boxes and Batons

Every paradigm, reality construct or other 'physical adventure' is actually a sort of box. The view from outside any box is, quite simply, extraordinary, awe-inspiring, gob-smacking... you get the point. Consider the film Contact, with Jodie Foster. The main character's inability to express the cosmic viewing point(s). The old paradigm, the 'powers that were' etc. are literally contained within a boxlike reality structure. Every spiritual tradition contains truth and a 'manual' for exiting the box... or peacefully existing within it until such time as an exit strategy is desired or possible, depending upon the soul lessons one has chosen to experience. ALL boxes within Gaia's embrace are now open for exit. No strategies required. This has always been a world of choicepoints. Infinite, endless choicepoints. Whatever your choices have been, you are living out the soul lessons (learnings chosen) right now... in each and every moment. We all are. So, for example, a soul lesson that I have been wrestling with, quitting, leaving behind, avoiding, accepting, the whole dance - for several lifetimes is 'passing the baton'. In the Buddhist traditions, this is known as 'passing on wisdom'. A noble pursuit, yes? Sure, on that playing field. What if there are other playing fields? Of course there are... anyone can observe this. The somewhat more atavistic playing fields appear to be more prevalent on this world at this time. ;) What if the soul lesson is NOT how to play perfectly on a particular field, nor to teach the 'young ones' how to do that... but what if there is a soul lesson in simply choosing to exit and evolve elsewhere? Such is and has been 'my' lesson. I came into this life simply unable to play on the field of trauma-drama. Compassion? Yes. Buy-in? None. This has been mis-perceived and called heartless by many. I have experienced the loneliness, the false belief that "I have to endure this, because this is my dharma" (translate - I chose this and now I have to suffer through it). There is a Tibetan enlightenment practice wherein the initiate is shut into a cave with a certain amount of food and water, and perhaps candles, and left there... to meditate her/his way 'out' or die. There are examples of this transition process in every tradition since the box was engineered. The 'way out of the box' is enlightenment or death. So, in returning to the closed-system to 'help' or 'rescue' or 'enlighten', one makes unconscious agreements to abide by these parameters. As with any closed system the 'rules' can be bent and sometimes broken... therefore the enlightened anomaly. Is this the only way? How could that be possible in an infinite universe? What if there is no baton to be passed? No wisdom to pass on? No box, and no reason to find a way out? What if the vow to have this understanding, this inner knowing, and still return to the 'content-laden' box to share that wisdom is no longer a viable path or option? What if? As long as one soul chooses to learn through transcendence or transmutation of any set of circumstances, worlds with those parameters will exist. Such is the grace of the Divine. Question for the moment: What, more interesting, more fun choices might there be? Show me? Just a contemplation. Not that anyone would actually want off their current game board.... ~unending love Nalini http://www.delphicwave.com http://www.beheartspace.com

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Anonymous said...

What if ... indeed!

What if we can experience a different universe simply by choosing to open our awareness to the truth of who and what we are?